Report: Remains Found in Search for Zahra Baker

A source close to the Zahra Baker investigation has stated that crews have found human remains while searching in Caldwell County, North Carolina.

From WCNC:

Hickory police have not confirmed the discovery of human remains, but released a statement Thursday saying, “Search teams in Caldwell County yesterday located evidence that could provide valuable information in the Zahra Baker case. This evidence will be analyzed at the NC State Bureau of Investigation’s lab. We understand the concern and interest in this case by the public but we must be cautious in prematurely releasing information so it will not jeopardize any future criminal proceedings.”

A team of nearly 40 people searched along Gunpowder Creek off Dudley Shoals Road in Caldwell County Wednesday.

“An area that’s high priority to us right now, we are doing 3-foot spacing so our guys are basically shoulder to shoulder going through there,” emergency management coordinator Tommy Courtner said Wednesday. “We’re moving the brush out. We look at every piece of that ground.”

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17 Comments on “Report: Remains Found in Search for Zahra Baker”

  1. Carol in VA Says:

    Please take your time and do this right. These people need to pay for this death.

  2. zelda Says:

    They certainly do…….what a horror.

    Makes me physically ill………..

  3. Sherry Says:

    I agree!

    I pray that this is true so her mom can take her home.

  4. Hilde Says:

    I respect the Way this Case is handled by LE.

    Hats off for the hard Work LE and all the Searchers involved in this Case have done from the Beginning.

    They are devoted to find Zahra and make sure the People responsible for her Death will have to pay the Consequences.

    LE has worked Day and Night on this Case and wasted no time and won’t stop till they have found this precious Girl. At least some one cares about Zahra, the People who should have loved and cared for her and keep her save, her own family let her down, All of them! 😦

    Beautiful, brave Zahra RIP

    So sorry You had to endure so much Pain in Your short Life.

  5. offthecuff Says:

    Does anyone know the layout of this area? Were the remains strewn or all in one area?

  6. I’ll bet it’s gonna be weird, whatever those two tell about what happened.

  7. OneOp Says:

    Sweet Angel, Zahara, Horrifying, absolutely horrifying. The LE have worked diligently and hey are very much appreciated in their search for Zahara.

  8. OneOp Says:

    It could be that they each accuse the other for what happened to Zahara. The wife
    has already implicated him in a remark “what he did to her”.

  9. Molly Says:

    As sad & heartbreaking as this is I’m glad that they are finding out what happened to this little girl & hopefully who is responsible for it.
    A salute to LE for whatever reason returning to this area & going thru it inch by inch.
    May she rest now.

  10. tammy Says:

    poor baby she has over come cancer twice thats amazeing by itself now she had to go through this poor baby god had or has a purpose for this sweet lil girl or he wouldnt have let her make it through these cancers..and now these low lifes had to take her precious life they are sorry cowards they dont deserve a trial..they need to be done just like they did that sweet lil girl…gosh i would have taken her in a heartbeat…we love you sweet angel zahara

  11. Honeydog Says:

    As many times as we’ve found ourselves commenting on Child Abuse/Murder Cases like this… As often as they happen… As much as we should be used to it…
    the Shock, Disbelief, Sadness, Anger, and lack of Words to describe it never waiver. I understand the nature of Narcissm, being Psychotic, Insane, or just plain Evil, and it is surely the work of one or more of these that cause a Parent to hurt and/or kill their own Flesh and Blood, but I cannot fathom, for one instant, the horrifying and dreadful details of the way the Child itself ends up. For me, that part over-rides every Emotion toward the Crime itself and the person responsible. This poor poor darling and courageous Child… to be left this way. Zahra was indeed very Special, with all she endured and overcame, and Thank God He granted her this final Reward He knew she so deserved, NOT to be lying out there somewhere and never ever found, and, although this Story is far from over, at the very least, I’m glad and relieved for that. Zahra really touched my Heart, I know I won’t soon forget her, and I hope this all ends with due Justice in her Honor, and that she will know the Peace and Comfort she didn’t seem to have in this Life.

  12. zelda Says:

    The remains have been found to be Zahra’s.

    No words……….

  13. OneOp Says:

    No words…….here either Zelda.

  14. sophie Says:

    This story is just devastating.

  15. zelda Says:

    I hope they find Kyron Horman and all the other precious children who have vanished at the hands of their parents……….I mean I can’t even GO THERE……horrible horrible…….
    Hi OneOp………I am tossing SOFT little pebbles at you so you know I am here.Teeny little ones with affection.

  16. OneOp Says:

    Thanks Zelda, Bless her little soul. May the less than animals who do horrible acts against innocent children forever feel the pain in torturous fires of Hell.

  17. bakerman Says:

    may this innocent child rest in peace cause she didnt have much in her short life with the animals that did this to her.
    i dont want to hear about their history or hard times,many people grew up with problems and never use it as a excuse to carry out their sick and cowardly acts against children,damm them to hell and worse.

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