Casey Anthony: Will New Attorney General Affect Jury Selection?

It appears that the election of Pam Bondi as Florida’s new attorney general could impact jury selection in the trial because of her ties to the case.

From WESH:

Judge Belvin Perry has already ruled that jurors in Anthony’s murder trial will be brought in from elsewhere in Florida.

Given Bondi’s notoriety in Tampa prior to her election, defense attorney Richard Hornsby said Anthony’s defense team has room to argue that jurors should not be chosen from that area. Hornsby is not connected to the Anthony case.

“She’s excluded that as a venue in my opinion to go to find jurors,” Hornsby said. “It gives the defense more ammunition to argue for more specific venues to pick the jury from.”

Hornsby said Bondi should cut off any further legal analysis because it opens the door for other defense motions.

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17 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Will New Attorney General Affect Jury Selection?”

  1. zelda Says:



  2. eastwood34 Says:

    Everyone is tired of this BS. Enough special treatment already for this child killer! What makes this case so special? The Media and the Defense teams’s Media appearances, nothing else. Casey is not a celeb like OJ was. And after a guilty verdict and sentencing her notoriety will be dust in the wind and her lawyers humiliated and reputations scarred.

  3. OneOp Says:

    I just don’t know the answer as to why this case drags on and on. Never seen the like of it. Will be almost three years by the time trial comes about for any serious justice for her. Sometimes I get to wondering if Casey has some disease and the defense is just waiting for her to die from it. I am in no way suggesting that she does but what if she commits suicide, All the time and energy so many people have spent on bringing the case to trial will just have been a waste and expense. I can’t tell you how many hours i alone have contributed to following and yet have nothing to do or say about it or the outcome. The thought of so many other children still being molested, abused and murdered, sometimes I even think it is unfair to them that they are given no thought at all or very little. Caylee was a precious innocent child so I guess in some way I hope justice for her will also be a type of justice for all. Sometimes I also think Florida just wants the attention so it is a political drag in time. Seems impossible that Baez alone could have caused all the delay.

  4. zelda Says:

    We need to overhaul our sentencing laws and the process that leads to it .
    We have to remember the victim!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. carol Says:

    I think that they should throw the dream team in jail
    and make her take the state lawyer. Who does she think she is having all these top lawyers and making the state pay for them. She is no better then any other jail inmate. They have enough evidence to hang her.And she should get the same treament that she did to hear daughter. Caylee didn’t want die. But Casey wanted to get rid of her because she was tieing her down to do things. And why would you wait 31 days to repot your daughter missing? If she had any brains she would of called when she was first missing. And give the cop the run around.

  6. zelda Says:

    I’m with you Carol!

  7. Honeydog Says:

    I’ve watched and listened to Pam Bondi many times discuss this Case— She’s REAL good… Like her alot. Other than that, this newest eye-rolling
    “Dilema” will surely be in the Wise and Competent Hands of Judge Perry, and I’ll just continue to have Faith in the kind of Rulings we’ve come to know and “Thumbs-Up” him for so far.

  8. cali patti Says:

    OneOp, that was funny, “waiting for her to die”.
    No, I do Not want her to die however how you wrote that was funny.

    I also have heard Pam Bondi speak and she came across as a very well informed atty. Intelligent people with comman sense are what this justice system needs in places of power.

  9. zelda Says:

    Right again cali patti

  10. cali patti Says:

    Hey Zelda, nice to read friendly familar ppl here.
    If I don’t before … Have a great Thanksgiving!

  11. OneOp Says:

    Cali Patti, i guess I forgot about the dp for a sec lol Right about intelligent people with common sense in places of power. That’s why Zelda and I have promoted Honeydog to become a candidate for President.

  12. zelda Says:

    hahahaha……oh you little goonie oneop!
    Hi Cali Patti………..’s Honeydog in 2012……!!!!!
    We are pretty sure we can get her elected.

  13. zelda Says:

    Happy Thanks giving to you all……..thanks cali patti

  14. Honeydog Says:

    Oh you two! What am I going to do with you!! (Interested in Vice President and Personal Assistant??) LOL!!!

    FYI, this Pam Bondi is a former Criminal Prosecutor, and she’s no “Casey Fan”. I think between she and Judge Perry, they’re gonna “Cream the Dream Team”.

    (Did I miss Thanksgiving?? I thought we were only supposed to turn the CLOCKS back!)
    Happy Weekend y’all!

  15. jon Says:

    I agree with Carol and Zelda. I also think that the powers-that-be in Florida would want to get this case wrapped up. It’s just an embarrassment to their judicial system at this point that it’s been allowed to drag on like it has. Enough is enough already. In the old days, Casey would have been dragged from her jail cell and hung from the nearest tree and it would have been over and done with.

  16. zelda Says:

    Hi jon….
    I am all for change and civilized rational dealings with criminals in our society…….IF it makes things better.I am sad to say it has not…in my opinion, in most of these terrible cases.
    We have become a greedy money grubbing sensationalistic
    opportunistic media circus……..!
    We have forgotten the VICTIM ‘s rights and focused on the MURDERER’S rights…………it’s nuts and has not made us more cerebral but only more confused and self defeating.
    The argument is that many have been wrongly accused and that is where the buck stops for many people.I agree there should be a concentrated effort to assure all the right of a fair trial……..but we have gone far afield from that thinking in such cases as this anthony debacle don’t you think?

  17. Honeydog Says:

    You said it all in a Nutshell.

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