Casey Anthony: Mother Believes in Her Innocence

Cindy Anthony wrote in a letter that she has never given up believing that her daughter  is innocent in the death of her granddaughter, Caylee Anthony.

More details at the links below.

From the Associated Press:

The letter Cindy Anthony wrote last summer to jailed daughter Casey was among 1,000 pages of documents released Tuesday by the State Attorney’s Office. Cindy Anthony says in the letter that after Casey Anthony’s trial is over, they will look together for young Caylee Anthony.

From The TV Guy:

Kealing highlighted another unusual bit. In a letter this year, Cindy Anthony wrote Casey, predicted her daughter would be acquitted and said they could look for Caylee together.

WFTV-Ch. 9’s Kathi Belich highlighted portions of that letter: Cindy said she was grateful to be face to face with Casey at a court hearing. And Cindy wrote that she continued to seek Caylee and hope for a family reunion. “This was a year and a half after the family said they had Caylee cremated,” Belich said.

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14 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Mother Believes in Her Innocence”

  1. MsShoe Says:

    What’s happened to the Caylee Daily website? Says page cannot be displayed.

  2. eastwood34 Says:

    Can we all say Cindy Anthony has hopelessly deluded hersself into believing she can change what really happened? I am going to LMAO when the verdict is delivered to see all their reactions. Casey may try to attack the judge/prosecutors/Cindy/Bozo or try to escape out of court. There is definitely going to be a grand finale of drama or outburst in one last Media opportunity. It will be priceless and a scene for the movie follow up.

  3. offthecuff Says:

    You may be disappointed, eastwood, at the end of trial. Baez will have his client quite prepared. He already has kept her prepared. He has told her she is innocent or that he will prove it thus, and if the verdict comes down differently, everyone is wrong and they will appeal.

    Cindy has been fighting against the truth upstream since day 1. The day of the verdict will just be another of those days. Cindy will simply shake her head in a response of No, the jury is wrong. Then she will proceed in her interviews to pledge her daughter’s innocence and their continued fight.

    I think we may get good reaction when the prosecution lays out its case pointing to Casey’s evil deeds. After all, Casey is a celebrity and she won’t be able to take someone dissing her. When the verdict comes down,however, Casey will still be the celebrity figure… for awhile.

    The real wake up for Casey will be general prison population.

  4. jon Says:

    Off the Cuff: I cannot wait for her to get into the general prison popluation. I have a feeilng they’ll tear her to shreds. I have a feeling there must be a code among women prisoners for those who kill their children similiar to that of male prisoners and what they do to child molesters. She’s going to be somebody’s bitch, that’s for sure.

  5. Wow! I wonder why Cindy does not believe the remains were Caylees? Either she has been given mis-information, or she really needs to seek counseling in a bad way.

  6. Diana Says:

    Cindy knows those letters were going to be made public. She is hoping for a potential juror to believe her BS, and have pity on the poor grieving grandma and spare Caseys life.

    She knows Casey killed Caylee for revenge against her and for the years and years of pent up jealousy that Cindy fueled by playing a sick game with Casey, by using poor little Caylee. I’m sure it didn’t end the way she thought it would, but she was part of it, just the same and must feel tremendous guilt now.

  7. Swift Justice Says:

    I’ve read reports that Cindy is in DENIAL…and pigs fly too. Cindy has Never been in denial about anything about Casey. Remember when she asked Casey to look at her in the jail? She knows when Casey is lieing….she knew from minute ‘1’ that Casey murdered Caylee.
    Cindy’s statements regarding Caylee still being alive is horse manure. By saying these rediculous statements is Cindy’s way of staying in the media limelight, a position she love holding, and a one up on Casey I might add too.

    She also knew every letter she wrote to Casey would be made public….so that was no news to her that they would be made public.

    All the energy wasted on Casey’s INNOCENCE support could have been used in searching for the grandchild they professed to have loved.

    In the words of Casey Anthony, What a waste, a huge waste.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    Everyone’s comments are great… Pretty much covered all angles. Personally, I really don’t know WHAT to make of Cindy’s professing that Caylee is still alive and out there somewhere— She HAS been through more Trauma than we can imagine, and it IS possible that she’s had a Psychotic Breakdown and is thoroughly Dillusional… OR, Yes, she’s got something up her Sleeve. This last one would probably have to do with her hand in attempting to set-up the Credibility of the Autopsy during the Trial, which, even though the “Remains” WERE confirmed to be Caylee’s, will likely be one of The Defense’s arguments. Where the Letters are concerned— handling Casey with “Kid Gloves”— I just tend to think that it’s simply Cindy’s way of attempting to regain Casey’s Trust and Affection and get back into her good Graces, as well as keep her Spirits up. Of COURSE she’s Lying— to herself AND to Casey… we ALL know that. Regardless though, of what she’s doing and the Motives behind it, none of it will have any bearing at Trial. Cindy can’t, and won’t, ever give-in to ANYthing other than what she wants, and this is just another typical example of how she lives in her own little Foolish World.

  9. Molly Says:

    cindy was in such a rush to cremate caylee’s remains (against her daughters (mother of the year) wishes I might add). why did she do this? No one can ever retest the remains now so she can go around saying anything she wants to. she can now claim errors with the medical examiner, LE & her “conspiracy theory” against her daughter. so now in her mind caylee is still alive, casey didn’t murder her & some day they can go find caylee together. I’m sure she is also trying to cast doubt out there to help the case.

  10. zelda Says:

    SHE WANTS TO CREATE “REASONABLE DOUBT”…….uh I don’t think we need to guess too much on the why’s of this.

    She has shown herself and her weird thinking in spades all along.

    I am not saying this has been a snap for anyone..but cindy is a real case………twisted.

    The branch didn’t fall far from the tree…

  11. Dherrera Says:

    I think Cindy is STUPID!!!!! She is the reason her grand daughter is dead. She raised a psychopath and enabled her to a point that resulted in murder. Bad mothering started with Cindy. She never held her daughter accountable for her actions and this is the result. I am also a mother and understand how you might want to protect your children. But as a mother, teach your children that if you do wrong you must be honest about it and accept the consequences. If this had been my daughter I would have given her a good slap and demanded that she be honest and do the right thing. Of course this is what normal people do. The Anthony’s have shown they are anything but normal. The parents continue (even now) to enable their psychopathic daughter. I have more sympathy for Jeffey Dahmer’s parents. They at least accepted that they had raised a monster and wondered what they did wrong. It AMAZES

  12. Dherrera Says:

    Cindy Anthony is just plain stupid. Everytime this woman opens her mouth I am amazed. She raised a psychopath and continues to enable her even now. I have more sympathy for Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents. THey at least (hard as it was) admitted that they raised a monster. Cindy Anthony deserves to be in jail with her crazy daughter. She is responsible for all of this. She raised a monster and continues to deny (in the face of fact) her daughter did anything wrong. I am also a mother and as a mother you are responsible for teaching your children to accept responsibilty for their actions. When this is not done you wind up with Casey Anthony. Her mother has an excuse for everything. Give me a break. She is an enabler of her daughter’s lies and as much responsible for Caylee’s death as Casey. They both deserve the death penalty.

  13. Dherrera Says:

    Cindy there was never any nannny!! Wake up!!! You must be the stupidest woman on this planet if you still believe that.

  14. Margene Morrison Says:

    Truth is stranger than fiction. Look at what the media did to the Ramsey and Eisenberg families.
    How much easier it would be to frame a party girl like Casey Anthony. For someone with such little will-power she has never waivered from proclaiming her innocence and no one had ever known her to abuse her daughter. And then there is the possibility of the child’s father being involved.

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