Suspicious Items Found on US Bound Planes

Watching breaking news on CNN where authorities are responding to reports of suspicious items on cargo flights that landed this morning in London, Newark, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All of the planes appear to have originated from Yemen.

So far, there is no confirmation that there is any cause for alarm, but authorities are checking things closely. I heard that the cause of the suspicion was a “manipulated toner cartridge” that was found on one of the UPS planes.

From CNN:

Planes “were moved to a remote location … out of an abundance of caution,” the Transportation Security Administration said.

In Philadelphia, the fire department’s hazardous material units were responding to an incident involving two aircraft — a UPS plane and a 757 jet with no one aboard, officials said.

Three people aboard one of the planes were scanned with negative results, the Philadelphia Fire Department said.

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22 Comments on “Suspicious Items Found on US Bound Planes”

  1. zelda Says:

    Here we go…………

  2. OneOp Says:

    John, what do you know about President Obama having stopped our National Day of Prayer yet he meets in D. C. with Muslims to worship pray with them, saying it was to enlighten people regarding their faith. Are we headed for a religious war
    between Muslems and the Tea Party while the Democrat and Republican parties do
    little besides party.

    These explosives aren’t fun rocks coming in, are they Zelda.

  3. zelda Says:

    I should say not oneop.
    I wonder if we are going to be passive about this and try to be politically correct or if we are going to punish those who send the bombs etc. etc.?
    Of course we know who is responsible……… in my opinion we need to slam the door in as many ways as we can on these people.Either from “inside” our country or outside before we get a bus load of kids or a church or an office building or a transit situation or random coffee shops or what have you being targets and killing us.
    What do you think?

  4. OneOp Says:

    It’s approaching voting time, they will all play it cool, but I assure you it could happen anytime, anywhere. We are now in the same position as we have pointed fingers at in other countries and we have allowed it to come about. When I say we
    I mean our political leaders. You know when I listen to our politicians talk I want to puke.

  5. zelda Says:

    I am with you oneop……..everything they say is a load of crap in my opinion.I always HOPE to hear a voice out there with a hint of wisdom or intellect…..nothing so far. It’s embarrassing. But worse than that it’s getting our great country shot down in flames!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Honeydog Says:

    I Thumbs-Uped you, *OneOp* and *Zelda*. I did not Vote-in Obama (Didn’t Vote at all that year… Was not impressed with nor wished to support either Candidate), but I’m thoroughly disappointed and disgusted with the “All Talk and No Action”, broken Promises, the quick and steadily-emerging display of his “True Colors” and “Real Interests”, and his Disrespect for this Country and its Traditions. As I am seeing the sea of Political Ads on TV and Campaign Signs stuck in the ground on every Highway and Street Corner, I too, just shake my Head at the thought of what it has all become. There IS no Democracy anymore— not the Honorable kind upon which this Country and our Constitution was based— and I’m fearful of where literally EVERYthing is going. The Oil Companies are running our Government, our President does not Salute our Flag and “Bows” with those who Devastated us, the Greed and Crookedness of Politicians is choking the Life and Goodness out of our Trust in ANY of them anymore, and the strength of “Leadership” means nothing more than having
    “Power”. We have become Scattered and Divided— not “United”— and we’re all wandering helplessly through these hypocritical times of “Yes We Can!” in desperate need of the Right and Righteous Leaders to take-over this Country, clean-up this Mess, and instead say “No!..We Won’t!” You’re right *Zelda*— Not only were we literally “Shot down in Flames” on 9/11, but we continue to be Politically Re-ignited, over and over, and the Burns hurt bad.

  7. OneOp Says:

    Honeydog and Zelda, Your comments are what we should be seeing on the political ads. You both speak more concern and sense than any that market themselves as
    leaders of our Nation. So true, ” we have become scattered and divided, not united

  8. zelda Says:

    There should be a standard litmus test for any politician here in America in my opinion.That test would include, if not be foremost , that he or she salutes the flag.I mean com’on people!!!!!OMG!
    I am stunned to even have that THOUGHT in my head.And piss on bowing to those who have the standards of raging butchery as their daily practice.

    I am not sure who the hell the teabaggers are……I am not sure what a democrat is………republicans are like old ghosts.We are lost……….
    We need sane leadership……….so far I see none on the horizon. History seems to have provided a person that restored us in past senselessness,let’s hope it’s repeated..and fast.

    It’s time for the people as a body to stand and hold our line to protect our democracy if it takes millions of us shoulder to shoulder and major coos.Who has time to wait?????We are late to the party already.

  9. zelda Says:

    Thumbs up to you Honeydog and you Oneop.
    Maybe we need to start a movement………

  10. Honeydog Says:

    I really think there’s alot of people out there like us. Yeah, if only we were able to put literally everything else aside to do it….
    What really gets me is, we’ve been seeing The President taking to the Streets all over the Country, rounding-up people and pushing them to Vote this Tuesday— targeting the young people especially, and getting them to volunteer to beat the Sidewalks and hand-out Flyers and actually say to Passers-by “You’re going to vote Democratic, right?”— and yet, do we ever EVER see him (or anyone else for that matter) take to the Streets or Airwaves ANY OTHER TIME than before an Election to tell all people that what they should do, ALL YEAR LONG, is really follow and familiarize themselves with Candidates and their Opinions and Goals for this Country, so they are knowledgable and well-prepared for this duty when the time comes. No. Yet taking the time to go out and spread THIS Message— throughout the year— is every bit as Important, if not moreso, than ONLY stressing you “Get out and Vote” at Election Time. Instead, in the weeks before Election, it’s like a huge GAME— TV Ads flashing every 5 minutes… This guy’s no good, that guy “approves this Message”, I’m gonna do this, he didn’t do that, Vote for ME, Vote for ME…. This is not the way it should be— It’s become a Racket. When I see it all— how they all come-out in full force only now to “Butter-up” people, the “Slandering” that goes on, which one has more Money behind them, how The President conveniently shows-up in some Town to back HIS Favorites, how his Wife makes the rounds and people flock, for the wrong reasons, just to see her in person— I just think, God!, this reaks of “Politics”… the bad kind. And after all is said and done, when we’ve all pushed the Buttons behind the Curtain, the saddest part is that, eventually, we all find-out that we’ve been Deceived, as usual, and that all this Hoopla didn’t matter or change a damn thing anyway.

    “Favorites”— I just think, God!

  11. Honeydog Says:

    (ooops.. last line slipped erasing)

  12. OneOp Says:

    I am putting Honeydog on the ballot as a write-in. That kind of thinking is what we
    need as a President in the White House. Are you ready Honeydog?

  13. zelda Says:

    Write in votes for HONEYDOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oneop and I will ride shotgun(NOT LITERAL) and take this country by storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. OneOp Says:

    A shotgun full of rocks, he, he right Zelda? Seriously we are in bad political shape and Honeydog knows how to put it into words.

  15. zelda Says:

    Yep………right on Oneop.
    The three of us are unstoppable………!!!!!

  16. Honeydog Says:

    … Riding Shotgun… I’m cracking up Laughing! I Love you two!! (well, not literally) LOL!
    Unfortunately, with as much Common Sense as we each have, none of us are Greedy, Deceiving and Crooked enough to even get in the Car.
    The good thing is that we’re not Blind or Stupid. We don’t fall for the well-scripted empty Promises and Fired-up Flag-waving Fight and/or Victory Yells which pathetically are enough to convince so many other sorry individuals. At the very least, even though we can’t change this World of Bull Shit going on all around us, just knowing that we have the Smarts and Insight to recognize what we do, and the ability to “Read between the Lines” as well as see clearly what is obvious, is something that Distinguishes us, and IS something we can feel personally Proud of possessing.

  17. zelda Says:

    Well said Honeydog.
    I voted today……….and I tried my best to make out what the choices were REALLY all about…I was dilligent in my studies and still had trouble figuring out some of that crap.But I hung in there and gave it my all………I clung to the thought that I GET the great opportunity TO vote.

  18. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, me too. I was so hopeful for a different outcome in my State, but the same long-time wealthy Tax-hiking “Career Politicians” were re-elected, rather than those I Voted for with good down-to-earth Sense, honest interest-in and concern-for its Residents, and truly fresh and promising Ideas. Sometimes it seems that everything rests “in a Name” and/or the “most Experienced”…. but, my personal feeling has always been that, just because you’ve had the Job longer than someone else, doesn’t mean you’re the best at it. Anyway, it was disappointing, but nothing to do now but all of us look ahead together to see what this new Line-up in Washington will show us.

  19. zelda Says:

    Your last line says it all.

  20. OneOp Says:

    Pick up and carry on. God Bless America! I do appreciate and rather live with that right to vote than not and perhaps that is what we are afraid of losing. Anyway it is most pleasing is to meet people across the pages that care, like I see on this blog.

  21. Honeydog Says:

    Good ending, *OneOp*.

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