Prosthetic Leg May Belong to Missing Zahra Baker

A prosthetic leg, thought to belong to missing 10 year old Zahra Baker, has been found in a brushy area off a North Carolina road.

From CNN:

Police launched a search for Zahra on October 9, but no one other than a family member has reported seeing her since September 25, when a woman saw her at a furniture store. The girl’s disappearance is now being probed as a homicide.

Adkins said that the prosthetic leg is “consistent with” that of Zahra, a freckle-faced youngster who lost her leg to bone cancer at age 5 and developed lung cancer a few years later, according to CNN affiliate WCNC.

The prosthetic was found late Tuesday afternoon off Christie Road in Caldwell County, he said, and authorities are using its serial number to confirm it belonged to the young girl. Zahra got the leg in Australia, where both her birth parents are from.

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22 Comments on “Prosthetic Leg May Belong to Missing Zahra Baker”

  1. Prosthetic Leg May Belong to Missing Zahra Baker « Kreuzer's Korner…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Of course it belongs to her. This is such a sad, frustrating, and bizarre story. I’m watching every News Coverage, and hanging-on to any and all new developments….

  3. Sherry Says:

    Me, too, Honeydog. Thanks, John, for covering this story.

  4. OneOp Says:

    OMG this poor child *another one, for all the suffering she had already had, to think those that were supposed to care and love might have just turns my stomach inside out. Has anything more been heard about the wood chipper. OMG
    OMG OMG, PLEASE don’ let this be.

  5. I don’t know if you’ve read on this case, John, as this is the first post of yours I’ve seen covering it. It is truly bizarre how the father and step mother appear to be so into skulls and Gothic stuff. She is appx. 10 years older than he is,(they met online during some role-playing something or other), and it seems as if he delegated any and all responsibility to her-a crazy woman! Just looking at the photos is more than enough in this case. Really creepy. There’s a cached version of her Facebook out there. Oooh, yuck, and double yuck.

  6. sophie Says:

    This story breaks my heart. How can you look in this little girls bright, shining face and not fall in love with her?

    I really feel the parents did this, and I hope that unlike too many others who recently are getting away with murdering their children, these two get their just desserts.

  7. Hilde Says:

    There is no Question in my Mind that the recovered prosthetic leg is Zahra’s.
    I have been following this Case and it reminds me some what on the Anthony Case. The Evidence keeps on coming in almost on a daily Basis and it is not in favor of Zahra’s Father or her Step Mother!
    I belief Both the Father and Step Mom are in on what happened to Zahra.
    Zahra in her short Life had to endure more than a Child ever should have.
    I believe Zahra is in a save and good Place now with no Pain/Abuse. She is in Peace now which she obviously didn’t have living with her Dad and Step Mom.
    There is a Special Place for People like her Dad and Step Mom and it won’t be a pleasant One, I am sure of that!
    This is yet another heart breaking Case! 😦

  8. Hilde Says:

    John~~thanks for covering this Story!

  9. offthecuff Says:

    In Zahra’s pictures she doesn’t look like an “abused kid.” She has a seemingly healthy glow. What did they do to actually kill her? No way the dad is free of this. He was a number one witness to her mistreatment.

  10. knight owl Says:

    The Dad is as creepy as the wicked step-mother. He has about as much interest in Zahra and what has happened to her as he would have if he were told you have to go shovel a hundred pounds of horse manure out of the barn and load it on the back of this truck. Who calls 911 and says casually “how are you doing” if you truly didn’t know where your little girl was. Then that bologney story about Zahra is ten and coming in to that puberty stage where she is moody and they only see her if she wants something. Horse puckey. I totally believe these two moroons set the fire, who else would have done it, we already know wicked step-mom wrote the ransom note. In my opinion they are both killer’s but as stupid as Casey Anthony at making up a cover story. I hope they find Zahra’s body or if not enough evidence to hang them both to the fullest extent of the law. I believe this state has the death penalty and if so, that will do it for me. May little beautiful Zahra rest in peace~~

  11. knight owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer, thanks for post and i hope your little son is doing well.

  12. knight owl Says:

    Hi Hilde and everyone here.

  13. Hilde Says:

    🙂 knight owl, hi there!

  14. Hilde Says:

    It seems that All the Adults in Zahra’s
    short Life have let her down.
    None of them spoke up when they suspected that Zahra was abused by her Step Mom! Now all at once after the Fact People come out of the Woodwork and say how they witnessed and/or knew how badly Zahra was treated by her Step Mom.
    I guess one Person did report the Step Mom to Child Protective Services but nothing came out of that at the time.
    Zahra’s Father should have left his Daughter in Australia with her Grandma, obviously that was the only time that beautiful Child had a normal loving and caring Childhood.
    RIP beautiful Zahra, You deserved so much better.
    You were such a beautiful brave Girl, always a Smile on Your Face in spite of what You had to endure!

  15. zelda Says:

    Thank you John for this post.
    They found the prosthetic leg to be Zahara’s.There was a serial number on it.They are digging in the backyard now……and they did find her mattress in the landfill as well.So the evidence is stacking up.
    My hands feel like two ton weights as I type this. I am sickened to my toes over this story . Yet another child that went through torment and death at the hands of supposed loved ones. I cannot wrap my mind around these horrific acts………..
    I want the parents etc…………to fry.Just get them off this planet…..OMG.

  16. kreuzer33 Says:

    Johnny’s doing well. New medicine for the acid reflux. Just something he has to live with 😦

  17. Honeydog Says:

    For one fleeting momment, when the Prosthetic Limb was found, I thought, maybe Zahra was running away.. trying to escape that House.. and maybe she stopped to rest in that bushy area because her Leg was hurting, and she took-off the Prosthesis, and, while sitting there, someone came along.. some Pervert.. and took her— Except for the last part, I was hoping she WAS running away. But no.. not now. I agree with *Thinker*— God only knows what these two Drug-dealing Satanic Medieval Gypsies are into and capable of. The Father had already been arrested once for Assault with a Deadly Weapon… and “Mommie Dearest” would go after her Drug Customers with a Gun and a Possee when they owed her Money. Their former Landlords stated they honestly believed that Zahra had been kept in the Attic of the House they used to live in. I want to think that the Backyard Fire was a Set-up.. a Distraction for Cops (rather than some Ritual Sacrifice of this poor Girl), but God, I don’t know what to put past these Dark and Malicious people. Dad changed his story a couple times, and nobody gets rid of a Mattress and doesn’t replace it, unless there’s no need for it anymore (No one there anymore to use it) and/or it holds something they don’t want discovered. Between the Fire, the Wood Chipper, and the Mattress buried in the Dump, I don’t even want to go where my Mind is wandering, although I can’t figure where the Prosthetic Limb being found on the side of the Road fits in. One thing for sure— these two DO know, and I just Pray to God to be on the Investigators side and allow them to find the Remains of this darling Girl, and everything else they need to see that these two evil Creatures rot in Hell.

  18. zelda Says:

    I don’t think they will find any remains………I am referring to the wood chipper and the fire.
    It makes me sick..
    Hopefully they can put it all together with some other evidence and fry those bastards that did it.

  19. Honeydog Says:

    *Zelda*, I didn’t want to say it, but my Gut-feeling is the same. I’m Nausiated right along with you…
    I’m hoping beyond Hope for a Miracle…

  20. zelda Says:

    I hear you Honeydog.

  21. John, I don’t know if you’ve seen this. Just thought I’d post the link if you don’t mind.

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