Boxers That Can Save Your Life…

Military officials in a variety of European countries are testing “blast boxers”. These items are armored underwear that protect the groin from shrapnel.

The protective zones of the boxers are made from Aramid fabric, sold under the name Kevlar. Lightweight mesh compromises the rest of the item.

From CNN:

BCB International, a Cardiff, Wales-based manufacturer of military and survival products, says the shorts could help reduce “life-changing” injuries to the genitalia and colon – the type caused by roadside bombs in Afghanistan.

The “blast boxers” can stop a projectile moving at 230 meters per second (about the speed of a small handgun bullet), according to the company’s website. Besides protecting the genitals, the shorts also are designed to protect the femoral artery, which, if punctured, can cause rapid blood loss and a quick death.

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One Comment on “Boxers That Can Save Your Life…”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Where did I hear that name “Kevlar” before… ????.
    Anyway, I think it’s a great Idea and an ingenious Invention. It’s bad enough that the Men suffer so many other various Bodily injuries and/or losses which strongly affect their emotional state, but the protection of their “Family Jewels” can be the Saving Grace, both for them, and their Partners waiting at Home…. and, in guaranteeing they’ll have a chance for Survival with the Femoral Artery protected, it’s sure to bring about greater Confidence and less Fear. Thumbs Up!

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