Casey Anthony: Defense Attorney Leaving…

Linda Kenney Baden, one of Casey Anthony’s defense lawyers, is leaving the case. Reason given: Financial reasons…hmmm…

Queen said it best…Another One Bites the Dust!

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Long-time Casey Anthony defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden has left the defense team citing financial limitations in continuing to represent her.

Kenney Baden’s motion to withdraw as counsel in the high-profile case was filed in court this afternoon.

The New York City based attorney cited financial reasons for her departure and state rules surrounding Casey Anthony being declared indigent for costs in the murder case.

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16 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Defense Attorney Leaving…”

  1. zelda Says:

    Egad.what a zoo………..

  2. offthecuff Says:

    I thought she was already long gone…?

  3. Kim Says:

    Great tune!!

    I was wondering how much longer she would be involved

  4. diana Says:

    I’m glad Miss Piggy left. The sound of her voice was almost as annoying as Cheny Masons is.

  5. Molly Says:

    I find it quite interesting that so many “expert”, “highly regarded” lawyers have left this case!

  6. luvanrs Says:

    do they all come thinking they will achieve fame and fortune and then after viewing the evience realize..oh crap..this is a sinking ship..get off!!

  7. OneOp Says:

    When the trial starts, Judge Perry is likely to say “Hello Casey Anthony, where did everybody run off to” ? Are you here to defend yourself? LOL

  8. Swift Justice Says:

    This circus just keeps rollin on and on and on….

    Wonder who the next clown will be to desert the ship.

    The SS Caylee is sinking quicker than the Titanic….

  9. Honeydog Says:

    Hi everyone.
    *Offthecuff*, I think you’re probably confusing Linda Baden with Andrea Lyons, who left a while back— They both look similar… Big “Manly” Women, Big Blonde Hair)…
    Welp, I think we’re now down to 3, right?— Bozo, Mason, and that new Female (but I think she’s only in an “Advisory” capacity if it comes to a Penalty Phase, or something like that). Anyway, despite the number of people who have drifted in and out of the “Team”, and for whatever reasons they left, I believe they didn’t go without leaving the remaining “Survivors” armed with a great deal more Knowledge, Ideas, and possible Solutions than they started with. In other words, they’ve put their Time in, sustained the duration of the lack of Compensation, but surely Punched-out of Work with everything done and covered. I doubt Linda Baden— or any of them before her— just “Up and Quit” leaving “Loose Ends” untied. Now… Whether all their Input will actually end-up HELPING, or whether they left with a “Sorry”,”Good Luck” Handshake…. I’d be inclined to Bet on the last.

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  11. jon Says:

    Are Henry Lee and Lawrence Kobilinsky still on the case as “expert witnesses” or have they fallen by the wayside as well. Haven’t heard about either of them insofar as the Casey mess is concerned for a while now.

  12. Honeydog Says:

    Me neither… Was wondering myself, although I would think The Defense would still want and need them. I sure wish it was Dr. Michael Baden instead of Lee (He’s messed-up in the past and I don’t trust him), and Kobilinsky comes accross like the bumbling “Nutty Professor” in his responses/explanations in past Interviews. JMO, but I don’t sense a true professional “Expert” in either of them.

  13. OneOp Says:

    I agree about Henry Lee, he has messed up in the past, not a good chance to take.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    i think Linda Baden is an ignorant, what the hell did dhe do to her face, pathetically attached to defending murderers… and a bully. who does she think shes fooling… and her hair extentions look so fake…. I hate seeing her… she makes me sick

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe Linda Baden can be the victim of a violent crime one day… then she might not be so pathetically into trying to get murderers off… her face looks so surgeried out…. does she really think she is 32 yrs old… every time I see her talk… I want to vomit…. what a bully with really really bad hair extentions…. dye job and a cosmetically altered face…. well I guess when you look like her…. you have to do something… all she does is defend the guilty….. what a sick woman.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe Linda Baden can get shot in the mouth or her main artery could be cut open and she could be left to bleed to death…. that is what lawyers like her need to wake them up…. every time I hear her speak or talk…. I want to throw up…. and she thinks she is pretty and smart…. she is nothing but a fake from top to bottem…her face looks like I want to smack it and her voice is so annoying…. especially everything that comes out of it… her husband is prettier than she is…. and her bleached blonde hair with all its fakeness makes me want to throw her in jail for being such a parthetic wannabe… I wouldn’t have her defend me if my life depended on it…. I just want her to go away forever…. maybe her husband will help that along…. he surely knows how to deal with crap like her…. why is she so into getting murderers off….she makes me sooooo sick…. her voice… her face…. her fake hair…. I just hate her.

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