Casey Anthony: Lawyer Cost Estimates Too High?

The agency responsible for distributing funds for indigent clients (such as accused murderer Casey Anthony) is arguing how high the cost of the case could be after the addition of a new defense lawyer, Anne Finnell.

From WESH:

Anthony’s new death penalty expert, Anne Finnell, has filed paperwork informing Judge Belvin Perry that her expenses in preparing for a possible penalty phase in the case could cost taxpayers $20,000 or more.

Orlando defense attorney Richard Hornsby, who is not affiliated with the Anthony case, said penalty phase costs are unavoidable.

“The defense has to incur all those costs before the case goes to trial,” he said.

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Lawyer Cost Estimates Too High?”

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  2. Honeydog Says:

    It most-certainly is understandable why the Agency is arguing. Other than O.J.— who COULD at least PAY his Team of Lawyers— the number of Attorneys, past and present, involved in Casey’s case is outrageous, and I think shit like this should be Outlawed.

  3. Diana Says:

    She is just doing what she does best…..being a PARASITE!!

  4. zelda Says:

    Yes………….I agree honeydog.
    Look at the circus that has evolved around the death of this child. Makes me sick…..
    It’s beyond reason.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Uh huh.

  6. luvanrs Says:

    why do they keep adding lawyers anyway??

  7. Honeydog Says:

    It seems they come in and lend their individual Expertise, then go (claiming “Financial” reasons) when there’s nothing more they can provide and/or are needed for.

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