Casey Anthony: Driver’s License Suspended…

Not that she’ll be driving anytime soon, but according to WESH, Casey Anthony’s driver’s license has officially been suspended for non-payment fines.

From the article:

According to court records, Anthony owes $381 as a result of her guilty plea in January to theft charges. A court sent the amount this week again to a collection agency.

The county often suspends driver’s licenses of those who don’t pay court costs and fines.

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13 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Driver’s License Suspended…”

  1. zelda Says:

    Why do I find this funny…nothing about her or this case is funny for sure.

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  3. Honeydog Says:

    So why aren’t George and Cindy squaring this up? It’s not like this is a whopping amount of Money… I’m sure they’ve got it somewhere. They certainly put themselves out to Help their poor Daughter’s circumstances when they Travel all over the place for their TV appearances, but they can’t be Righteous and take care of this small Debt owed to a COURT?? No, of course not. Shows you what kind of people they really are.

  4. jon Says:

    Zelda: I find myself wondering why I find this funny too and the only explanation I can come up with is frusteration. I find the Anthony’s totally unsympathetic and even hateful and there’s nothing I can do about it, so i make jokes aimed at (esp) Casey and Cindy. If any of them seemed remotely concerned with Caylee and not themselves, perhaps I’d find some sympathy for them. I even think that memorial service was a self-serving farce….

  5. jon Says:

    PS: I know how to spell frustration! Oops…..

  6. zelda Says:

    Jon…… hit the nail on the head……I feel just like you do.
    What a ride this family is taking us on.
    I will be so damn glad when this is all settled.I hope I live that long.

  7. jon Says:

    Zelda: you and me both. I have a feeling the trial isn’t going to be the end of this. We’ll probably have a few “obstruction of justice”, “perjury” and whatever other trials to look forward to after Casey is in the state pen gen-pop making license plates and whoopie with Misty Croslin.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    Oh God! The Trial may not be the end of things, but it’ll sure be the end of ME if we hear stories of THOSE two becoming Chums! Nope, I COULD not handle THAT Circus!!

  9. zelda Says:

    Oh gaaaaaaaaaaaawd………..wouldn’t that be the livin end!
    Please help me hang on to my senses will you guys?
    What a goofy system we are in………I guess everything I grew up believing was all just smoke and mirrors…………..Honeydog……..Jon……..oneop…heeellllppppppppppp!!!!!!!

  10. OneOp Says:

    They would probably eat each other alive, if you know what i mean. I wonder if they are not both happier being incarcerated than out. No responsibilities, no children to have to care for and after a few years in the general population. I don’t see either one clamoring to get out of jail. What would they think they would have to accomplish if they were set free. However, it does bother me that they are so young but then Caylee and Haleigh were just babies, so what can I say.

  11. Honeydog Says:

    HERE’S a thought (like we need any MORE! (LOL)— If Casey and Misty ever got together, and knowing how both are Liars, Strong-Headed, Canniving, and Conceited, which one do you think would end-up being “Top Dog”????

  12. zelda Says:

    It would be like the movie “Dumb and Dumber” but there would be nothing funny about either of them.

  13. jon Says:

    Honeydog: It’s a tough call on who would be top dog. Casey is, I think, the smarter of the two (which isn’t saying a lot, let’s face it) and probably a lot more manipulative, but Misty is a street fighter type. They’d each fight dirty, although Misty would do so physically and Casey behind Misty’s back. The thought of the two of them together is totally disturbing, although they’d probably at one point begin comparing notes and start to play “can you top this” and then we might learn the truth about both little girls (Caylee and Haleigh, not Casey and Misty – there’s nothing little about Misty anymore except perhaps her IQ).

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