Casey Anthony: Two Years Later…

Today marks the two year anniversary of the day Casey Anthony was indicted for first degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Has it really been that long? Time sure flies…and still the trial has yet to begin…

From WESH:

Anthony remains in a protective custody cell 23 hours each day. Her confinement in the 7-foot by 12-foot cell is costing taxpayers well over $30,000 per year.

“I don’t think Casey Anthony has it good by any means,” said Orlando defense attorney Richard Hornsby.

“She was leaning back with her feet on a chair next to her and she was watching a soap opera on the TV,” Hornsby said.

According to Hornsby, women in protective custody often talk to one another.

“All the cells are made of metal so everything echoes,” he said. “You hear people whispering especially when they’re not supposed to be talking loud back and forth.”


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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Two Years Later…”

  1. Debbie Says:

    This whole case baffles me. She should be put out into main population, Why should she be protected??? Who was there to protect little Caylee???? If mom didn’t actually kill her, where was she for a month while her daughter was missing??? To many lies out of her mouth to even think she is innocent.. While trying to protect this liar, the media has over and over been on her parents and exposed everything about their lives and treated them like they were the guilty ones. Let start getting this right and let justice takes its own course!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kate Says:

    I agree with you Debbie up to the point where you say the media has over and over been on her parents, exposing their lives. Her parents need only look in a mirror to see who is to blame for all the media coverage. No one forced them to go on the LKL show or any of the TV news specials and interviews they were on. No one but them, acted with utter disgust on the Morgan deposition. Even though there were protesters, no one forced them to go outside and wave hammers and hoses at the public. Let’s not forget George calling for the media to read his “under the microscope” letter. Cindy could not even donate to a charity without informing the media.

    You are absolutely right. Someone should have been there to protect Caylee. Her parents knew she was stealing, had to know that she wasn’t working. Didn’t they care where she took a helpless infant for days at a time? As her grandparents they should have played a part in protecting her. JMHO

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Two years may have flown-by, but it sure seems ALOT longer than that with the way this Case has been Draaaaaaaaaaaaging on-n-on-n-on-n-on….
    Hornsby says he thinks she “doesn’t have it good by any means”? Oh pleeeeeease… Being beaten and tortured in a Turkish Prison is “not having it good by any means”. Let’s see…. For one who likes to have complete Control over what she does, please only herself, feel like she’s Special, and doesn’t want to be confronted or deal with anybody’s Questions or Ridicule, I’d say she’s Sittin’ Pretty, and likin’ it just fine. I sure ain’t gettin out the box of Tissues.

  4. offthecuff Says:

    You’re right, Honeydog. This case seems to have gone much longer than two years. I suppose this is typical, however. I agree that Casey doesn’t seem to be suffering too badly. She feels like she has celebrity status, after all. Why don’t the prisons put these people to work? That $30,000/year cost would decrease a bit if they used inmates for a cleaning crew.

    As to the media, some have exposed the Anthonys simply by airing them. Other media have handled them with kid-gloves. Why? Scared that Cindy will never appear on their show again? Oh, dear.

  5. zelda Says:

    I agree offthecuff…………they should put all these people to work to defray the costs they incur. It’s a poor system and needs an overhaul for sure.
    If you get yourself in prison you should HAVE to earn your keep. After all it’s supposed to be a punishment,not just three hots and a cot.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Right on, you two!

  7. jon Says:

    She should be in the general population and not “protective custody”. I think the inmates in gen pop would get her to talk. Anyway, she’s going to have to get used to being there once she’s tried and convicted. She should also be working, making license plates or baskets or something, but I suppose Casey is just doing what she always did best -nothing.

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