Casey Anthony: Deposition Postponed?

It appears that a Texas Equusearch volunteer has requested that her deposition be postponed, or canceled.

From My Fox Orlando:

Laura Buchanan, the Texas Equusearch volunteer who claims to have searched the exact area of Suburban Drive where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found three months later, asked that her deposition be canceled on Wednesday. Buchanan was scheduled to answer questions under oath via the Internet.

Last month, discovery documents revealed that another Equusearch volunteer told investigators Buchanan may have falsified her search documents.

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Deposition Postponed?”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Whoa! I don’t like this. I’m sure The Defense had thought (and was probably eagerly counting on) that this Volunteer’s Deposition could potentially be an “Ace in the Hole”— Using it to further support their claim that Caylee’s Remains were not in the Woods at the time of the Search and placed there later. NOW, with Buchanan “changing her Mind”, AND another Volunteer stating that Buchanan may have
    “Falsified” her Search Documents, it could open-up a brand new Door for them. I can see it coming— Baez saying, “This Volunteer obviously Lied… Who’s to say other Searchers didn’t”. I don’t doubt The Defense is going to take this and run with it— Starting the Discrediting of the Credibility of the Searchers themselves all over again, and now, ALSO their written REPORTS. We know this wouldn’t be Right, OR Fair, but, think about it— Not only could this one bad Apple possibly end-up spoiling the whole bunch, but now it puts a good-enough Hole in Texas EquuSearch itself, which The Defense has been trying to dig and crawl through. I’m not saying any of this is going to lead them anywhere, but I think we can expect it as being a new “Straw” for them to grab.

  2. Hilde Says:

    The Defense was and is counting on Laura Buchanan to show Caylee’s Body was not at that Location when the Location where Caylee’s Remains where found according to L. Buchanan was searched. Since L. Buchanan obviously changed her Mind to be depositioned by the Defense the only thing left for the Defense seems to be to discredit all the Texas EquuSearch Searchers in this Case.
    However I believe the Prosecution will be able to establish through their Experts that Caylee’s Body was put there in June of 2008 and has been there till her Remains were found.
    Even if the Body would have been moved which I highly doubt, that still doesn’t mean someone else than Casey A. is responsible for the Murder of her Daughter Caylee. JMO

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