Debate: Roy Halladay or Tim Lincecum?

The New York Times has a great look at this question as it relates to who’s dominant performance was actually better and more important.

The way I look at it, of course Roy Halladay’s no-hitter was more impressive than Tim Lincecum’s 2 hitter. But, the Phillies won by a larger margin, seem to have the better chance of winning their series (even though the Giants have home field advantage) and then there’s Lincecum’s 14 strikeouts.

A lot to weigh, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Which pitching performance was more impressive to you?

From the New York Times:

Neither Halladay nor Lincecum gave up a home run, so they were even on that score. But their strikeout totals were markedly different: Halladay punched out “only” 8 batters to Lincecum’s 14. By my calculation, with normal luck, a pitcher with Halladay’s eight strikeouts, one walk, and zero home runs allowed in 28 batters faced would give up an average of 1.55 earned runs per nine innings, while one with Lincecum’s 14 strikeouts, 1 walk, and 0 home runs allowed in 30 batters faced would surrender just 0.37.

This approach tells you who pitched better. Whose pitching was more valuable is an entirely different question — and the answer is even more favorable to Lincecum.

The Phillies didn’t need Roy Halladay to throw a no-hitter, or even a shutout. Since they scored four runs, they would have triumphed even if Halladay had allowed three. Lincecum’s shutout, by contrast, won the Giants a 1-0 nailbiter — with anything less than Tim Lincecum at his best on the mound, they would have gone into extra innings or lost outright.

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