Polygamist With 100 Wives Dies

According to CNN, a notorious polygamist from Kenya, known for marrying 100 wives, died earlier this week after a short battle with an illness.

The man’s name? Ancentus “Danger” Akuku. I wish I had the name “Danger”. 🙂

From CNN:

The lanky man — nicknamed “Danger” because of his charm and ability to woo women — had nearly 160 children, according to the Kenya Broadcasting Corp.

Ancentus “Danger” Akuku was in his 90s.

His family was so large, he built a church and a school for them in the western town of Kisumu. Akuku admitted the size of his extended family made it impossible to keep track of them.

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4 Comments on “Polygamist With 100 Wives Dies”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    As if these Countries aren’t poor enough— 100 Widows left behind to care for another 160 Mouths to feed. Hope he left them some dough… Can’t live on 2 “Buildings”. Crazy stuff.

  2. zelda Says:

    woo woo

  3. Yona Says:

    After reading the rest of the CNN post, I find it very interesting that he found the time to actually divorce 30 of his wives.

  4. kreuzer33 Says:

    Pretty crazy, huh? I still can’t imagine having 100 wives. 1 is enough 🙂

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