Casey Anthony: Defense Team to Review Search Documents

The defense team for accused murderer Casey Anthony will be reviewing Texas Equusearch documents this morning with the hopes of finding a credible volunteer who searched the area where her daughter’s remains were found, but that nothing was discovered at the time.

From WESH:

Prosecutors already have several sworn statements from volunteers who say that the area was submerged, increasing the likelihood that the remains were placed there before the rains came and Casey Anthony was locked up.

Defense attorney Richard Hornsby said the defense hopes to argue that a third party put the girl’s remains in the woods.

“That’s what the defense is banking on: third-party DNA and DNA still being there. It rebuts what prosecutors have been saying the whole time,” Hornsby said.

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Defense Team to Review Search Documents”

  1. Carol Says:

    Let’s face it we all know that Casey murder her daughter. So why don’t everybody stop lieing and blameing every body else. Except the real one that murder her own child. She was the last one to see her and why did she wait 31 days to report her missing?
    If anybody has a child they would call the cops right away.Not go out any party and steal peoples money so she can go out shopping.Cindy and George our just as much the blame for covering up for Casey
    Hope that the judge lets everything in so they can hang her.Who does she think she is trying to get away with everything. She is no betterthen any other inmate

  2. Carol Says:

    They should get rid of this dream team and throw them all in jail. Because they are nothing but big fat leirs. And they have no Justice for poor Caylee.
    So Judg Perry I hope you open your eyes and see what they our doing. you know that Casey murder her little girl and is nothing but a big leir. And she is wasting all the tax payers money. Before you came on all she did was laugh and thought everything was a big joke.
    And why bother having police officer if you can’t take there word.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. “Hope” all they want.
    “Bank” on it? Nope.

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