Karen Owen and Her “Unofficial Senior Thesis”

All I can say is wow when I read about the story of Karen Owen.

In short, the story goes that Owen, a 2010 graduate of Duke University, kept some pretty detailed notes about her numerous sexual adventures with members of the school’s lacrosse, baseball and tennis teams.

These escapades took place over a four year time frame.

UPDATE: MSNBC did a story on this and the video can be found here.

Now…I can see some people keeping this for their own pleasure (although I’m not one of those people), but she then turned this information into her “unofficial” senior thesis which she entitled “An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics”.

Nice title!


Karen Owen (Credit: Deadspin.com)


Once completed, the “project” was distributed to a couple of her friends and, of course, Owen did not expect for it to go further than that. Oh….Karen! How naive we can be 🙂 Did you not expect it to get out? Or…did you plan all along for this to get out? Hmmm…

Follow the link below for the full story, if I’ve peaked your interest. But be prepared, the details about each of the encounters is pretty graphic so if you are offended by sexually explicit content, I don’t recommend continuing!

Oh…and I want to know what you think about this story so please be sure to leave a comment!

From Jezebel:

Duke is in an uproar about a highly detailed “fuck list” that a recent female graduate made — in PowerPoint, complete with penis-size evaluations and dirty talk transcripts. We’ve got that document, and spoke exclusively to the now-contrite author.

Upon graduating, the author decided to pass on the wisdom she had learned, in thesis format. The subject: “An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics.” The thirteen subjects are each preceded by a tableau of photos of the men, most of which seem to be pulled from Facebook and athletic action shots.

From Spreadit.org:

What was meant to be a mock thesis which used pseudo-academic language soon turned out to be a horror story for Owen, when her friends ended up publishing the list online. The list contained all the men that Owen was sexually involved with and a rating out of ten. Owen put this forward in what was meant to be a humorous powerpoint presentation that ended up making many males angry, along with Duke University.

Apparently, making these lists is a regular occurrence for University students involved in fraternities. The lists aren’t meant to go public, however.

From The News Chronicle:

The list contained photos and names of the 13 members of Duke’s baseball, lacrosse and tennis teams who she had slept with. She ranked them based on several criteria, such as physical attractiveness, size, talent, creativity, aggressiveness, entertainment and athletic ability.

Since the list went viral, Owen has deleted all her social network accounts. In an interview with Jezebel, she said, “I regret it with all my heart. I would never intentionally hurt the people that are mentioned on that.”

From Bleacher Report:

Owen details a specific encounter where she and an athlete had to get a bit creative considering his roommates had visiting family members staying at his house. Not one to let a tiny roadblock get in the way of research, Owen and said athlete decided to hook up in his car. She said it reminded her of high school.

Considering that it will be near impossible for Karen Owen to get a real job after all of this, I smell a book/movie deal.

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37 Comments on “Karen Owen and Her “Unofficial Senior Thesis””

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  2. zelda Says:


  3. I merely glossed over the thesis; I did find a comment I found humorous: ‘Points were deducted for being rude or being Canadian.’

  4. Toasty1 Says:

    OMG! Hard to believe that she would do something like that…maybe she is into drugs?? She is either extremely “unique”, or just plain STUPID!

  5. Toasty1 Says:

    Zelda, I know John didn’t write this to offend anyone. You certainly don’t have to read her thesis.

  6. kreuzer33 Says:

    It’s interesting that she didn’t feel that it would get out. Now, it’s been on national news broadcasts. Crazy!

  7. Oneop Says:

    My guess is that she well knew it would get out! It’s ON NATIONAL NEWS, poor girl, poor poor girl. lol John, how can I get more detail, I am thinking of going to Duke it out at that University. LOL Sorry Zelda, OUCH!

  8. kreuzer33 Says:

    Oneop~ It’s definitely possible that she expected it to get out. It’s been the talk of the week amongst friends and family around here. If you read the entire thesis, it’s very in-depth. I guess she used the “subjects” names and photos. I have a feeling that we’ll probably see some lawsuits coming out of this one…

  9. Molly Says:

    I will not be reading her thesis. I wonder why she even chose the subject. but in this society today it’s instant fame for doing/revealing sexual encounters. i wonder when the video’s will be coming out. she will make a boatload of money now from interviews & magazine articles. but WHY didn’t she change the names??? and photos too, wasn’t that nice of her. yes, i’m sure there will be some lawsuits from this. I feel sorry for those guys having some of their most intimate details revealed.

  10. kreuzer33 Says:

    I’m sure we’ll eventually have a book and made for TV movie…I think it would have been much smarter to have left the names and photos out and just had subject 1, subject 2 etc…

  11. Doesn’t it make you wonder why the media would actually find it newsworthy?

  12. kreuzer33 Says:

    Doesn’t surprise me why the media would find it interesting. Sex and sensationalism sell. This pretty much has both!

    It has been the #1 trending topic online since the story came out a couple of days ago. Lots of people obviously find it interesting, although on the opposite end of the spectrum, many don’t. Everyone I know was buzzing about it starting on Friday…

  13. zelda Says:

    Toasty……….I have no idea why john posted this………and I didn’t read it.

    Egad Oneop……….how’s your head?

    Skuze me……I have to get more rocks………heh heh

  14. kreuzer33 Says:

    I posted this article because I found the story interesting…as the purpose of my blog is. 🙂

    People do not have to read all stories posted. We’re all adults and can choose what we feel comfortable reading.

    Anyways…this post has been read more times than any post I have done in the past year, so obviously some people are interested 🙂

  15. zelda Says:

    Well there ya go John. Imagine people being interested in a fuck list. I think you have stumbled on something there.

    And this is a blog of things that interest you.

    I can like it or lump it.

    Ok…….will do.

  16. kreuzer33 Says:

    Ha ha ha…crazy huh? Who would have thought that “the list” would be so popular 🙂

  17. OneOp Says:

    At least you have variety John. As a matter of fact a few blogs are nothing but f–k lists. Dare to go there and sooner or later, one way or another, one can end up getting f—-d up for real. 🙂 Yep!

  18. kreuzer33 Says:

    Ha ha! I try for variety. I’m interested in just about anything! You know…sports, music, politics. That’s why you’ll see so much RANDOM stuff 😛

    Probably drives my wife crazy that I bounce from one topic to another to another at home!

  19. zelda Says:

    Hi Oneop……….the reason I liked this blog was because it didn’t pander to sex and deviant crap. I am not a prude by any means that’s for sure it’s just that I find fuck lists and other references to it stupid and time wasting. Let’s say it not my bag.
    That is my view…….only ,as are all opinions on most blogs.
    So this is mine.
    OOOOps..should I have said f–k Oneop?………….get your headgear on here come the rocks. ping……ping….

  20. zelda Says:

    By the way John…..not all “adults” care for the fuck list stuff. Being an adult doesn’t mean you wave the green flag and chuckle at porn or sex crap.It’s the KIND of adult that has responded to your post that you might want to think about.

    Having said all of that I really don’t give a crap about any of it and I will not mention it again,,,,,it’s just too elementary.

  21. kreuzer33 Says:

    Nope not all adults do care….and not all do respond. Whether people respond or not…doesn’t really matter. People will stop by, maybe they’ll comment…maybe they won’t. Unlike most people, I love hearing both sides. If you love the story…I want to hear it! If you hate the story…I want to hear it! If you think I’m an idiot for posting something so trashy…I want to hear it! 🙂

    I don’t pander to sex or other deviant stuff, never have…never will. As you know, I post stories that I find interesting. This one…I find interesting. A lot of people have. I’m left wondering what it must be like to be the people who were involved in “the study.” Did they know about this while it was going on? Probably not. Will she end up with a book deal? Probably.

    But of course, everyone has their right to an opinion. I know people who don’t care about the story. I know people who found the story offensive. And I totally get it! That’s their choice, right? 🙂

  22. kreuzer33 Says:

    …and I’ve been meaning to ask for a while…what’s up with the rocks 😛

  23. zelda Says:

    lol.When Oneop and I disagree I toss “rocks” at her . Meaning verbal stuff….It’s a fun thing.LOL!

    Ya gotta love it.

  24. kreuzer33 Says:

    I kinda thought that was what it was. I’ll be sure to put on my helmet when I get in between the two of you. Watch out…I throw a pretty good water balloon! 😀

  25. Honeydog Says:

    WOW! I can’t believe all the Chaos going on above over this Post! I didn’t even check it out (It really doesn’t phase me one way or the other)…but, as John said, it’s just simply another story going round, floating through the air, and he thought he’d stick it in for Fun (OOPS!).

    Ya know, just to see what kind of Rise he’d get (OOPS!!), and what would come out of it (OOPS!!!). THERE! YA SEE? Isn’t this FUN!!!!!!

    So okay, seriously now…Without even reading any of it (but “getting it”) (NO! Not ME!.. Karen OWEN!), my only thoughts are these: The hoards of men she slept with just serves to portray HER as the biggest Slut on Campus….

    The men involved are either going to feel “Macho” at the way she described their “Mojo” (I can’t help myself!) and end-up getting lots of Dates, or be fighting amongst themselves (and for the rest of their Lives in their own Defense to other Women) to prove they weren’t “that small” (help me!) or “perform that bad”…. She just blew (besides that!) her chances of any decent Man “Trusting” her in the future….

    She should definitely be reprimanded by the University for “turning in” such a paper…. and, oh Yeah, I too can see this heading to Court.

    As you say, John.. pretty crazy! (And it certainly DID get a RISE!!)

    Hey, that’s what Blog Sites are about— A Subject and Opinions…Good, Bad, Indifferent, Love it, Hate it, Speak now or forever hold your Piece (OOPS! I mean Peace!) Too bad for her she not only opened her Mouth, but HER “Piece” is long gone!

  26. kreuzer33 Says:

    Did I catch A LOT of puns in there, Honeydog…

  27. zelda Says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake Honeydog…..

    We need you at the UN meetings………

  28. OneOp Says:

    LOL, people, fun people.

  29. kreuzer33 Says:

    You want to see funny? Check out my post from late night last night. Just me…chillin’ on the couch!


  30. sophie Says:

    She was hoping this would get out. And then be approached by Playboy and a reality show of her own. This was done as an investment in her career, I’m sure. A short sighted investment no doubt. But some people are willing to do anything to attain fame and fortune. Like sleeping with the entire lacrosse, football and baseball teams.

    Sadly, notoriety pays in our ‘society.’

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