Casey Anthony: Duct Tape Debate Returns

It appears that an old debate has been brought back to life in the case against accused murderer Casey Anthony. Investigators believe that duct tape was found over Caylee Anthony’s mouth, but her defense has claimed that is not true.

From WESH:

The wild card is crime scene and autopsy photographs that jurors will be able to look at and decide for themselves. The photos have not been released.

Meanwhile, the prosecution and the defense are at odds over where the tape was and whether is was the weapon used to kill Caylee.Prosecutors said the tape placed over Caylee’s mouth was meant to kill her.

In her autopsy report, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia found the duct tape was clearly placed prior to decomposition.

The attorney for Roy Kronk, who found the remains, said, “I can verify that Roy told law enforcement and testified in his deposition that the tape was on the skull and over the mouth.”

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Duct Tape Debate Returns”

  1. knight owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer, well Bozo/Baez knows the duct tape was wrapped three times around caylees nose and mouth and adhered to her hair and skull , but now foghorn Cheney Mason, doesn’t know anything about the duct tape as he thinks it is duck tape~~ sorry cannot contain myself. hope all is well with you and your family.

  2. OneOp Says:

    Nothing confirms the duct tape was ever over Caylee’s nose/

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *knight owl* & *OneOp*. No, I don’t think the Tape was over Caylee’s Nose, but Thanks for the reminder, *knight owl*, about it having been wrapped around three times (Believe it or not, I had forgotten that part). Ya know, we’ve all discussed this Duct Tape thing many times in the past, and, along with numerous others, I’ve had my Theories…. But now since this Dr. G. confirms that it was definitely put on BEFORE Decomposition, I can’t see why The Defense is now claiming that she “handed them a Gem” (reported on TV tonight). Granted, while she may not be able to give the “Cause of Death”, in saying that the Duct Tape was used FIRST, I would certainly think it shows an absolutely-“Intentional” Criminal Act, by which nothing BUT Death could occur. You have to admit that it’s still a Mystery though, as to exactly How, When, and Why the Duct Tape fits in— as well as trying to connect it with the Chloroform— since the “Chain of Events” remains Unknown. Unless The Prosecution can specify, and is not merely “Assuming” that it happened a certain way, this would serve to be their Hurdle in the Case, and I believe the ONLY thing that The Defense could legitimately fight. Then again, The Prosecution WOULD be prepared to confront and argue this. Anyway, Round-n-Round-n-Round it goes……

  4. OneOp Says:

    I thought the tape was in three separate strips placed over the mouth I never heard that it was wrapped around the head. Was it in a continuous piece wrapped as one might do in packaging.

  5. knight owl Says:

    Page 14 third paragraph down i believe of the autopsy report it said, greyish color tape was noticed coveing the mouth and nasal aperture. Taped wrapped from the chin up which contributed in holding the mandible,(jaw)in place.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    oops, I now distinctly remember that day in the Courtroom when the Prosecuting Attorney stood in the middle of the floor, talking about the Duct Tape and describing what Caylee’s “last Momments” were like (when Casey broke-down and told Andrea Lyons to “make him Stop”)— He said “… with not one, not two, but three pieces”. Sorry for the Confusion *OneOp*.

  7. luvanrs Says:

    no matter how much taped was placed, it is still and unspeakable crime to commit on a little girl

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