Casey Anthony: Defense Requests DNA Test

Casey Anthony’s defense team has requested DNA testing on a bag found at the discovery site of remains of her daughter Caylee as well as the shorts that it is believed that Caylee wore.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Defense attorneys Jose Baez and Cheney Mason say they want DNA testing done on a canvas bag found at the recovery site and “shorts the State of Florida believes was worn by Caylee Marie Anthony,” according to the motion.

The defense also asks that the items be tested by its DNA expert Richard Eikelenboom of the Dutch-based Independent Forensic Services.

“Mr. Eikelenboom is world renowned and highly regarded as a pioneer in the field of touch DNA, an area that could prove useful to the defense,” the motion states. “Many laboratories in the United States have not mastered this technique, thereby placing a severe restriction on its [the defense team’s] ability to find an expert with this expertise.”

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6 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Defense Requests DNA Test”

  1. jon Says:

    more desperation

  2. Ann Says:

    on their site they report they only work with convicted felons who are already serving their sentence…….

  3. Fostermom2 Says:

    Hmmm, Just wondering would that be junk science..Touch DNA…Since it is rare in the US and cannot find an expert to do this..Why hasn`t the state used it?

  4. Fostermom2 Says:

    JAC made it clear to use all experts from Florida to cut the cost..Now Norway…wow really pushing that moneybag..

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  6. Honeydog Says:

    I found the opinions of a former Prosecutor on TV tonight to say it all— The Defense is simply “using every Trick in the Trade”. Interesting that she also pointed-out that we have the “best Forensic Labs right here in America”, and that there are actually Labs who only work for/with Defense Attorneys (Hmmm, check the above Text: “The Defense also asks that the items be tested by “its” DNA Expert…”). In watching some footage of Prosecutor Ashton, in front of the Judge on this newest Motion by The Defense, he contests that this is not only going to cause The PROSECUTION difficulty in meeting THEIR Deadlines, but will inevitably result in the delay of the Trial itself. I sure hope Judge Perry does not go for this obvious, and yet another, “Stall” Tactic.

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