Casey Anthony: What Happened at the Anthony Home?

Some additional news coming out of the documents that were released earlier this week in the Casey Anthony case.

It seems that Texas Equusearch volunteers told police that the tension inside the Anthony home during the search for Caylee rose so much that there was nearly a physical confrontation between the Anthony’s and volunteers at their home.

From WESH:

“He went in there, grabbed a hold of her and they had it out,” volunteer Lisa Hoffman said. “(He) came out and said, ‘The answer to where the baby is is in that bedroom, and the (expletive) won’t talk.'”

“The words he said to me were, ‘I almost had her. I had her convinced to put an X on the map of the location of a body,’” volunteer Brett Churchill said.

After the tension died down, Texas Equusearch head Tim Miller said he asked the Anthonys where to search, but he said Cindy Anthony got angry and banned them from entering her house.

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10 Comments on “Casey Anthony: What Happened at the Anthony Home?”

  1. Chess613 Says:

    This isn’t news – we’ve been known that for a while now..

  2. offthecuff Says:

    I agree…this isn’t new news.

    But the facts are reinforced:

    1-There was extreme tension, when there should have been only extreme pleading and cooperation in finding Caylee.

    2-This was an admittance by George that he knew that Casey killed or was an accomplice to murder.

    3-This was an part of Cindy’s cover-up and obstruction in finding Caylee.

    4-This is proof that the help of willing people was quashed.

    Lastly, even if this Casey person put an X on Tim’s map, that means nothing. Tim didn’t “almost (have) her.”

    If Casey had a pen and a map, it would be interesting to see where she would X her new lie.

  3. knight owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer, what i have always found interesting is if the nanny was suppose to be the one that stole Caylee away from Casey at Blanchard Park along with her sister Samantha and took off with her, then how in the world was Casey suppose to put an x on a map to hunt for Caylee? Makes no sense.

  4. knight owl Says:

    Also one thing we know for sure is had Casey put an x on a map it would have been a bogus place she put it and would have been worthless time wasted.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Great point on your first Comment, *KnightOwl*, and, for sure on the second.
    None of this says anything of significance to the Trial anyway, and more-than-likely won’t even be brought-in… UNLESS— George would begin claiming, while on the Stand for The Defense, that he always believed in the Innocence of his Daughter— THEN The Prosecution would use these In-home Altercations against him to show that he was indeed Suspicious. Otherwise, it’s viewed, and would be Argued, simply as a Father being understandably Angry at not knowing the whereabouts of his Grand-daughter, and demanding Answers. Naturally, in the “Court of Public Opinion”, this Confrontation between George and Casey means something to US, but things like this are Trivial, unneccessary, and would be a big waste of Time to The Prosecution’s Case, compared to all the other solid, sound Evidence they have and can count-on to ensure the best Impact. Hard to say if it will, but what I’M hoping gets mentioned at the Trial are the Statements of Tim Miller and some of his Team while they were in the Anthonys Home for 4 days— “Casey never said the word “Caylee” once”. THAT one really says something.

  6. wow Says:

    I don’t comment her but once in a great moon, but I read everywhere, and this interests me. It has been a long time and I could be wrong, but in my head I thought it was George’s police officer friend from Ohio who made the remark that the (*&^* won’t tell).

    This information if true shows the dynamics in that house of horrors. Cindy is the boss, no question. It shakes ones faith in humanity to know that two normal appearing grandparents could so quickly say, well Caylee is dead, lets concentrate on getting Casey off.

  7. Honeydog Says:

    To *wow*.. WOW. Last sentence, brilliant.

  8. zelda Says:

    Yup Wow……….that’s what I have been seeing all along.
    Another CIRCUS of the unbelievable .

  9. Casey Anthony: What Happened at the Anthony Home? « Kreuzer's Korner…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I think Cindy and George should go on with the rest of there lives and start to think of Casey as a bad seed. They have had enough heart ake. Pick up there pieces with there son and go on. Casey can forget you a whole lot easier that you can forget her. She likes it that way. She will go on with her life and later think you have forgiven her for all the lies and pain she caused you. Please don’t forget or she will involve you in something else. As a married couple it is hard enough. Casey has had to much control for too long. Let her go. She has no problem letting you go. She got away with murder. But she can’t full GOD. He’ll be watching where ever she goes. Good Luck to Cindy, George, and there son Lee.

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