Casey Anthony: Ex-Boyfriend Attempted to Make Money Off Photos

Well, it looks like Casey Anthony’s former boyfriend, Ricardo Morales, tried to make some money selling photos of Anthony and her daughter Caylee to a tabloid soon after the case started making headlines.

Be sure to check out the article in the Orlando Sentinel for more details by clicking on the link below.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Discovery documents released Tuesday include a series of emails between Casey Anthony friend Ricardo Morales and a media organization representative in August 2008 negotiating terms for Morales’ story and photos of Casey and Caylee he provided.

At one point, Morales writes, “This contract states I will only get paid if the article is published. I don’t want to give up my rights to this story and potentially not get paid a dime…I don’t mean to trouble you Sharon but these are some pretty big issues that need to be resolved before I agree to this contract.”

The media contact, identified in the emails as Sharon Keeble, writes back assuring Morales that he would be paid $1,500 for his cooperation.

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8 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Ex-Boyfriend Attempted to Make Money Off Photos”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hi John I don’t blame Ricardo for making a buck…Her own family did it for much more money.Not to mention Caylee was killed in that shirt. Which I don’t think Ricardo knew that……..I think that will hurt the defense…..They are so stupid…..I hope the pros. adds the name of ABC producer who paid Casey 250,thousand for her pictures……..That seems fair to me…….maybe dufess should depose him too…….

  2. ~ScissorLips~ Says:

    How do these people know who to contact to sell photos and stuff? Like, I mean, how did they know to contact that woman from the Globe and what’s her eMail address, and who would know the name and eMail address of the ABC producer? I would not know these things off the top of my head. I wouldn’t know it if I wanted to search for it on the internet! How do they do that???

  3. Honeydog Says:

    Oh, it’s not difficult, and where there’s a Will there’s a Way if you want something bad enough. This woman’s Name and Job Title was probably listed inside The Globe with the rest of its Staff (as is usual in most all Publications) or Ricardo simply called or E-Mailed the Magazine by way of it’s general Contact Number/Website, and she was the one who was assigned to his inquiry. Everyone knows that Publications such as The Globe, The National Enquirer, The Examiner and the like, are known for Tabloid “Scandals”, and will Pounce-on and anxiously Pay for any Burning-Hot Story, Rumour, and unauthorized/hard-to-get Photos. I’m sure that’s exactly why Ricardo chose who he did. Reputable Publications like “People”, “Us”, etc,
    wouldn’t have complied. From what I’ve seen of the Pictures, it doesn’t appear that his intention was to show Casey and Caylee in a negative way (quite the opposite), or even to disrespect them— but the Motive is clear. Just the fact his Character is such that he would Stoop to the level of so many others who have Cashed-in on this Case, as well as give-up the Intimacy of his own Memories with the two of them to the likes of The Globe Magazine, just puts another Notch in the tall Pole of people in this World who will do anything for a Buck.

  4. Isn’t Morales the one that had that ad about using chloroform on a date on his website or something like that? Had he waited until after the body was found, he would have been able to make much more than $1500. It’s amazing how much dead babies go for in this day and time. Look at how much money NG, Padilla, and all those private detectives made off it, not to mention how the local news stations added a new link besides World Events, Sports, Weather…and now,…KC!

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I’d forgotten about that Chloroform Ad! (Thanks to you, he’s kicking himself in the ass right now). LOL

  6. zelda Says:


  7. ~ScissorLips~ Says:

    Thinker Belle, if you are trying to be ‘funny’ with your comment, forget it. Nothing about the death of Caylee, or ANY child, is ‘funny’. Your efforts make you sound crude, very rude, and non-compassionate. You are most likely a very lovely woman in person, but in writing, you come off skanky. Sorry.


  8. Casey Anthony: Ex-Boyfriend Attempted to Make Money Off Photos ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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