11 Year Old Babysitter Charged with Murder

According to local authorities, an 11-year-old baby sitter in Atlanta, Georgia, has been charged in the death of a 2-year-old child.

From CNN:

The baby sitter, who is a daughter of a co-worker of the victim’s mother, was caring for Zyda White late Saturday. The mother of the 2-year-old called 911 from the baby sitter’s home after returning to pick up her child, police said.

Zyda was taken to Scottish Rite Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, Rose said in a statement. An autopsy indicated she suffered blunt-force trauma to her head, torso and buttocks, CNN affiliate WSB reported.

Zyda’s mother, Ashlea Collier, told CNN affiliate WSB her daughter’s eyes were wide open when she got there. The baby sitter’s mother started CPR. The 11-year-old told her that Zyda had fallen out of bed, that she put her back and gave her apple juice, Collier said.

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17 Comments on “11 Year Old Babysitter Charged with Murder”

  1. zelda Says:

    Sick kid.?No sympathy for her at all.She needs to be stuck away……..no chances.
    My gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    this is awful these were my coworkers. This makes me sick.

  3. Carol in VA Says:

    This was a very young girl to leave a baby with. Too much responsibility for that age. She must have other problems too.

  4. rina Says:

    Ok lets look at this carefully.from what ive read mom and 11 yo were home when baby was left. At some point mom left and baby was picked up from girl. Hard to believe an 11 yo could beat her so severly she died w/o severe swelling and bruising! seems more likely mom may have done it to me. It took a lot of rage! and why isnt mom charged for leaving them alone?

  5. luvarns Says:

    Rina, severe swelling and bruising do not show up at times for days

  6. zelda Says:

    Rina……..what don’t you get?

    The mother didn’t do it.

    She should be charged with something however…..the girl was not fit to watch her child, and certainly not old enough.

    Terrible ……!!!!!!

  7. Ms C Says:

    This is just a horrible situation! You should never ever leave a child with an 11 yr. old!! What was that mother thinking! My heart goes out to that poor baby. I just cannot imagine the horrible pain that baby was put through..My prayers are with her and the 11 yr. old..

  8. Honeydog Says:

    First, and above all else, my Heart breaks for this innocent little Child whose Life is over. Having said that, I have to say what I ALWAYS do when I hear Stories like this of a Child sustaining Injury and/or Death as the obvious result of Negligent and/or Irresponsible PARENTS, who, due to their lack/absence of Common Sense/Attention/Presence are always the first to Cry in Shock and Disbelief, the first to be Angered and want Revenge, and the LAST to realize and admit that it was their own Fault. God Bless and Rest yet another “Unprotected” Child.

  9. knight owl Says:

    The way i understand it, the 11 year old was along with her mother babysitting this baby. This makes me suspicious as i can’t see an 11 year old doing these things to this baby. The 11 year old’s Mother was said to have done cpr on the baby. Well so where was this woman when the baby had to be screaming in pain if her 11 year old daughter was doing this to this baby? Doesn’t add up to me to make sense. I believe the 11 year olds Mother killed the baby and has the daughter taking the wrap as the daughter only being 11 can’t face the death penalty or be tried as an adult in this state. I hope law enforcement are really using their heads in this case and they should give the 11 year old’s mother a lie detector test if she will consent to one but i say odds would be she would not. Also background checks on this 11 year old’s Mother as well to see if there has been domestic violence against a child filed on her at any time or if protective child services have ever been called to her home.

  10. knight owl Says:

    If i am wrong and it is proven to be the little 11 year old that did this, then something is terribly wrong with this child and she needs professional help. No normal 11 year old would do such a horrible act on a tiny baby. Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

  11. zelda Says:

    knight owl………..the girl was baby sitting.She was alone with her.
    An eleven year old certainly could have done this.
    And……….YES, there is something wrong with a child that could do this.
    I know it’s difficult to wrap your mind around this….but things like this happen all time I am afraid. We don’t always read about it and when we do our minds want to reject the possibility. But it happens.

  12. Honeydog Says:

    I came back and read *KnightOwl’s* thoughts (Of course, yours too, *Zelda*), and now I’m on the Fence with this one. Due only to having heard two different Reports of Who, What, When, Where, and How, I think I agree— I would at least accept the Story “As Is” if it was proven for certain that no one else was in any way involved. Although it’s true that things like this do happen, we also know it to be true that surprising new and different Facts and Truths can pop-up later. If it’s Cut-and-Dried, so be it, and yes,
    I would say this 11-year-old is Abnormal and Disturbed.

  13. OneOp Says:

    I am very concerned and would like to know under what circumstances the mother of the baby and the mother of the eleven year old felt it was alright to leave the eleven year old as a baby sitter and for how long. How many times have these mothers done this, and what were the mothers doing that they left them. I not only see this tragedy but the whole issue is a very poorly thought out situation. Has this eleven year old been abused and left to care for smaller children before that she had no childhood of her own therefore grew to resent a baby that she was forced to care for. It is not just that the girl may have killed the baby, it is about also about what the eleven year old has had happen to her in her very very young years. How did she come to think it is ok to beat on a baby if she did all that. Something missing in this scenario? I do think so!

  14. knight owl Says:

    Zelda, yes i do know the world has gone nuts and it is not impossible for an 11 year old to kill this baby, but heaven forbid it be proven to be true, i can’t just throw up my hands and say no sympathy and no chances for her as this is an 11 year old. Just a kid herself. 11 Year olds don’t come here from birth and want to beat or kill, if she did this something from her upbringing has had to enter the mix for her to become violent to a baby. I can’t stand what this baby endured as it is horrific and i feel so sorry for this little baby, but as an adult i have to view the overall picture if indeed the 11 year old is responsible and see the facts, which is, the 11 year old is a kid of a very young age herself and what happened to her to get violent this way needs to be addressed and assessed and help given to her to find out what would cause her to turn this violent on another human being.

    I still think the 11 year old’s mom did it and she had to have been there at some point as she is the one that gave cpr to the baby before the birth mom was home, or at least that is what i understood on ng. That is why i have not been yelling about why would a Mother be stupid enough to leave an infant with a child of 11 years old. Like i said something is not right with this overall picture to me. Needs a lot of investigation from Law enforcement to determine who was where and who did what.

  15. zelda Says:

    I am sure it will be looked into very very closely. The last thing anyone wants is an innocent child convicted of a heinous crime like this.

  16. Lakeisha J Says:

    How can you say no sympathy and you don’t know the facts, you have he to be a heartless person. First of all my heart and prayers go out to both families it’s a sad tragedy on both ends.Why would you leave your child with an 11 year old in the first place and let it be known, No the babysitter’s mother wasn’t home at the time the child was left, irresponsible parenting thats all, but thats still no excuse for the 2yr old dying.

    I’m praying for both families.

  17. zelda Says:

    I am not sure I understand the last part of your comment.That aside I am the farthest from being a cold hearted person out there. What I am sick of is how we seem to forget the victim.

    An eleven year old girl knows the difference between life and death.She knows she is hurting someone smaller……she knows what pain is……….she knows that to do what she did could kill that small child. Yes it’s unfortunate that the killer is eleven…….but I have no sympathy for someone who knows better and killed this innocent child.I don’t give a damn how she was raised…….A lot of people are raised crappy.

    They don’t murder.

    The ones I feel sorry for are the victim and the victims family.Too bad for the killers family as well if they were totally unaware who their child was and is.

    Do you know the killers family situation? Do you know them personally. I do not. It does not change what the eleven year old did.

    My heart cringes for every blow that child suffered……..

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