Casey Anthony: Road Trip to Tennessee

The Casey Anthony case travels West today as her defense lawyers team heads to Knoxville, Tennessee to meet with some of the nation’s top scientists.

From Central Florida News:

Four scientists at a so-called “Body Farm” in Knoxville claimed there could have been a decomposed body in Casey’s car in 2008, shortly after her daughter, Caylee, went missing.

Anthony’s attorneys hope to find ways to prevent the Body Farm’s 41-page report from entering the court room.

The site has bodies being studied in various situations, and various stages of decomposition.

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Road Trip to Tennessee”

  1. offthecuff Says:

    BUT does the body farm study pizza?

  2. mystymiss Says:

    Yes I think they do study pizza but it has to be dead when it gets there!

  3. Jen Says:

    What about squirrels? I mean we are going to need a full comparrison report on human vs squirrel decomp.

  4. OneOp Says:

    Good one Mistymiss. lol

  5. Honeydog Says:

    Hmmmmmm. Wonder what the ordinary potential Juror would tend to think, straight off the top of their Head, if they read “Anthony’s Attorneys hope to find ways to PREVENT the Body Farm’s Report from entering the Courtroom”….
    And I wonder what they’d think— knowing the “Job” of a “Defense Attorney”— versus the Experience and Reputation of “some of the Nation’s TOP SCIENTISTS”….
    I agree with the discussion and opinions on TV tonight— No matter what The Defense brings in or doesn’t bring in regarding the Body Farm Report, there are several other individuals— INCLUDING Casey’s OWN Parents— who already opened their Mouths and attested to knowing the smell of Human Decomposition. There’s no way of getting around THAT. The Body Farm’s Report isn’t going to make or break this Case, nor change the Outcome.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Just wanted to add something here after catching an interesting Oprah Winfrey Show today. Her Camera Crew was permitted inside this Body Farm as part of her special Show on three Celebrities who have secret
    “Dream Job” desires. One of her guests has always wanted to be a Homicide Investigator, and this Tennessee Lab happened to be where she went to check-out how things are done there. It was quite a revealing “Tour” of the place— Showed a “Blood-Splattering” Demonstration, a room with Isle upon Isle of Shelves holding Jars of Body Parts, Tables containing Bones and Skulls that the Scientists use to determine Cause of Death, and even the Morgue. I’m not trying to be Morbid here… It was just fascinating, I couldn’t help but think of this Case, and, from everything I saw, it sure made ME feel confident that those people are exceptionally-“Professional” and “Experts” in every sense of the Word.

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