Casey Anthony: More Depositions

Casey Anthony’s attorneys are preparing to depose Orange County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant John Allen, one of the two lead investigations in their client’s case.

From My Fox Orlando:

“We go through the entire history. We want to know what they did and what they did not do, who they talked to, what people said and every time we do this we learn more and more things that’s frankly beneficial to our case,” said Mason.

Through depositions and the discovery process, Cheney Mason says the defense has learned that Sgt. John Allen secretly recorded some conversations with Casey Anthony’s dad George.

“Is that legal?” asked FOX 35 reporter Holly Bristo. “It isn’t for police to do it. You and I can’t do it but if they’re in an official investigation they can record whatever they want,” Mason replied. “Would they need a special warrant,” we asked. “No they do not,” said Mason.

“Can it be used it court?” “Yes it can,” said Mason.

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7 Comments on “Casey Anthony: More Depositions”

  1. Lona1 Says:

    Obama and Bloomberg,

  2. Lona1 Says:

    Oneop, I don’t quite understand your don’t know with whom you are standing? Or something like that? Is this a joke? đŸ™‚
    There are many reasons why people are against this particular mosque and many more that are being built….mass murder is one of those reasons. Ahhh, and islamaphobia maybe? So I think you are standing ont he side of the victims trying to preserve this area rather than having some criminal movement…that’s right…..not religion, but criminal movement establish a monument like some freaking trophy. You might be interested in reading a bit more about this current issue…..go to jihad

  3. Lona1 Says:

    Hello Mr. Kreuzer, I am gone….I know….off topic…..bye.

  4. Lona1 Says:

    wow, Beth Holloway arrested inside Peru prison!!!!!!!!!

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I’m not at all clear on the 3rd Paragraph and last Sentence of the Post’s text…. Mason says it’s not Legal for Police to secretly record Conversations, THEN says it IS if they’re in an Official Investigation (WEREN’T they?), then says the Police don’t need a Warrant (so why the Gripe?.. or IS he Griping??), then says it can be used in Court (WHAT??— The Conversation?.. It being Illegal?.. Against the Officer?.. Good/not Good for The Defense?— I’m not getting it.

    P.S: Thumbs WAY UP, *Lona1*. “United we Stand”!

  6. Barbara Says:

    I’m with you, Honeydog. I re-read it three times and I still am not sure what Mason was saying. If I understand it, how does what he said benefit the Defense?

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Beats ME, *Barbara*…. We need an Interpretor. This Lawyer TALKS like Doctors WRITE!

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