Beating of 91-Year-Old Woman Caught on Camera

A New Jersey woman who placed a camera in the room of her 91-year-old mother was shocked by what she found when she watched the video of her mother being abused by her health aide.

I saw this last night on the news. It’s both sick and disturbing. If you’d like to see the video, please click on the link below.

From CNN:

The footage shows a home health aide beating the 91-year-old woman, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

The health aide, 52-year-old Carmen Pereira, was charged with aggravated assault and other charges related to what was captured on the video footage, said Mike Post, a detective from the Jersey City Police Department.

In the footage, the aide is seen tending to the elderly woman, forcefully brushing her teeth or putting her in bed by picking her up and slamming her down.

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4 Comments on “Beating of 91-Year-Old Woman Caught on Camera”

  1. I saw the video- here is a link:

    My questions would be:
    1) Why did the POLICE let the abuse CONTINUE for ANOTHER 32 days? Pff! Jeesh! Wow!!!!!!!!!
    2)The reporters addressed the potential of changing the system of the company the provider worked for through litigation-yep, sue the crap out of them! Okay, but isn’t 24 hours of abuse enough for litigation?!!
    3)I could barely view the video because of some advertising banner going across the bottom.
    4)And, wouldn’t #3 explain why the abuse continued for 32 DAYS?!!!

    I think the police viewing this video are thinking of their future in helping attorneys in litigation; not removing the victim from abuse. JMO

  2. Carol in VA Says:

    Good morning friends. I watched the video and listened to HLN w/Vinnie and heard them say that when you bring in someone to care for mom its more dangerous. They feel that a co. would be safer. Not so. I watched as my mom had to be in a nursing home for a while and that was horrible. I took her out after 2 days. I went home for a nap and told the nurses that I’d be back in a few hours to check on her. When I returned she still had a filthy diaper on and it had burned her so bad. I told them about it before I went for the nap. Also, they left her sitting up in a chair for 4 hours without checking. She fell out of the chair and hurt her leg.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    I wanted to Cry when I saw this on TV. Poor defenseless Woman. The look on her Face when the Aide was ramming the Spoon into her Mouth was just Heartbreaking. I am so glad that the Daughter had the Thought and Intelligence to put a Camera up, otherwise no one might have ever known, especially since the Woman has Alzheimers, rendering her incapable of Remembering and Telling. It is truly Incomprehensible that any Caregiver could Abuse the Sick and Elderly to this extreme. I know if I were the Daughter, you couldn’t have stopped me from Beating that Aide to a Pulp myself. No one would dare treat my Mother like that, and I sure as Hell would not have let it continue to go on while the Police were taking their time Mulling over it. No way would I ever agree to such a thing. Like *Carol in VA* above, I too have gone through the experience of having a Loved-One in a Nursing Home, and, although we were Fortunate and Content with the level of Care and Treatment my 92-Year-Old Father received, I know that it takes constant Monitoring by the Family, as well as the Staff being aware that you mean Business in not Tolerating their Inattentiveness to certain Matters, and/or Inefficiency/Mistakes in others. As with this Woman, I feel for so many of the Elderly, in general, who are surely subjected to daily Cruelty and/or Deprived of proper Care, and I’m not only Glad that this Aide was caught and is going to get what’s coming to her, but I Hope that anyone who is Guilty of being Mean and Heartless in their “Caregiving” Jobs, will one day be given a big Dose of their own Medicine.

  4. Anjeanette Says:

    This is absolutely terrible! I’ve found that the best thing for the elderly is to have a medical alarm system for ANY emergency. I wrote about how having a medical pendant has allowed my grandparents to remain independent. You can read my post here:

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