Casey Anthony: Robyn Adams To Be Deposed Monday

It appears that Robyn Adams, pen pal and friend of Casey Anthony while she has been incarcerated, is due to be questioned under oath on Monday.

From WESH:

Adams will be questioned at a federal prison in Tallahassee by lawyers for Zenaida Gonzalez in connection with the ongoing civil case against Anthony, a new document shows. The interview will be videotaped.

Adams and Anthony developed a bond when the two were housed near each other in the Orange County Jail.

“If there’s a witness out there who can say, ‘I heard out of Casey Anthony’s mouth this is fabricated,’ this would be huge for our case,” Gonzalez’ lawyer, Keith Mitnik, said in June.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Robyn Adams To Be Deposed Monday”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Well, I don’t really know about this. Every Legal Expert I’ve ever heard talk about any Inmate’s
    “Testimony” has said that it’s not normally considered Credible, and usually isn’t even brought into Play— Too difficult to Predict “Self-Motives” and place undisputed Trust in. Would be great though, if Ms. Gonzales’s Lawyers can Prove otherwise. So far, from what I myself have seen on TV of this Girl’s previous Statements, it really is hard to tell, and say, whether or not any or all of it is on the Level… But I guess I WOULD rather hear her say that Casey made everything up, just for the sake of the Words being said and put-out there.

  2. John Tillman Says:

    I knew Robyn for 10 years, One thing I always knew about her ( prior to her arrest and conviction) was she was a liar. She made up everything, and cheated on Clay once a week ( even once with Clay`s partner)
    How anyone can trust what she says is beyond me. And I think Casey is guilty, but you can`t use a proven liar to muddy up the case. What is wrong with Morgan & Morgan

  3. Honeydog Says:

    WOW. Interesting. Yeah, what IS wrong with Morgan & Morgan.

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