Casey Anthony: Meet Your New Defense Team

At a news conference held earlier this morning, Jose Baez introduced three new members to Casey Anthony’s “Dream Team.”

Dorothy Clay Sims and Ann Finnell will  represent Anthony at her criminal trial and Charles Green will take over Anthony’s civil case.

From Fox News:

Attorneys for Casey Attorney introduced three new members to her defense team on Tuesday in the high-profile murder case.

Baez said the new attorneys, who will work the case pro bono, will be “invaluable assets” to the defense team. He and other attorneys declined to discuss details of the case.

“I’d rather be accused of overprepared instead of being underprepared,” Baez said. “We’re all prepared to fight and fight as hard as we have to.”

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6 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Meet Your New Defense Team”

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  2. katydid Says:

    Ann Finnell is my cousin. She is a public defender from Jacksonville and one heck of a defense attorney.

  3. tina natale Says:

    I don’t know how any of them can sleep at night – defending a child killer. I lost my dog and within minutes called every shelter in a 20 mile radius, posted flyers and looked frantically for him. I didn’t wait 30 days…as in the Anthony’s case to report a 2 year old missing.
    Remember what happened to Johnny Cockroach not long after the OJ trial? Karma is a bitch.

  4. Molly Says:

    I don’t think it matters who or how many attorney’s the defense team has, it’s not going to change the outcome for casey. Nor does it change the truth.

  5. Hilde Says:

    Molly~~You said it very well, I couldn’t agree with You more. It won’t change the Truth, no Matter how many Defense Attorneys Casey will have.
    Caylee will have a Voice which will be heard loud and clear, the Prosecution will make sure of that!

  6. Honeydog Says:

    This is like a Lego Game…. Put a Piece in, take a Piece out, put another one in— Except they’re People. I totally agree with the last 3 Comments.
    The Defense’s notorious history of, and on-going
    “Changes in Personnel”, only says to me that they haven’t been able to, and CONTINUE not to be able to, grab that Brass Ring they want so badly on this Merry-Go-Round, despite all the different Riders who have jumped on and off the Ride— And if Andrea LYON’s arm wasn’t long enough to reach it, nobody’s is. Common Sense tells us that this is another Cry for Help, as there would be absolutely no reason to keep doing this if The Defense already had, or does have, this Case sewn-up tight.

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