Casey Anthony: Attorney Talks Quran Burning

Not on topic of the trial, but Casey Anthony’s attorney, Cheney Mason, is speaking out about the possible Quran burning in Gainesville, Florida tomorrow.

From WDBO:

Orlando attorney Cheney Mason wrote an open letter Governor Charlie Crist, Attorney General Bill McCollum and Mayor Craig Lowe to address the negative attention Florida has received because of the proposed Quran burning in Gainesville.

In the letter, he asks state leaders to step in and execute their constitutional obligations by enjoining Pastor Terry Jones from carrying out his mission to burn hundreds of Qurans on Sept. 11.

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6 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Attorney Talks Quran Burning”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Although a Lawyer, Mr. Mason is also a Citizen, and entitled to contact his State Representatives on Issues he feels strongly about, the same as everybody else…. but I think it continues to be somewhat frustrating for the “ordinary people” who attempt to take a Stand on the same Issues, but are over-shadowed by those with Stature and/or Money, and who always seem to get-through to and noticed by the Politicians. Anyway, wonder what impact Mr. Mason’s action will have….

  2. Do Nut Pao Says:

    I think it is pretty miserable that there are idiots in The USA who are intentionally attempting to harm the feelings of the Muslim people by destroying their Holy Koran. Even if they have the official right to do such a thing, they should certainly be embarrassed of themselves.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    I think it is “pretty miserable” that it was the Muslims who not only intentionally attempted— but succeeded— in harming OUR feelings by completely destroying our WTC, killing so many innocent people, and now wanting to build their Temple on the very Site of their attack. “Even if they have the official Right to do such a thing”, it is a Dishonor, and a Disgrace, to this Country.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Hey, that’s what HAPPENS when we’re “Fired-Up” about something— Thoughts race.. so do Fingers! I’m sure that *Do Not Pay-o* minded. (LOL).

  5. Honeydog Says:

    WHAT did I JUST Type??!! See! (I meant he DIDN’T mind). For Pete’s Sake… I guess EYE blew THAT one!

  6. Quran is the word of Allah and burning Quran will bring no good to them. and how will they burn the Quran which is in our hearts

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