Casey Anthony: Dorothy Clay Sims Joins Defense Team

Dorothy Clay Sims, an attorney specializing in cross-examining medical expert witnesses, has joined Casey Anthony’s defense team.

It’s interesting to note that Sims is the author of a book called Exposing The Deceptive Defense Doctor, yet in this trial, she’ll be working for the defense team.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Sims, of Ocala, filed a notice of limited appearance as co-counsel in the Casey Anthony defense today, according to court records.

Her notices states she “is appearing as co-counsel for the defendant…for the limited purpose of cross-examining experts.”

The website for Sims’ law firm says she works with lawyers nationwide in cross-examining physicians at trial and during depositions.

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14 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Dorothy Clay Sims Joins Defense Team”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hi John…….What I take from that is, that she will be present at the depositions just to see what they have for information…….and to see if she can fight it…….

  2. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, the name of that Book of hers sure IS
    “interesting to note”!
    Ya know, I just DO NOT get this whole thing. I am SO sick and tired of The Defense wanting and getting THIS Expert and THAT Expert, and all these extra-special/High-Profile/World-renouned Professionals from all over the Country to come join-up. They certainly are taking MAJOR advantage of not having to pay for anything themselves. Pardon me, but, Jesus H. Christ, what the HELL!— Casey Anthony is no Celebrity, no Royalty, no Political Figure, no NOTHING. They just keep nit-picking and nit-picking and nit-picking and nit-picking for the sake of something to pick at. And what ever happened to the Client’s own Attorney(s) doing the Cross-Examining in the Courtroom? That’s the way I’VE always seen it done. You would REALLY think this girl is something Extra-ordinary. She doesn’t deserve ANY of it. I am SO ready for the Trial. I hope The Prosecution makes Diarhhea out of ALL of them.

  3. jon Says:

    Honeydog: I’m with you all the way……….

  4. offthecuff Says:

    Sims won’t need to attend depos. She can just read through the forensics and answers given at the depos, then attend trial on those days to attack and dismantle the integrity and professionalism of the experts, enough to make them look like they were not thorough, know enough about which they speak, and/or that particular forensic find is too new to use at trial (body farm results)

    Cadaver dogs will be unreliable. One hair in said trunk won’t be enough to validate. Botany growth too inconclusive as far as how long the body was there. Coffin flies inconclusive as to human or non human decomp. Comp searches not a sure link to frame of mind, could be random emo or moody thoughts. etc

    She’ll be in and out so fast, we won’t get a good look at her. But Mason and Baez will be grinning and following up with interviews, as if they had done all the work.

  5. jon Says:

    If she has any sense at all and wants to keep whatever her reputation might be, she’ll see what’s going on with this group of unqualified idiots and their loser client and run in the other direction. Any bets on how long she’ll last?

  6. Honeydog Says:

    RE *Offthecuff’s* last paragraph: Yeah, ain’t it the truth…
    RE the rest, she’ll TRY to find something— The individuals they’re dealing with are “Experts” in THEIR fields TOO.

  7. […] Casey Anthony: Dorothy Clay Sims Joins Defense Team « Kreuzer's Korner […]

  8. offthecuff Says:

    Sims: Sir Expert, is it true that one may pick-a-peck-of-pickled-peppers, but you don’t know how many pickled-peppers-Peter-Piper-picked?

    Expert: Wha-a-a..?

    Sims: No, further questions, Your Honor.

    Baez: Men and Women of the Jury, you now see that the experts in this case know less of science than they claim. They see none of its relevance, the cadence of alliteration, or how the accused fits into this case at all.

  9. Honeydog Says:

    I’m chuckling, but, I don’t think so.

    The Prosecution: “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I don’t blame you for Laughing.. That was quite a funny Joke!.. It’s nice to know that Defense Counsel has a sense of Humor!.. But it appears that Defense Counsel and Mr. Baez are trying to TRICK you all.. While Mr. Expert’s (#) years of intense Schooling and Training and Study and Research and HIGHLY-Reputable Work may not have touched-upon the Antics of a FANTASY Character in a Children’s NURSERY Rhyme, I wonder if Defense Counsel OR Mr. Baez can tell us the exact amount of particles in a Speck of Dust!… I know I can’t.. I’ll bet none of you can either.. That’s why Mr. Expert IS the Expert here on the SPECIFIC matters we are discussing.. That’s why he’s here.. Peter Piper is NOT on Trial here.. Do we care how many Peppers he picked?.. Actually, he didn’t pick any at ALL.. He’s not even REAL!.. What we CARE about here is that a sweet, innocent little Girl is DEAD.. a little Girl who was only beginning to enjoy all those Nursery Rhymes we’ve all grown-up with and loved.. A precious little girl whose Mother DID NOT WANT to be BOTHERED to have to read “Bedtime Stories”, and whose Body was not surrounded by shiny aromatic “Peppers”, but by MUD and GARBAGE and WATER, surrounded by INSECTS and ANIMALS.. Interesting that this place happens to hold special Meaning and Memories to the Accused, of her OWN Childhood.. A special spot where she took her Animals to bury them when they Died.. But THIS was NO “Fairy Tale” for Caylee Anthony.. No “Sweet Dreams” and turning-out the Light in the warmth and sheltered peacefulness of her little Bedroom.. No, it was instead the blackest of Darkness within her Mother’s Car Trunk, and then, all alone, in the Woods, in a Trash Bag, Day after Day, Night after Night, while her Mother visited Friends, went to Parties, even decided to get a Tattoo— So, Ladies and Gentlemen, you now see that the very thing truly IRRELEVANT here is Defense Counsel’s Question, and, most certainly, how the Accused DOES not only “fit into this Case”, like a Glove, but she is the ONLY one that Glove fits….”

  10. offthecuff Says:

    Honeydog…good response!!LOL

  11. Honeydog Says:

    What!! No Rebuttal???? LOL
    Incidentally, your Rendition was pretty clever and an LOL too!
    Had Fun.

  12. Casey Anthony: Dorothy Clay Sims Joins Defense Team « Kreuzer's Korner…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  13. Tammie Says:

    Have you lost your mind?!? Even if her father did sexually molest her (& he didn’t !!!!!) she still murdered that precious, innocent child. That’s not okay under ANY circumstances!

  14. where is your prove abdul??? sounds like you are helping her try and write her book that will never get published!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The world stands up together to see not one of these people supporting her recieve any money or sympathy!!!!!!! Denise Sewdish

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