Casey Anthony: Defense Team to Question Officers

35 officers to be exact!

From Central Florida News:

Casey Anthony’s lawyers said they plan to question dozens of law enforcement officers.

Earlier in the week, attorney Jose Baez told a judge he hopes to question as many as 35 people by the end of the day Friday.

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Defense Team to Question Officers”

  1. Kim Says:

    So he waits until Friday to do it – what a slacker

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I don’t like that Baez waited this long to do this. It’s been over 2 years, and these LE Officers have no doubt been actively involved in numerous Cases since then, and I’m a bit leary that their Memory might not be so sharp now. I know they have their written Reports to fall back on to re-acquaint themselves with the events back then, but it’s not the same as when it was actually happening, and, sometimes, over Time, a person’s feelings, attitude, descriptions, explanations, etc about something end-ups being different. But then, at the same time, I also realize that Cops are indeed used-to having to do this sort of thing, and I suppose I shouldn’t worry. I only hope that they’re well-prepared, as I’m sure Baez is counting on this lengthy Time-lapse to be to his advantage.

  3. divegoddess65 Says:

    This whole case makes me feel sick! I just want to see this case get to trial so Caylee can have some justice! The clock is ticking slowly, but ticking nonetheless.

  4. I think it will be interesting to hear how the media has affected the officer’s perception of the events as they unfolded. One even went online and took a “bow” for his performance! Lol! What an ego! Heck, it was the mother that actually turned the suspect in. And, if it hadn’t been for her natural inclination to lie and deceive, she probably never would have been arrested. The officer never gained any information on the missing child’s whereabouts. Nor did the media or the bounty hunters. Every one just jumped up and took credit for any and everything they could. It is their JOB to collect evidence, which is why other officers came to the house.

    The defense will, of course, look for flaws in their investigation or procedures.And, they will probably try to connect some of them to KC, which won’t be too hard to do since most of her “boyfriends” were police officers.

    So, pull out that video camera and get ready for a character assassination on those fellas if they slept with KC. It’s only fair! I wonder who put that mattress down by the crime scene?

  5. luvarns Says:

    Right Honeydog..Why did he wait so long? The defense has been dragging their feet for two they finally have a judge that is making them tow the line and they have to play catch up.

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