Casey Anthony: Prosecutors Turn Over Tapes

Looks like the prosecution has turned over some videos made during the defense team’s evidence review back in July.

From WESH:

Defense experts from as far away as the Netherlands gathered at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in July.Videos documenting the team’s evidence review were made in a Sheriff’s Office chemical lab and two garages.

That evidence included Anthony’s car and evidence taken from the trunk.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Prosecutors Turn Over Tapes”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    Hi *OneOp*~ I’m sure *Zelda* will be along shortly, but I hope you don’t mind me puttin in my 2-Cents as long as I’m here! (LOL)….
    I could be wrong, but, for some reason I’m under the impression that The State gets “first Dibs”, so to speak, on reviewing certain things, and then, when they’re finished their own Process, it gets turned over to The Defense. As August has only just ended, I would think it’s actually not been an unreasonable amount of Time to complete, compared to The Defense’s work over the past 2+ years…. The original
    “Snails”. Anyway, JMO, as always.

    (P.S: Put your Helmet on!! LOL!)

  2. Honeydog Says:

    (P.S.S: I think I might have made a mistake in saying that The State turned these Tapes over to The Defense— It was probably to the Judge. In any case, at least The State is done with them).

  3. Honeydog Says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

    Too bad we don’t have “Virtual Reality” Screens— We could actually DO it!

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