Casey Anthony: Charity Receiving Threats

It appears that Cindy Anthony’s donation of Caylee’s shoes to the Children of Love Foundation has led to threats against the charity.

From CBS News:

Doris Patalano, the founder of Children of Love, says that she had no idea of Cindy Anthony’s intentions until she began being bombarded with “hateful,” threatening phone calls from protesters Wednesday morning, according to WKMG.

Patalano says she wants the public to understand her organization has no association with the Anthony family and that she never sought publicity from Cindy Anthony.

Patalano, who herself is an orphan, started the charity nearly 20 years ago to provide orphans in Honduras and central Florida with food, clothing and mentoring, but says she now fears that not only has this controversy endangered her charity as well as her livelihood.

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Charity Receiving Threats”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    I really don’t get this. Why should anyone Protest this Donation— The Shoes belonged to Caylee, not Cindy, and they aren’t associated with Casey either.
    Personally, I think it was actually nice of Cindy to want to see Caylee’s Shoes go somewhere useful and appreciated, rather than throwing them away, as we all know that Caylee had nice things, and I’m sure they were in very good conditon. In this particular matter, I think the “Haters” are going Overboard, and should be Ashamed to act this way and cause such Uproar, rather than consider the purpose of the Charity and its needy Recipients. I think if I were Patalano, I wouldn’t hesitate to remind the Public of just that.

  2. zelda Says:

    The toxicity of this case permeates the rational side of this. I think it’s a given that there is a good side to any donation etc. etc. It’s just that people see the anthonys in a very dim light.

  3. luvarns Says:

    It is too bad that this is happening to this charity. I agree honeydog, it is better to see Caylee’s things go to help others than to see them thrown out with the trash as she was.

  4. That’s bad news, as most concerning the Anthonys.
    I think the media members are the people protesting just so they can drum up another useless story on the case. Who would care that an orphan received a pair of shoes. Perhaps they’d rather see them barefooted; they’d really feel superior then!

    They’ve since reported that G&C brought six new pairs to the shoe drive, along with a bag of socks. Maybe they think they have some type of control over these people. Who cares about Caylee’s shoes? The donation wouldn’t have been worth more than $10 anyway. And, since she was so young, they were more than likely still like new.

    They just like to make headlines like: Charity Distances Itself From Anthonys’

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