Casey Anthony: Will Public Information Be Limited?

Casey Anthony’s defense attorneys have filed a motion seeking to limit information that is released to the media.

So I ask you: Should the public have access to every little detail that we’ve learned over the past two years? Should we know about how the defense team spends their money? How Casey spends her money in prison?


From the Orlando Sentinel:

Anthony’s lawyers have previously objected to information — ranging from photographs of the 24-year-old to defense funding — being released in response to public records requests.

And on Tuesday, attorneys Jose Baez and Cheney Mason again renewed their request.

The defense attorneys filed notices stating the First Amendment rights of the media “must give way to the constitutionally protected rights of the accused.”

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10 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Will Public Information Be Limited?”

  1. Molly Says:

    They already know that those are the laws of the jail. What she’s buying at the commisary has nothing to do with the trial & I see no way how that can “poison the potential jury pool”. is he kidding with this? another waste of time & money.
    The people of the state of Florida are now paying for her defense, so, yes they have a right to know how the money is being spent..

  2. dazed&confused Says:

    If this isn’t ironic. Baez on the gag order…..
    Citing U.S. Supreme Court precedent, Baez said the gag order wasn’t necessary. “It’s a whole lot of hot air and not a whole lot of law,” he said, adding “when push comes to shove, I’m going to err on the First Amendment every time.”

    Now he wants it? What a complete moron!

    And with Cindy emailing Local 6 news with her donation (lol) Baez is pronbably banging his head.

  3. remember caylee Says:

    If Baez was worried about privacy at all, he sure would have agreed to the gag order. It’s obvious he wants to control the news reported to always favor his killer client.

    But in the end, the cocoa and crackers are not going to convict her. It’s the overwhelming evidence and the lack of remorse just that might give way to lethal injection.

    JB should have tried to keep more than the cocoa and crackers a secret. What a joke. I think he’s trying to look completely incompetent or maybe it just comes naturally from a money and fame hungry lawyer.

  4. CycloneIam Says:

    I think Duhfense and the Anthonys think in 30 second chunks of time. Nobody looks ahead to the ramifications of their actions and words. If they did, those words would not be coming back to bite them and make them look like fools.

    I think Mark Nejame was the first to get a handle on those ramifications.. weighted them and got the heck out of Dodge.

    Let the Anthony’s run their mouths. They are pulling the plug on their own bathtub. I see them behind bars too.

    The Anthony’s MUST be charged for there to be justice for Caylee. I’m not going to state the reasons again for the charge… we all know them and the State Attorney’s Office has even more evidence to bring charges against George/Cindy in regard to impedment and perjury. There is no mental defense at this point for perjury etc. There is no mental defense for Casey either. Those 31 days and the duct tape.

    The Defense needed to work out a plea not participate in a circus. Maybe they are hoping a jury won’t kill their client just put her away for life and get a bunch of bangs for their publicity bucks down the road… all on the back of innocent 2.5 year old child.


  5. zelda Says:

    george and cindy need to go to jail.They falsified evidence,,,,,,,,lied about evrything,,,,,,,,,
    Stick em in a cell………like anyone else would have to do.Being on talk shows should not deter the law.

  6. offthecuff Says:

    a liar doth not a criminal make

    GnC have their own amendment somewheres…something like “grieving folks get to act up now and again, and again, and again” Just you try and stop ’em

    NeJame didn’t get too far out of Dodge…just the other side of the street.

  7. zelda Says:

    They committed crimes…there are a lot of folks in jail as we speak who have done less.

    Grieving parents….you have to be kidding.
    How about grieving “grand parents?”

  8. zelda Says:

    And by the way……….learning to lie does and certainly can cause crimes………How much proof to you need to understand that? This one case alone should point that out in neon!

  9. Honeydog Says:

    First of all, Florida’s “Sunshine Law” says that it’s all Public Information— So, Tough Shit, Mr. Baez.

    Second, C’mon now… Does anyone really believe that the Media actually puts-out EVERY little Detail?!!— No way Jose.

    Next, I agree with *Molly*. Not only will there be a big difference in the Hype and Drama and Bull Shit we’re seeing and hearing now, compared to the order of things in the Courtroom at the actual Trial, but the Jury Pool will be Hand-selected by the Lawyers, who, for sure, are not even going to CONSIDER Biased/”Tainted”/”Poisoned” individuals ANYway, and, not to mention the fact that there ARE people out there to whom this Case is not an every-day Obsession. Regardless of what has already been Released, and any and all to come, Casey WILL get a “Fair Trial”.

    Once again, this Stinks outloud of yet another of The Defense’s wimpy Excuses for their own Mistakes and Shortcomings, and their on-going “Beat it to Death” Stall-tactics.

  10. zelda Says:

    Of course she will.

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