Casey Anthony: Texas EquuSearch Records Can Be Reviewed

Judge Belvin Perry has ruled that Casey Anthony’s lawyers can review all Texas EquuSearch records created during the group’s searches for Caylee Anthony back in 2008.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

While Anthony’s defense team can review the records, they cannot release the names of the searchers or any other information in the files to the public or the media, according to the order signed Thursday by Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry.

If Anthony’s lawyers want any copies of the records, the documents will be tabbed and brought before the judge.

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10 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Texas EquuSearch Records Can Be Reviewed”

  1. knight owl Says:

    Well i want fruitcake Bozo to look at every single person that searched so he will finally be satisfied as he is truly a nut.

  2. Sherry Says:

    I don’t care much for any of the Anthonys getting their mitts on any of the searchers’ records. I just don’t trust Cindy with the names and phone numbers…

  3. OneOp Says:

    I don’t see what Cindy could possibly do with any information from the searcher’s records unless Baez and Mason present something to her that they find applicable.

    Even then it is not for Cindy to do anything, is it? God will take Cindy into his consideration. I am sure His decision will not be satisfactory to those who dislike Cindy but…..good we have a Mighty Overseer.

    Good thing for all of us!

  4. OneOp Says:

    John, sorry I am not in the right place but I have missed anything about Dan for awhile. How is everything coming along for him and all of you, Please.

  5. kreuzer33 Says:

    Check my last post šŸ™‚

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Well, I’m good with this. Besides the Judge’s Orders, specifying the Conditions under which The Defense is being granted this opportunity, I’m sure that Mark NeJame (Attorney for Tim Miller/Texas EquuSearch) will also be standing-by to make certain that set Boundaries are not overstepped. I seriously don’t expect that any of The Anthonys will end-up with this Information, but, even if The Defense does share some specifics in their Legal relationship with them, that would be as far as it could go. I’m thinking now, when this “Review” is completed, that we can expect all sorts of Bull-Shit to surface again from Baez,
    trying to convince the World of all Texas EquuSearch’s “Flaws” and “Mistakes”, and that the whole thing is Discredible. Going “Neck-and-Neck” with Tim Miller— THIS should be Interesting.

  7. DAR N MS Says:

    This is nothing but another stall tactic,i say let the idiots have them,they are grasping at straws ,all this is they are going to pry into other peoples livesand hope that they get a bite on someone who has possibly got a criminal record,here we go lets see who we can throw under the bus now,i hope that after all this is reviewed that perry will finally put a stop to this circus,you know the truth of what happened to this baby is sitting in jail and as cindy says she had to have help,well if she did have help it is sitting over there on 4937 hopespring drive,i pray that fbi and le have all the truth facts and know who and what is involved and they are brought to justice ,if not before but hopefully after the trial,i want them to rot.

  8. luvarns Says:

    it would be interesting to know exactly why they want this information. what can they possibly gain from it??

  9. OneOp Says:

    That’s the big question luvarns, What can they gain from it. I may be wrong but I do not think there was 4000 people searching in that area for Caylee. It seems this is just another way for the defense to delay, but I never understood what was the issue with that couple who made some statement about being there that got this whole ball rolling with the searchers. The real surprise is judge Perry allowing it, so that leads me to think the defense has explained enough that he found was good enough reason. 4000, why not just all that were there. Maybe if they can prove there are people in Equasearch who have criminal or suspect backgrounds it puts the whole organization down. How about this thought, TM approached the Anthonys with “Caylee is dead” which they did not like so they may have prompted Baez to do this because if TM did not handle himself right in doing that to them there may be suspicion overall about the Equasearch organization. They wanted TM to search for a “live Caylee” so they may be saying that he did not find the body there when he searched and refused to look for her alive, in which time was wasted and maybe Caylee could have been found alive. Just trying to think it out. Impossible, lol

  10. Honeydog Says:

    *luvanrs*~ An Attorney for ANY Defendent is obligated to Investigate everything and anything having to do with the Circumstances surrounding their Client’s Case. The Search for Caylee was an integral part of this. The Defense’s purpose for reviewing Texas EquuSearch’s records of that Search is to go through them with a Fine-tooth Comb and determine whether there was anything “Missed” or conducted in a way which could possibly be Argued as Credible, and which could help them prove Casey’s Innocence. This last part is exactly what they’re hoping to “Gain”.

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