Murder Charges Sought in South Carolina Drowning

Shaquan Duley has confessed to killing her two young children with her bare hands and driving their bodies into a river.

I saw this on the news last night, and it was one of those stories that just makes you cringe.

From CNN:

Shaquan Duley, 29, told police she smothered her toddler sons at the Trumps Inn motel in Orangeburg by placing her hands over their mouths, Williams said. He added that the children were dead before she put them in their car seats and drove them to the river while “trying to find a way to discard the bodies.”

Williams said Duley is not a hardened criminal, but an angry, upset, unemployed woman who felt she had no way to support her kids.

“She just wanted to get rid of the children, as sad as it may be,” Williams said.

He said Duley had argued with her mother, with whom she lived and who he described as “firm,” the night before the incident.

“I believe she was fed up with her mother telling her she couldn’t take care of her children and she wasn’t taking care of her children,” Williams said.

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12 Comments on “Murder Charges Sought in South Carolina Drowning”

  1. zelda Says:

    The world has gone mad.

  2. midget48 Says:

    what a cop out!! she killed them because she WANTED to. killing is not the only option, and she did not want to consider other venues regarding the babies. what gets me is the way these murderers come up with “good excuses” for murdering their children, and they expect people to accept their “good excuses”. not to worry, though. they will be dealing with God and he deos not accept “excuses”. she deserves the dp.

  3. knight owl Says:

    Just another sorry baby killer. This is a throw away generation that when the going get’s tough they use that excuse to kill their children. When in life at some point in time for everyone has the going not been tough? People have lived through depressions, wars, no jobs, no homes, not enough food to feed their family, nothing is new here, aside of the fact now it is dealt with get rid of the kids, yea, that will fix it, at least part of it, and it is all about what is best for me to deal with and if it means kill my kids then that is okay. Give her a speedy trial which is more than she deserves, put her on death row and don’t take more than ten days to carry it out.

  4. cali patti Says:

    I learned many years ago empathy was the ability to put oneself into the shoes/skin of another and see/feel/react etc. as that person does or did. Not sure if that explaination is correct but I have tried to do this over the years. There have been some situations where I have found this to be an impossible act to do. This is one of those. I have absolutely no understanding of this mothers thinking or actions.

  5. OneOp Says:

    Fight with mom
    Couldn’t take care of children
    Makes me think of someone else

    i am very concerned about how it just seems so easy for people to just up and kill their children. Like a daily happening going on.

  6. zelda Says:

    I am very concerned too……..this is beyond definition for me.
    What the hell…..???????????
    Makes me sick………

  7. Women like Susan Smith and this Shaquan Duley are selfish. Agreed that postpartum depression is a bad thing. I had depression during my third pregnancy. I never once entertained the thought of hurting my child/children. A mother puts her children before herself.

  8. knight owl Says:

    I don’t cut any slack either for the bomb Dads that lay up and have sex and run out on the wife or girlfriend to carry all the load by herself when she gets pregnant. You know the ones i am speaking of, have kids with one, then out of sight, out of mind, outta here, never seen again, continue on to the next and do the same thing. I hold them half as guilty. I don’t know if these little boys had the same Father or not but where is the dead beat or beats?

  9. OneOp Says:

    I am having many of your same thoughts Knight Owl.

  10. Honeydog Says:

    You all have said most everything I would have written, including this being the Fault of BOTH these poor Babies’ Mother and Father (or Fathers). I think *KnightOwl* said it best regarding this Disgusting and Pathetic Generation of Child-Abusers and Murderers, taking the “Easy Way Out” for their own Benefit with no Thought or Regard for their own Flesh and Blood, a “Snap Decision”, throwing their Hands in the Air and brushing Children off as though they are not a Living Breathing Life, but “Objects” who Clutter-up their Space. Oh there’s no doubt about the Men who continuously have their Fun and leave-behind a Trail of Women and Children to Fend for themselves, but it’s damn-well High-Time that certain WOMEN.. THINK ABOUT their CURRENT SITUATION.. BEFORE they do it again.. and then AGAIN.. AND then AGAIN. Once again, two little Children who didn’t Ask to be brought into this World, then once here, to their Innocent and Unsuspecting Hearts, they are PUNNISHED for it. The whole LOT of such Brainless, Self-Indulgent, Submissive, and Irresponsible Males and Females should be SPAYED and NEUTERED. Excuse me… But Damn them all to Hell.

  11. OneOp Says:

    I know people used to take a litter of kittens they did not want, tie them in a sack and drown them. Same happening to human babies now. Behavior in the sexual world is as animals behave and results have come to be acceptable in society.

    What scares me is killing babies may come to be overall “accepted” also. What a horrible mess we are in. It has always been “boys can do whatever, after all they are boys” “girls are responsible”

    I say bull to that!

  12. zelda Says:

    Pretty scary out there isn’t it?

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