This is How You Do It…

The title says it all: THIS is how you do it!

My new brother in law, Shaun Krilanovich, sings “The Woman in Me” to his new bride, Katie, during the reception following their wedding on July 31.

To the local country music stations in the Bay Area, KRTY and The Wolf, if you’re looking for an up and comer to play at any of your local shows, check the video out!

Pay no attention to Johnny, Caitlyn and I in the background…

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4 Comments on “This is How You Do It…”

  1. OneOp Says:

    Yes indeed that’s the way to do it, take notice guys! lol

  2. OneOp Says:

    No, not Brad Conway, my favorite man. )-:

  3. Sunny Says:

    Awwww…that was so sweet. What a guy! Thanks for sharing a special moment!

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Finally got around to checking this out. Oh yeah, that IS the way you do it! Surely his lucky Bride will never ever forget that very cool and very special Momment. I’ll bet most of the Guys there couldn’t help but feel a tad “Inferior”, and ALL the Women were secretly Jealous! I can imagine that the whole day was just as good as this. By the way, Johnny looked Handsome in his little Suit! Thanks for another nice Treat.

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