Casey Anthony: Another Lawyer Jumps Ship

It appears that Brad Conway is the latest attorney in the case of Casey Anthony to step down, this according to a statement released early this morning.

From WESH:

WESH 2 News has learned that the attorney for Caylee’s grandparents George and Cindy Anthony, Brad Conway, will no longer be serving as the couple’s attorney. He turned in a resignation letter Monday morning.

According to sources, Conway’s move comes as a result of a new filing by Anthony’s defense in their ongoing dispute with Texas Equusearch.

From My Fox Orlando:

Early Monday Conway told FOX 35’s Holly Bristow this has nothing to do with the Anthony’s or anything they’ve done. Instead he said it has everything to do with Casey’s attorney José Baez.

Conway said that a motion filed by the defense last week made regarding documents on 4,000 Texas Equusearch volunteers, Baez claimed that Conway was given unrestricted access to look at those documents but only if he got the Anthony’s to sign a waiver of conflict of interest.

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12 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Another Lawyer Jumps Ship”

  1. cali patti Says:

    Well, well, well, Brad Conway had always seemed to me to be a little to sane, and a little to intelligent to be on this Anthony wagon. No surprise he is gone.

    No surprise he is gone because of Baez either. Baez may turn into Casey’s best defense. Maybe she will be acquitted due ineffective counsel.

  2. Swift Justice Says:

    It took an incredible amount of time for BC to finally wake up and smell the coffee perking.
    He distanced himself from the Anthony’s with his resignation letter…blaming Baez totally.

    IMO he just got tired of the Anthony’s lies and flippity floppin crapola.

    He also stated that he will continue to appear in the courtroom and guide the Anthonys… question is this: Why would he want to do this? He’s working pro bono for these boneheads and I think he should just push his wheelchair as far as he can get from both Cindy & George.
    He should concentrate on his law office and take on clients who PAY for his services for a change.

    Now another question is this: Who will be the next lawyer to come to the aid of the Anthony’s? Probably a newly graduated legal eagle straight from Law School who wants his 15 minutes connection with this infamous murder case.

    Good luck to who ever it will be, because he too will be taking on Cindy Anthony’s wrath if and when he decides he’s had enough of the Cindy Hammer.

  3. Kate Says:

    I can’t imagine any attorney that would want to take them on. If any attorney is foolish enough to consider it, he or she should review the the Morgan depositions to see how their clients perform. Cindy would have to call all the shots. He or she would have to be willing to work for free. The A’s don’t have to pay for anything like the rest of the WORKING public do.

    Maybe ABC or BOA could provide a pro bono lawyer for them.

  4. knight owl Says:

    Why is Brad Conway leaving now at this late date? He has already lied for the Anthony’s on national tv so in my eyes he has already ruined his reputation. Also if he has said he will be there in the courtroom to guide the Anthony’s then why quit? If i was going to quit i would be outta there and distance myself from the Scamthony’s period.

  5. knight owl Says:

    If any other attorney is willing to take Cindy & George on, if they are honest they will not be once the anthony’s get through with them. They seem to corrupt everyone that helps them. My advice to all attorney’s in and around the florida area, If the Anthony’s come a calling pretend you don’t speak English.

  6. eddieblue Says:

    Something is wrong with that picture….Can’t believe he is leaving because of something defense has said.

    Maybe he didn’t get paid.

    Or maybe he is tired of the lies Cindy Anthony is spewing – I mean, she is doubting forensic evidence that the bones are those of her murdered grandchild Yet she gave said grandchild her a great memorials service.
    Complete with trinkets for sale for the “Caylee Anthony foundation” which has produced a boat for grandfather George already…

    Brad liked the limelight for a while, but he doesn’t want to be smeared by the Anthony muck any longer.

  7. zelda Says:

    I have about three hairs left on my head over this monster case………….MY GAWD GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY!

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  9. OneOp Says:

    George seems to be distanced from Cindy, he never really looked at her on the last interview. She leaned toward him and had her hand in his arm, but there certainly is distance. If they are not connected personally and intimately anymore having strain between them would certainly cause BC to have a difficult time advising them.

    I liked him and I feel sorry for him after this long a time. jmo

  10. OneOp Says:

    Honeydog and Zelda, What will happen to Casey if there is absolutely no lawyer not even an appointed one that will take her case. that means she would have no defense so how could she be prosecuted. Would they just hold her where she is forever. Did you ever think of that! Maybe she will, for some un-forseen reason just pass on from natural causes before a trial ever begins. Maybe she had/has a brain tumor or something and Baez knows that so delaying is just giving time so she will never to to the big house. It sure is a puzzle isn’t it. if everyone quits except Baez and Amscot (sp) can just the two of them go ahead. i guess they could resign too. Would they be prosecuted if they quit the case? They could still write a book and all that $ stuff. You think Cheney will quit? He don’t seem too well to me either.

  11. Honeydog Says:

    For as long as Conway has been with this Case, I don’t ever recall him actually DOING anything of noteworthy mention. Not saying he isn’t a good Attorney.. I certainly don’t know.. but to me, he seemed like nothing more than a “Tag-along”. Granted, he was the “Silent Type” (in comparison with The Anthony’s previous Lawyer whose Name escapes me), but I just often wondered about the Role he was playing and why George and Cindy even needed him, as they’ve always insisted on “Running the Show” and never Listened to their Lawyers anyway. It’s been as though, for all three of them, that Brad was just there to “complete the Look”.

  12. Honeydog Says:

    Sorry *OneOp*, I meant to say something about your Question (I THINK it was Question (??). Anyway, Casey won’t ever be without Legal Representation. Funny how we’ve witnessed her “Dream Team” fall apart, but, even if he’s considered it, I really don’t think Baez will dessert her, and I think Cheney will stick it out too. Even if worse came to worse and they ALL left, Casey not only could be given a Public Defender, but, if she so desires, she also has the Right to choose another Private Attorney. One thing’s for sure— She’d never decide to Represent herself…. She wouldn’t know how, and she needs to know she has a “Professional” to stand-up and support her Lies.

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