Casey Anthony: Parents Appear on The Today Show

George and Cindy Anthony once again professed their support for their daughter during their latest appearance on The Today Show early this morning.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Today host Meredith Vieira interviewed the Anthony’s live from a studio in New York.

“I’m not certain of all of the forensic evidence,” Cindy Anthony said, when asked why she still thinks her slain granddaughter Caylee is alive. “A lot of stuff doesn’t make sense.”

“I can see that Casey panicked, maybe something happened, I can see something happening,” Cindy Anthony said. “Casey may have seen something or someone else.”

George Anthony said that the family has always wanted to find out what happened to Caylee, no matter where “the path” leads them.

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48 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Parents Appear on The Today Show”

  1. luvarns Says:

    “I can see that Casey panicked, maybe something happened, I can see something happening,” Cindy Anthony said. “Casey may have seen something or someone else.”

    in other words…my daughter did do this, but I can’t fathom that she did it.

  2. cali patti Says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm, Cindy, is she a loon, maybe a liar, possibly lost her mind? I’ve read that there is a Cindy kool-aid out there.

  3. jon Says:

    Wonder if they were paid enough to make their house payment?

  4. Swift Justice Says:

    Are these two pathetic?

    Both should be under psychiatric care but the doctors are out of the office now…LOL

    Both know Casey did it…..they’re fishing for more sympathy and also blaming bloggers too.

    Give it up G & C…..maybe once the gavel comes down on Casey……both should retreat into their inner sanctum and disappear.

  5. OneOp Says:

    They were not paid to do the show! The interviewer made that clear.

  6. J.H. Says:

    The Anthony’s do not do anything for nothing.

    Can I ask a question of anyone? Do you think if i wanted to buy one CAYLEE BEAR UPON SENDING THE MONEY, DO YOU HONESTLY THINK I’D GET A BEAR?????????????? I kinda doubt it.

  7. luvarns Says:

    Funny, J.H. I doubt it too.

    I am sure that they are doing this to further taint the juror pool…next will be, how can Casey possibly get a fair trial with all this in the media…stuff they put there.

  8. offthecuff Says:

    Yes, they should be under psychiatric care.

    Wouldn’t you think that if things just don’t make sense or add up to Cindy that she would be searching, searching for the answers? She would want things to make sense so that she would have a sort of peace on some level. She would have answers.

    But she is not seeking answers nor is she seeking help professionally to cope with her supposed angst.

    This is why I believe there is no angst about Caylee’s death. She is purporting delicate, emotional confusion as a manipulative front as if delirium trumps fact.

  9. Honeydog Says:

    Right-off-the-Bat, how can Cindy even SAY she thinks Caylee is “Alive”, when Caylee’s Remains were IDENTIFIED and CONFIRMED.. by a CORONER.. through an AUTOPSY…. PLUS, they themselves held a MEMORIAL for Caylee AFTER the Remains were found, AND, both George and Cindy have her Ashes!

    For God’s sake, is this woman even on this PLANET!! Say what you will— both of them, ALL of them— Nobody’s buying ANY of it, no matter HOW many Talk Shows they rack up and think will make a difference.

    Let me tell ya, The Defense knows the Truth, and so do The Anthonys. And when Defense Attorneys start their Game of trying to Bamboozle the Public, it strongly influences the Suspect’s family, they begin believing in all of it, and they go right along with them. Not only are George and Cindy “Living a Lie” through their attachment to Casey’s Lawyers, but how the hell are they going to Face, Accept, and Deal with REALITY when all this Bull-Shit fails and comes crashing down at Casey’s Trial.

    Whether they are personally truly “Convinced” of their Daughter’s Innocence, in complete Denial, or hanging on the Coat-Tails of Casey’s Defense Lawyers, they are no doubt Fooling themselves, and are in for a Rude Awakening. Funny… after their appearance on “The Today Show”, Jane Velez-Mitchell dedicated her entire hour-long Show to “Re-capping” all the Evidence against Casey, which involved much Discussion by her Panel of Experts— Blew George and Cindy’s “Pity Party” right out of the water.

    Yes— Give it up, get some Help, and quit insulting our Intelligence.

  10. OnrOp Says:

    Honeydog, are you feeling ok today? If not then I’m in trouble. lol.

    When Cindy talked about Caylee being alive. Her words were more of hope, because she said something like ” I don’t know, there is just this “feeling” I have that she is, yes, I do.” (not an exact quote) when asked if it was spiritual she said nooo, physical, yess. She also expressed “feeling” Caylee’s presence, which is more spiritual than physical. George also mentioned “It’s just something, her presence, ” like” she is really here. etc.

    Cindy named her reasons, which she is correct about as far as we know and that is what she is using to separate Casey from this crime. No cause of death! I believe, whether she admits it or not it is a spiritual “Caylee is alive” that she wants to be real so she will not have to face Casey going down. Other than irritating the heck out of everyone, what is wrong with allowing her to think that way. It is in no way going to affect the facts (the whole picture) at the trial.

    Do you think her “feelings” are going to affect the jurors decision. I don’t think so. I am also thinking that the memorial in the house, everything exactly the was it was adds to the reality that Caylee it still alive. When My daughter left home and never came home to stay again. Her room remained the same with whatever she had on the walls, dresser, bed, (stuff) until after she was married, gave birth and THEN I used the room for my grandchildren.

    No, I wasn’t nuts, I just missed my daughter being around, her ways, silly jokes, the works. It was
    true she was gone (not present with me) but she was “alive” , In my story, really alive and well. lol

    I think Cindy wants desperately to believe Caylee is not gone FOREVER! It is her only buffer that Casey is not, will not, be gone forever also . Cindy can not stop what’s ahead. I was happy to hear they did not get paid. Why were they on the interview? They did clarify that.

    Yes, she did say she has a feeling Caylee is alive and George did admit he was angry that Casey accused him and Lee of molestation. So we know that much for sure. If they are nuts, I say let them be nuts, it is no insult to MY intelligence! You know that, don’t you. lol

  11. offthecuff Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Cindy having a differing “opinion,” a “wish,” an “experience,” or “reality.” She can be coo-coo. But the question is whether she is intentionally lying (again) and being spiteful to LE by implying they don’t know or do their job. This collaboration of deceit is wrong and may affect justice.

  12. OnrOp Says:

    What did she Cindy about on the last interview, she only gave her personal FEELINGS. as far as LE, she stated the truth about their not having a “cause of death” LE have “implied” Caylee had duct tape placed over her mouth to suffocate her. But they have no proof of that being the cause of her death, as yet anyway.

    I just do not see how deceit can come into play when, as LE determined Cindy and George were not there when Caylee died, so there is no lie. Only wishful thinking. I noticed they did not point their finger at Roy Kronk. Cindy only stated she wanted every avenue investigated and she felt all that had not been done. imo, that is not too much for her to want before Casey gets the needle.

    Even if they lie, facts are already stationary, it would be after those facts so a lie will not hold water. Cindy and George, can not stop the process. No way. If there is any reasonable doubt it will not come from Cindy and George. They can not cause that to happen, so i am ok with them being the grandparent and the parent in their emotions. It certainly brings no harm to me.

    Taxes? yes, the peoples taxes, but isn’ t that still in the hands of the attorneys and judge to move this along. It has not just been the defense it is also the prosecution holding things up. If they have all the goods, and no doubt about it, why haven’t they pushed harder to get this done. There was too much delay in the very beginning imo Frankly I don’t think the defense OR the prosecution have enough and they are bleeding all they can out of this case.

    Cindy and George have nothing to do with the way both attorney sides have handled this case. As far as Casey being guilty as sin, I honestly don’t know.

    It is not my call. We all have to wait for the official judgment of the court system. I can think it, but I was not there either. Am I lying? lol

    One more thing, there is the possibility that a juror may be picked that is already sympathetic to Cindy and George and they plight. That will be the jurors fault if one allows them to sway their decision. Not C & G.

    PS. I totally respect the opinions of others!!!!!

  13. debbie Says:

    Why in the world are you people bringing George and Cindy Anthony on your show, they have lied and covered up and she pretends to be a psycho and you people are paying them, why? She thinks with all the evidence and her cremation that caylee is still alive I do not feel sorry for either of them they know the truth and it will all come out at the trial lets see how many tears will be shed and innocent little girl died so her mom could party and her parents know this.

  14. OnrOp Says:

    The host of the interview on The Today Show asked and they said they were not being paid to appear.

    They did confirm two questions the public have about them otherwise it is not quite understood why they appeared.

  15. Lona1 Says:

    OnrOp, you said,

    Cindy and George have nothing to do with the way both attorney sides have handled this case. As far as Casey being guilty as sin, I honestly don’t know.

    On second thought, I am not going to dignify your comment about not knowing about Casey’s guilt with a response.

  16. Lona1 Says:

    Cindy is just playing crazy so she can collect REAL government disability after the trial. She also worries that she might be charged with a crime after the trial so she wants to appear unstable. Heck yes, they got paid for the interview! They have been compensated for the tour of the home, and again for the pictures in that house. Great security system! They darn sure need it as any high profile case brings nutbags out of the wood works. Best get some body guards, too. The ones that make sure you don’t trip and fall and chip your tooth.

  17. OnrOp Says:

    Lonai Are you suggesting I know that Casey is guilty? I was not there. I did not witness Casey killing Caylee, I will not be a juror, if you know exactly what went down, that’s great. Maybe you will be picked as a juror if you are in Florida. That would be great.

  18. Honeydog Says:

    *OneOp*, I want you to know that I completely understand exactly what you mean, with reference to how Cindy “perceives” Caylee in her own Mind, Body, and Soul. I’m in no way condemming her for that. Inasmuch as I’ve jumped all over she and George on alot of Issues, I’ve also expressed— more than a few times— that it must be extremely emotionally Painful for them to have tragically lost their Grandchild, to have to re-live this Nightmare and Sadness every waking Hour, and be so Fearful and Uncertain of the Future. I’ve also said that I honestly do Feel for them.

    However, I was giving my Thoughts and Opinions strictly on THIS Issue alone— Separated from everything else involved. When Cindy recently took the Stand and came-out with that Statement (Caylee being “Alive”), to me, it was neither Appropriate nor Sensible at that Time and Place. While you, or I, or other understanding and Sympathetic people can, and may, look Deeper into what Cindy “Means”, what she SAID is not “Taken” that way. On more than one occasion, Cindy has stated that she believes Caylee is still out there somewhere, with someone who has her. Her statement in the Courtroom— regardless of what she “wants” to Feel and/or Believe— implies the same.

    For this reason, and this reason alone, what you HEAR is what you base your Thoughts upon, and what you KNOW is ultimately WHY you say what you say about it. Personally, no matter what “Spiritual” Level I was on after losing and missing someone (and I have been there, when my Husband was suddenly killed), I wouldn’t tell a Courtroom that I think he’s still Alive. There is no “Reason”, no Substantiation for Cindy doing that— Unless, of course, it was another attempt to Benefit her Daughter.

    I still tend to believe that saying what she did, along with the TV Appearances, has a lot to do with the whole Defense Strategy, and, unfortunately, rather than seeming more like a “Devoted Parent”, Cindy is making herself sound like an Idiot BECAUSE of this kind of crazy stuff that comes out of her mouth, and BECAUSE everyone knows Different (i.e. Caylee’s Remains were positively Identified), and the longer she does it, the more she’s GOING to Believe in the wrong thing, and the more it’s going to Devastate her in the end. I’m all for both George and Cindy being where they need to be in their Hearts, as well as staying there for as long as they choose. But, as I said, it is only causing greater Emotional Damage to continue saying things like this, and, Yes, “Living a Lie”. It may be the thing they need to do right now to get through their Suffering, but, in the end, I’m afraid they won’t know what Hit them.

    I DO have to take one thing back— Like you, I suppose my Intelligence is not actually Insulted either… For I know poor Caylee is NOT with us any longer, I know what The Anthony’s are doing, and I know that the Trial itself will matter more than anything and everything we’ve been, and will no doubt continue, discussing.

    Please know and remember that my Opinions are just that, and I ALWAYS value yours, my Friend!

  19. zelda Says:

    Honeydog you are always so tactful with others feelings and points of view. I see where others are coming from also but I am more direct .Not saying one is better than the other you understand.I just don’t need to be liked by everyone or need their approval .My opinion only………not speaking for you.

    I don’t feel George and Cindy are anything less than criminal in their past actions.I think Cindy is a warped manipulative control freak.She should definitely be charged for lying in this case many times and she knows it, I think they figure if they stay in the public eye and become part of the “folk hero” population that people seem to readily want to defend, it will save her bacon. She is playing the odds. George is along for the ride.He has nice hair and great earrings.

    Your tack makes for some interesting patter oneop……..which keeps the ball rolling for us bloggers eh>?

    Duck! lol!

  20. OneOp Says:

    Honeydog, I truly love to read your opinions, You have a deep soul, and kind heart between the lines of all you write. I agree that Cindy may be tossing the marbles. Where I will differ is that I do not believe anything she does or says will affect the outcome of the trial, that is why I say let her have her behavior, don’t have to agree with what she does, but what harm to understand that she is in a state of circumstances tha, God forbid, I ever come to.

    My children are adults and I really believe they would never harm anyone. I have grandkids, wonderful, wonderful grandkids, but I will state right here, I do not know what will come in their life. What they might come to be capable of doing or for what reason. I can’t get that out of my head when I think of Cindy and George, I just have this “feeling” that if I am too judgmental toward someone like these grandparents I could someday have to face a like position, and I don’t want that. Giving C&G a little rope, they might hang themselves in most opinions. I don’t think they will be charged with anything, we just don’t know.

    However, I do not apply the same thought to Casey. If she did this as a premeditated act against Caylee, or to Caylee against her parents, I do appreciate our laws and the process of trial by jury. If I thought for one second Cindy and George had anything to do with witnessing Casey murder Caylee or are protecting Casey because they wanted Caylee dead, or love Casey more than Caylee, it would give me a different attitude. I’ll tell you one thing Honeydog, I am capable of putting my hands around my kids throat, just like Cindy did, and I would certainly call 911, like Cindy did, and yes, I probably would spend too much time believing my kid, hoping and praying everything was going to be alright.

    What do you think about the nitpicking the way Cindy is wearing her hair these days? None ever said, at least she has a nice haircut, before she let it grow. I’m not saying anything, you should see mine? I hope they never put cameras on computers. What a thought. LOL

  21. OneOp Says:

    Zelda, I love your rocks, I really do! When they break against my hard head, I see stars filled with love. LOL

  22. knight owl Says:

    If you go back to 2008, in one of the court hearings when asked by Judge Strickland when they can be ready for the trial, Jeff Ashton says they are ready to proceed with the trial now, so you can’t blame the State for the delays. When Baez was asked it was him that was not ready. Also Judge Strickland as much as i like him allowed Baez to continue from that point on dragging his feet with his ridiculous nonsense motions that were never even written correctly. Baez and his horsing around with his bafoonery has cost the tax payer’s of Florida a lot of money. He is still not with the game in my opinion and will never be even by next year as he does not have a clue how to defend Casey. He blew all Casey’s shots in 2008 when he didn’t do a plea deal when it was on the table. Maybe Casey said no to a plea deal but i would bet more on it was Baez wanting to try this case myself and convinced her she could win it. He wants to be the famous lawyer that get’s her off but that in my opinion just isn’t going to happen.

  23. knight owl Says:

    How many times has it been said that Cindy and George were not paid for coming on these shows? I for one do not care what was said by the guy interviewing them. To think they have not been paid is pure horse puckey. Did G&C pay for the plane tickets?, did G&C pay for the hotel?, did G&C pay for their transportation from the airport to the hotel and then from the hotel to NBC and back again to the hotel and back again to the airport for thier flight home?, did G&C pay for their meals and transportation to the restaurants and back to their hotel? Remember the cruise cindy, George, Lee and Mallory went on last year, was it not Cindy that spouted out to the media cameras, you guys paid for our trip?

  24. knight owl Says:

    The truth is the anthony’s have been living off of Caylee since 2008 and continue to do so. This NBC show was nothing but a farce, said it was to be about reflecting back on the years with Caylee, how long was that conversation about Caylee? A Couple of sentences and then it all went to Casey as it always does. The only reason Cindy and George DID NOT come right out and implicate Kronk in this interview was because they have finally realized they just might better watch their mouths this time as Roy Kronk could sue them and just might do it. When G&C say they want to know what happened to Caylee no matter who it leads to, that is not truthful as they already know it leads directly square on Casey and Casey’s shoulder’s alone and that is the reason for all this bologney they keep dishing all of us, and the reason they try to act nuts. They are not Nuts in the sense they do not not what is real and what is not, what is right and what is wrong, who did what and why, they want to do what Baez keeps doing, try to continue muddying the waters for the juror’s and to hope to get off having to testify at the trial.

  25. JohnTed Says:

    This trial should have been OVER months ago.imo Geo.and Cindy have become almost laughable with their silly behavior. It’s all about Show me the Money with them. I find them shameful. The lies they’ve told are simply mindboggling! They are scam artists and grifters.

  26. OneOp Says:

    KnightOwl, Enjoyed your comment. Still if Baez is running the show it is not C&G that is causing the delay. I think judge Strickland was much too lenient thru the time he sat on this case. i was going absolutely nowhere. At lease judge Perry poked them some. As far as getting paid, if they did, I would think the network invited them and their purpose would be to get their ratings up. Of course C&G will take the opportunity.

  27. zelda Says:

    LOL.!!!!! Back at ya oneop!
    (they are really little rocks)
    Love you tooooooooooooooooooo/
    great observations from everyone.

  28. knight owl Says:

    Meant 2009 not 2008 on my 7:00 august 15th. comment

  29. knight owl Says:

    oneOP, thanks. Agree George and Cindy aren’t running the show at least not in a court of Law. Yes i also agree NBC ran with the show to get their ratings up and yes, cindy and George are waiting with bated breath to go and show their mugs to us again. Oh and i thought it was too funny they think us blogger’s spend all our time talking about them when George thinks we could be helping in soup kitchen’s and Cindy is praying for us because she feels sorry for us. Their words on NBC. My answer to G&C would be if you and George would stop reading our blogs then you guys could go fill out applications for a job and donate your blog reading time to soup kitchens. George says he and Cindy were not raised like us blogger’s, they were raised to help people when they are down. I guess they must mean like helping themselves to other people’s children like Jesse Grund and Amy Huzienga and Mr.Kronk etc. to help them take the fall for their baby killer daughter.

  30. knight owl Says:

    John Ted, You pegged G&C perfectly. Agree this trial should have been over already like last year or at the least this year. 2011 is just plain ridiculous. I believe had we had Judge Perry it would have been. I remember Judge Strickland when discussing a time for the trial with Defense and State he started saying, well he hated to set an actual date and i forgot the rest as to why, something like it restricts everyone to that particular time or something like that, and Prosecutor Jeff Ashton pressed it as he knew if the judge didn’t set an actual date Baez would never be ready and he wouldn’t be, so JS set the date then.

  31. knight owl Says:

    oneOP, yes since it would have been Caylee’s fifth birthday i am sure NBC most likely saw this as an opportunity to up their ratings and called G&C to come on the show but here is my rub with G&C, why did they not take this day to actually do what they said, talk about baby Caylee, show pictures of her, tell us what she was like and the things she loved to do, and leave snothead Casey out of it. Can this bunch never do something for just her, Baby Caylee?, She’s the actual baby, the innocent, the victim. I can’t help myself i have to answer my own question. NO, they cannot because it has to be all about snothead Casey.

  32. knight owl Says:

    What are anyone’s guesses on why Cindy, George, and Lee will not go to the jail and see Casey?

  33. Debbie Says:

    Everyone needs to leave George and Cindy alone, they have unconditional love for their daughter. That is the way it is suppose to be, you doo doo’s. They need to stop soing interviews and talking to any media at all. The media is not your friend and they will use every oppurtuntity to turn it around and make you both look stupid. Just stand by your daughter no matter what, do not listen to all the bull!!!!!!!!!

  34. OneOp Says:

    I don’t know about the visitations Knight Owl, Cindy’s letters asked for just a minute with her, they indicate Baez is running the show about that, and also I have noticed in court hearings, Casey does not look at them at all, that really is a question, why. I would like to know about. If Baez told her to acknowledge her parents surely she would, so what’s up with that?

    I do agree, that remark about the public helping at a soup kitchen or do something for someone, was laughable, because if they would do just that it may help their image. maybe not. lol

    Yes, Debbie, they could stop all the interviews and just love their daughter unconditionally, would be better. I felt it was ok for awhile, but now? Nope they should just drop out of the scene and mourn Caylee and hope for the best for their daughter. But I also say we might as well just let them be, two years
    hasn’t brought any change, except they look like they have aged more than that…

  35. Honeydog Says:

    Wow, I’m exhausted just reading the explosion of Head-emptying above!

    *OneOp*: No, there is no Harm in understanding Cindy’s state of Circumstances. If there is one thing I am able to do, it’s the ability to keep Issues separate, in their own respective places, and, though I know I would never say or do the things George and Cindy Anthony have angered and sickened me by, I can, at the same time and on the other Hand, acknowledge their Loss and Grief. I would not, in a million years, want to be in their Shoes, but I’m also a firm believer in “What’s Right is Right and What’s Wrong is Wrong”, and have no problem condemming anybody for something which goes against what is Right and Ethical by acceptable Human Standards. The loss of their Grand-daughter aside, I don’t agree, at all, with The Anthony’s “underlying” self-indulgent Motives.

    When I see them on these Talk Shows.. when I hear them speak.. I witness the “Dancing-around-the- Subject”, “Pulling-the-Wool-over-our-Eyes”, and deliberate “Conning” associated with Casey’s Defense. You want to Love and stand-by your Daughter? Fine. But the Public is not Stupid, nor Forgiving of the continuous Absence of the mention of what this entire Case is about— Caylee.

    It’s wrong enough that The Anthony’s continue to “Enable” their Daughter in the Media, but what’s worse, they continue to Enable HER— Feeding her Lies, and suggesting that she blow-off any Responsibility (Case in point, Cindy’s letter to Casey: “We will find who took our Caylee”). Even if it were my OWN Daughter, I would have done the RIGHT thing and written something like “Hang in there, we love you, and the Lawyers are doing what they’re supposed to do”. The Harm in that? Nothing. The Harm in telling Casey “Not everyone is interested in Covering-up and Saving his/her own Butt”? Everything.

    George and Cindy were given the “little Rope” you mention still allowing them, long ago. They took it and Hung themselves with it over and over and over, and they don’t seem to be interested in changing their ways. There is no more Rope to give them. I would have every Sympathy, Admiration and Respect for people who, in this situation, would Portray and Conduct themselves with Humbleness, Righteousness, Honesty, and a sense of true and decent Character—Unfortunately, George and Cindy have shown their “True Colors”, and, by their own Hands, are suffering the Consequences from us, and many, “Sorry Bloggers” (per Cindy).

    Too bad for THEM that THEY don’t realize WHY people think what they DO.

    Our being “Judgmental” and/or Slanderous toward them wasn’t caused by us LOOKING for the Lies and Deceit they so willingly put out there on their own. And personally, I’m not going to sit back and pretend I’m Okay with that part of it. Listen, I too could put my Hands around my own Daughter’s throat if I knew she took my Grand-daughter’s Life (I would probably end-up going further than THAT, and end-up in Jail myself), and I damn-well wouldn’t let her make a Mockery of me, walk all over me, blow-off or ever Forget what she did, or Bow-down to her and be sticky-Sweet when I talked or wrote to her. This shit ain’t Right in MY Book. Their precious Caylee was lying in the Woods in a Garbage Bag… There was barely anything left of her.

    Casey has shown her Parents NOTHING in the way of Caring or Heartbreak over it, even if she DIDN’T do it. Where I differ, is that I wouldn’t spend a Split-SECOND believing her. Am I Fearful that God may later Punish me somehow for putting George and Cindy down in matters that deserve it? No. I am standing-up for “What’s Right is Right and What’s Wrong is Wrong”.

  36. jon Says:

    This is getting so old and I’m getting so sick and tired of Cindy and George. As potential witnesses, can’t the judge just tell them to SHUT UP and not give interviews?

  37. knight owl Says:


  38. knight owl Says:

    Jon, i wish. The State asked in the very beginning for a gag order. Defense didn’t want one for the obvious of reasons as we have seen for the last two and a half years. Judge Strickland decided for the Defense which left the flood gates open for Baez and crew to go yapping on all the media shows pulling their BS stunts along with Cindy and George to do the same.

    Huge Mistake~~ It caused this circus and it has been a circus ever since.

  39. knight owl Says:

    Jon, Judge Perry could halt the circus now if a motion by the State was entered again for a gag order but at this late date so much damage has been done that i doubt it would help at this point very much. However i sure would like for a gag to be issued just the same. Would cut George and Cindy out of the media ballgame and it’s benefits.

  40. OneOp Says:

    Honeydog, I fully agree with you about right and wrong. Separating the natural instincts of emotion and what is right and wrong by the standards of the law are important.

    I like the way you clarified all of it. I’ll go for that! 🙂

  41. Honeydog Says:

    *OneOp*~ I was so Tired during that last writing that I missed including a deserved Reply to your Burning Question about Cindy’s Hair (LOL), and some other things I intended to add….

    My only thought on Cindy’s Hair is that it kind of looks like a Wig, though I know it isn’t. (I can just hear *Zelda* now!…”Gaaaaaawd, do we REALLY care!!”).

    (Hi *Zelda*, LOL!). Anyway, like you, I have no room to talk either.

    Re you and *KnightOwl* on The Anthony’s “Visitations”:
    At first, it was Cindy who stated that it was by their own Choice they weren’t going to the Jail, because they “weren’t going to Tolerate the Frenzy the Media creates”. Then, at another point, I heard that Casey herself didn’t want them to come. The last thing I heard (from Cindy) was that they were
    “Advised” not to Visit, and she added that they were all “Fine with writing Letters”. Who knows why this Family doesn’t see each other. I tend to believe it has nothing to do with the Media— It only takes getting out of the Car, walking in without a Word, and getting back in the Car and driving away, IF they really wanted to Visit. As well, I think saying they were “Advised” not to is just a Cover-up for their own Embarrassment. I tend to believe that Casey is the one preventing it, as I think SHE thinks her Parents would be Questioning her about things, still prodding for Answers, and we all know how Casey
    doesn’t want to have anything to do with their Confrontations. Casey does not even “Acknowledge” her Parents during Court Hearings, she stared at her Mother on the Stand recently as though she were some Stranger, and you can’t tell me that her Lawyers have anything to do with that. I think Casey likes and wants to be left alone, and not have to deal with the Vulnerability and Inconvenient Position of being in front of George and Cindy’s Faces. I’m also inclined to think that her not wanting to see them is the reason that Cindy “Sugar-coats” her Letters to Casey and falls all over her…. I think this is part of Cindy’s own Strategy to try to “Win Casey over”, get in her Good Graces, and gain her Trust, so that, she hopes, it will do the Trick in eventually changing Casey’s Mind, especially with anticipating that Casey might not be getting out anytime soon, or at all. It’s just my Feeling that, if this Family was truly “Close” and “Connected”.. If Casey wasn’t the way she is.. If there were NOT any “Tensions”.. they would all be getting together on regular Visiting Days, like any other Family.

    To *Debbie* (8/15@10:33pm): WE are Standing By CAYLEE… and if WE have to listen to all of George and CINDY’s “Bull”, then THEY’LL just have to listen to everyone else’s.

    To *Zelda* (8/15@9:47am): I don’t really need to add this, but, well, Okay, yeah, I do. I know you said you weren’t Speaking of me (a bit confusing, since your Comment was about my Comment, and I don’t know what other way it could be taken), but having a desire to be Liked and/or gaining other’s Approval has nothing to do with my being “Tactful”. I say what I say and how I say it simply due to my Character, Personality, and Writing Style. I don’t write my Comments thinking that I need to, or should watch, how I put things, and I don’t care to Impress anybody anymore than anyone else here wants others to simply know their Thoughts. If a Person or a Subject calls for Rudeness or “Shit-slinging”, believe me, you don’t know the other side of me. I haven’t seen any reason for a while, but, I’m writing this because I thought you might be interested in knowing how “TactLESS” I can be— Especially for you, for your Listening Pleasure, check-out Kreuzer’s old Posts on Nancy Grace and/or Natalee Holloway, where I’m in a Dirty, Knocked-down, No-Holds-Barred, written-Word Fight with another Blogger. John had to step-in and Blow the Whistle on that one!

    Anyway, I wanted to add all this just for Kicks, but then— Maybe, if you read some of that stuff, I can gain your Approval! (LOL!)

  42. jon Says:

    I just wish the Today Show would stop providing C&G, particularly Cindy, with a forum. Why can’t they just shut up and sit on the sidelines like so many other defendents’ parents/families? They’re not in the least sympathetic and I can’t imagine one person thinks they’re helping Casey’s cause with all their bs. I truly hope that once the trial is over (whenever that might be) that Cindy gets pulled in for obstruction charges; then she can share a cell with her daughter and maybe they can kill one another. No one believes anything they say and there are so many more meaningful news stories Today could cover, not that I watch them anyway. I can’t stand anyone on that show.

  43. zelda Says:

    LOl!! Hi there Honeydog…….I think cindy’s hair is goofy too.But GEORGE….now there is a stud.LOL!!!
    Oh gawd,the world has gone quite literally mad. We are all salted nuts in one big jar.

    Oh I know you can be nasty Honeydog…….who can’t?Sometimes our passions just can’t be bridled.Much better than being a milktoast personality don’t cha think?No one really cares any way.

    The anthony’s are off the charts.All of them.Our peek into their can of worms has struck a chord with us out here that will only be satisfied with some form of justice for Caylee.

    To watch the lies, manipulation, greed,sensationalism,circus barking procedure galls us out here with logical minds.To see the “parenting” fiasco form stem to stern in this case makes for a run on hand mirrors from your local K-Mart.It hits us on a very primal level.

    No one can hide anymore for long.

  44. Honeydog Says:

    *Zelda*, your quirky signature way with Words and Descriptions makes my “Tactfulness” Boring! Love the “Hand Mirrors/K-Mart” thing! And yes, George IS a “Stud”— The kind you try to find in Walls so you can drive a Nail in it! (See what you’re doing to me??!!) LOL!

  45. OneOp Says:

    Witty! LOL What the heck, I can’t even think “stud” any more. LOL

  46. zelda Says:

    hahahahahaha.ooooooh……..too funny you two.!!!!
    If it weren’t for levity we wouldn’t be able to take it don’t ya think?
    We are all on that dang tightrope hoping for calm winds.

  47. Honeydog Says:

    Ah, just look at that! The three of us together above… bein Goofy… off the Subject… sharing (wasting) Time (LOL!)— The Winds are Calm.

  48. jon Says:

    Zelda: I agree with your commment about the levity. We all know that at the bottom of this whole thing lies a tragedy, a murdered child, and I don’t think any of us has lost sight of that fact and of Caylee herself. It’s just that the characters we’re seeing (The A’s, Baez, etc.) are so cold and unsympathetic that maybe the best way to deal with them is through humor. I know I have a lot of rage towards them, but since I can’t show it directly, it reverts to humor. I can tell you I don’t want to think about what I’d say if I could confront that bunch face to face. It certainly wouldn’t be printable. In addition to what I’d like to say to them is what I’d like to do to them, but that would probably end up putting me in shackles.

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