Trip to the North Bay Area…

Just a few photos from our trip up to see my family on Saturday.

Ironically, this was just hours before my brother’s accident.

I got the call an hour after we had returned home and drove straight back!

Just outside Petaluma...

Johnny and Papa Mike at Costco...Naughty Johnny!

Johnny and I outside Sonoma State University

Passed out!

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10 Comments on “Trip to the North Bay Area…”

  1. Venice Says:

    You sure put your personal life out there for the world to see. You are brave, my friend!

  2. knight owl Says:

    Hi john, you not only got ribs, you got cows too. lol. Nice scenery. Love the pics of Johnny. Now just look at that little scamp, one minute he is sticking out his tongue and the next he is fast asleep sleeping like a little angel. He is adorable. Thanks John.

  3. OneOp Says:

    Hi John, Hi little Johnny, Hi Grandpa Mike, Hi Petaluma cows.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Nice Camera you must have, John…. Really clear, sharp, vivid Pictures with excellent Color. The one at the University looks like I could step right into it, or just reach through the Screen and actually feel Johnny’s head. It’s crazy though, huh, how you guys were all having Fun here, never imagining what was in store for you shortly thereafter. Whew. By the way, I’m curious about one thing— What the heck are “Checkups”? (shown in the Cart at Costco). Thanks, as always, for posting these, especially with all that’s going on and how involved you must be. Beautiful shots.

  5. OneOp Says:

    Yes indeed, a nice camera, Honeydog has a keen eye. John, would you mind
    sharing what kind of camera you are using? I would love to get one, if I can.

  6. kreuzer33 Says:

    That’s my camera on my BlackBerry cell phone. It’s the only camera I’ve had with me. 3.2 MP Auto Focus.

  7. kreuzer33 Says:

    Oh, CheckUps are some dog food stuff that my step father gets for his dog. I think that they’re like for the dogs teeth.

  8. OneOp Says:

    My husband says I can’t have a blackberry so I am not going to get that camera. oh dear me, lol but will enjoy your pictures. Thank you John

  9. Honeydog Says:

    Don’t feel bad *OneOp*…. The only “Blackberry” I’ll probably get is in the Produce Section of the Grocery Store! I’m still in “Prehistoric” Times— Never even GOT a Cell Phone till a couple years ago, it’s very Basic, and don’t have a “Digital” ANYthing. (So, John, if you ever want to get rid of that old Fruity Camera, I know two people who wouldn’t mind Sharing it! (LOL).

  10. OneOp Says:

    Honeydog, LOL

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