Casey Anthony: Cindy Anthony Fears for her Daughter’s Safety

Cindy Anthony continues to stress that she believes in her daughter’s innocence and also shows fear for her safety in letters released by the court yesterday.

From CNN:

“You stay strong Casey,” Cindy Anthony tells her daughter in one letter from May. “Many, many people believe in you and are trying to get to the truth. Not everyone has been brainwashed and not everyone is trying to cover his/her butt.”

In the May letter, Cindy Anthony writes that she “freaked out” when she saw her daughter being escorted into the courtroom by heavily armed deputies.

“I was worried that there’s treats [sic] on your life and are finally being taken seriously,” she wrote. “I swear there are maniacs out there. I hope they step up security next year, for all of us. It’s going to be nuts. Hopefully by then somebody will actually look at the evidence and clearly see that they need to be looking for the real person that took our Caylee.”

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Cindy Anthony Fears for her Daughter’s Safety”

  1. luvarns Says:

    Is she delusional??

  2. zelda Says:

    She should have feared for her grand daughter’s life sooner …………

  3. luvarns Says:

    Why does she fear for her safety?? She is segregated from the other prisoners, she has money in her snack account, and she is living off of the taxpayers dollar with no responsibilities what so ever. She is living the life of Riley

  4. luvarns Says:

    Maybe she is worried that her cholesterol levels from her constant snacking, etc.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I swear, Cindy is almost as Good as Casey in the Fabricating and Denying Departments. Speaking of everyone else being “Brainwashed” and “Covering their Butts”— I do believe these two have cornered the Market on THAT one. Yeah, I hope they Step-up Security for all of them next year too… It WILL be “Nuts”— One between her Lawyers, and three in the Audience.

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