Casey Anthony: Cindy Commits Mail Fraud?

I may have missed this before but it looks like Cindy Anthony is in trouble now after she mailed her daughter a letter in prison that used her lawyer’s return address with “legal mail do not open” written on the envelope.

Uh oh!

From People Magazine:

As reported by Florida TV station WFTV, when told such an action could be considered mail fraud, Cindy Anthony reportedly responded: “They must think I’m really stupid. Why would I send you a card and put another address besides mine on it?”

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21 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Cindy Commits Mail Fraud?”

  1. offthecuff Says:

    How can Anyone be in trouble when She is above the Law?

  2. Venice Says:

    Cindy is on a self-destructive roll.

  3. luvarns Says:

    As usual, lies and cover up. How can she ever be considered credible on the witness stand when every lie that she tells is pointed out and backed up by evidence (which she then flatly denies anyway)?

  4. Diana Says:

    I find it very telling that Cindy writes on the greeting card to Casey….You WERE a great mother to Caylee.

    Whatever happened to the “I still think Caylee is alive?”

  5. zelda Says:

    LOL! Oh for gawds sake.
    What a poop cindy is. she is STILL breaking the law.

  6. offthecuff Says:

    It’s only breaking the law if you get caught.

  7. zelda Says:

    Seems that way at times doesn’t it………….

  8. cali patti Says:

    Cindy’s relationship with the Orange County jails and sheriffs dept is not a good one. So it is stupid for Cindy to push them with illegal acts. If Cindy gets arrested will she say that they are persecuting Casey and her family like she has claimed in the past?
    Would O.C. wait until after Caseys trial so no appearence of presecting the Anthonys would be in question? Maybe they won’t do anything at all being so sick of Cindy and her games.

  9. luvarns Says:

    I think they should just use it at trial to show her personality trait of pathological liar

  10. OneOp Says:

    HONEYDOG? Where are you? I thought you might have something to say to me
    and my nonsense. LOL

  11. knight owl Says:

    Yep, that’s the Cindy i know. Her mouth and that trusty hammer she swings is always yakking and banging out something unlawful.

  12. knight owl Says:

    I think they will fry the killer fish first and catch the little tadpoles later. I can wait as i sure don’t want anything to take our eye off the killer fish, and we know the killer fish doesn’t either as she thinks she is the Star tuna.

  13. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Everyone! Just got back from Vacation. Haven’t watched TV, read anything, or used the Computer while away, and I’m SOOOOOOOO behind in what’s going on!! I’m really anxious to Catch-up (and Curious about your “Nonsense” *OneOp*..LOL) but right now it’s very late, and I have to hold-off from Diving-in till I can keep my Head from dropping on the Keyboard! But I MISSED YOU ALL, and just had to take a quick Peek!!
    Talk to ya tomorrow.

    P.S: My Hello includes you also, John! How ya doin?

  14. offthecuff Says:

    They’ll get their big fish, all right! But the small fry? Naw! They will get written off as the grieving, in-denial sort and be all understanding and such. That is…until they find a file baked in a cake and delivered to Casey under the Jose Baez Bakery return address. Even then, the Anthonys won’t be caught until the handwriting analysis expert fingers Cindy for leaving a note telling Casey what to do with the tool.

  15. cali patti Says:

    persecuting oops

  16. OneOp Says:

    Mail Fraud, for heavens’s sake! No she hasn’t committed mail fraud considering
    some of the things I have mailed and written on the outside of the envelopes.
    No mail fraud, Nahhhhhhh. lol

  17. Honeydog Says:

    I’m waiting for Cindy to commit “Male” Fraud.

    It never looks like she even cares that George is around when they’re together— like in the Courtroom. She used to sit close beside him and rub his Back and all… Lately, she practically ignores him, and he sits at the other end looking like a lost Puppy.

    On the Topic— Funny, Cindy said “They must think I’m really Stupid”— Gee, I wonder why….Could it be they think this when she recently sat on the Witness Stand and made everybody roll their Eyes after stating that she “Still thinks Caylee is Alive”??

    Well, Hell YES, she IS Stupid.

  18. zelda Says:

    It’s “tweedle DEAL” and tweedle DUMB”.

  19. Honeydog Says:

    …. or “Mutt and JEST” or “Jeckyle and HIDE”….

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    Casey Anthony: Cindy Commits Mail Fraud? | Kreuzer’s Korner

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