Casey Anthony: Are You Getting Enough?

It seems like every day there are Casey Anthony updates. Whether big or small, people are still talking about the case.

What is it that drives you to want to know every little detail? Or, do you think there is too much being reported? What are your thoughts? Maybe we can get a great discussion going here…

Be sure to check out the Orlando Sentinel and vote on their poll on the very topic of “Is There Too Much Casey Anthony News Being Reported?”

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10 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Are You Getting Enough?”

  1. jon Says:

    It seems to me that if this had been handled in the same way from the beginning as other cases are handled, it wouldn’t be of any more interest than normal. That prospect was ruled out due to Cindy and George (esp. Cindy) being so manipulative and “in your face” as well as Casey’s being such an unsympathetic and manipulative individual herself. For me, the fascination is that it never seems to have been about Caylee with any of them; only to cover their own asses. Add to this mix Baez and his antics and you’ve got entertainment. I think everyone is just waiting to see them get what’s coming to them. I know that’s why I keep tuned in.

  2. Venice Says:

    This case should have been DONE WITH MONTHS AGO.

  3. red Says:

    This case should be over already. The prosecution wanted a gag order. Guess what…Baez said no way. Because you can’t have it both ways, He will not be able to control a line of crap to the public. So evidence is open for all to see. I think JB thought he would make more blood money this way. Way wrong!!

  4. luvarns Says:

    I could do without the little updates, just really interested in when the trial will start and what the outcome will be.

  5. knight owl Says:

    Well the first start of this getting waaaaaaaaaaay to hyped in the media was due to a very bad decision in my opinion when Judge Strickland ruled against the prosecution asking for a gag order and ruled in favor of “publicity for his own gain hound Bozo/Baez.”

    This turned the reigns loose for Baez to go on all the media blitzes and airways he could find to pour out his bull crap as well as Andrea Lyon with her side kick Linda Kenney Baden doing the same. Also paved the road for Cindy and George’s bull crap stories on their media blitzes.

    Then Leonard Padilla rides in to town and get’s the little murderer Casey out on bail which ignited the publicity fuel even higher as protester’s started in front of the Anthony home as they were furious she was gotten out on bond.

    From there it kept snowball rolling and hasn’t stopped yet as Baez was allowed to file ridiculous motion after motion, allowed to waste time with ex-ax-wives of Kronk and hold up the trial date until we got Judge Perry at the helm. Now i do like and respect Judge Strickland but he was not the judge to control Baez.

  6. Cali patti Says:

    I agree with Venice, months ago…done. I became interested due to the interesting characters that just keep coming. A person could not write fiction this good.

    Baez/Bozo, how many cases does the lead defense atty. have a one word nickname that everyone knows? People have lost jobs, know an inmates snack habits and jail house letters.

    And the list goes on and on. Yes I am rather sick of it all now.

  7. lee Says:

    To be honest I’m sick and tired of this case it just goes on and on and the trial hasn’t even started yet…

    i think the reason why i keep coming back to this story (and I’m from the UK) is the complete lack of remorse from Casey part…and waiting to see if she will show any guilt but some how i doubt it…

  8. luvarns Says:

    I doubt it too, Lee.

  9. OneOp Says:

    I am Not getting sick of the facts of the case at all, although there is a lot of repeat revolving just to keep the lines open. After two years, I hope I can live long enough to view or read the final outcome. Rest the soul of Caylee Marie Anthony.

    What is sickening is the insertion of daily ongoing in-blog fighting between people who do not even know each other (with the exception of a few groupies) and ill remarks about personal issues back and forth in the middle of talk of the Anthony Case. It is easy to be drawn into something never expecting it and the results can be very hurtful. There are sensitive embarrassments on the same forum as talk of the case itself, all that stuff is tiring, but perhaps it helps those who need to express anger and hurt, whatever the cause.

    Casey Anthony maybe should have joined blogs and expressed her inner turmoil, it may have saved Caylee from coming to be harmed by her. Just an opinion right now…may change my mind later. lol

  10. jon Says:

    In a way, I hope they don’t give her the DP since that will, I believe, trigger a series of never-ending appeals and we’ll never hear the end of this. I’m sure even if she gets life w/o parole, there will be appeals, but maybe by then all the Anthony bs will have run out of steam. I just want her to be found GUILTY.

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