Casey Anthony: Roy Kronk Deposition Today

The latest deposition of Roy Kronk is under way in the case against Casey Anthony this morning.

As you may remember, Anthony’s defense team filed paperwork after his first deposition that he should have been investigated as a suspect.

From My Fox Orlando:

He’s the former Orange County meter reader who found Caylee Anthony’s remains in the woods off of Suburban Drive on December 11, 2008. After Caylee’s remains were found, Kronk told investigators that he had called to report what he thought could have been bag with a body in it in that same area, back in August of 2008.

According to records, Kronk had made three calls and was even met by a deputy who checked it out. Since discovering Caylee’s remains, Kronk’s past has been closely scrutinized by Casey Anthony’s defense team. In video interviews submitted filed in court records, an ex wife of Kronk’s claims he had bound her up with duct tape.

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20 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Roy Kronk Deposition Today”

  1. luvarns Says:

    how many depos does this man have to go through??/

  2. Carol in VA Says:

    The defense will beat every dead horse they can find.

  3. OneOp Says:

    If they had not beat the dead horses, it would probably would have been over in a flash not much media, maybe no books, you know all that after the verdict $$$
    and of course before verdict popularity attention for the attorneys. It’s all for
    them than for Casey’s outcome. They know what that is going to be. Both the
    prosecution and the defense.

  4. OneOp Says:

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  5. kreuzer33 Says:

    Maybe. I have no idea 🙂 Maybe they make money per hit or for advertising or something. Couldn’t tell ya! I make no money here though 😦

  6. OneOp Says:

    Well if you find out how to find out let me know will ya? I just recently notice
    maybe been there all the time. I can be blinded by the light in my computer
    sometimes. Should learn how to work in the dark.

  7. knight owl Says:

    Exactly. when is dumbo going to leave Mr.kronk alone? It is pathetic and so wrong on so many levels. Destruction of the innocent to get a baby killer off will come back to be the same destruction of the sleazey Lawyer, that is you Baez.

  8. Cali patti Says:

    OneOp, NO there is no rebate money and anyone can comment at the blog I think you are asking about.
    If your comments don’t go thru wait and they will.

    That blog owners email is listed, you could ask/write directly if you really want to know.

  9. Cali patti Says:

    also I am not sure it matters how many ppl comment(#) on a blog. I read Kreuzer’s 99% of the time, (a hit)and comment less than 30% of the time.
    Often commenters/contributors become friendly with each other so they exchange dialog that has little to do with the blogs original post. Some blogs allow that off topic dialog others do not. Those that do allow off topic comments and have rules set into place that do not allow fellow commenters to be attacked generally have a larger following.

  10. OneOp Says:

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  11. Cali patti Says:

    OneOp, Hmm, thought you have been around awhile.
    The best to you on your pursuits.

  12. Cali patti Says:

    Kreuzer ~~~ I had began thinking you worked for or had an “interest” in wordprss also. Just shows the imagination at work or overdrive.

  13. Venice Says:

    Between Jose Baez and You
    July 31 at 8:31pm You must be talking about your pussy being a stinky rat. And you are just stupid enough to think I ever sold bikinis. LOL!!!!!


  14. OneOp Says:

    Venice, Your comment here on 8-1 @ 6:49am and again at 7:24am on another
    of John’s posts is pretty difficult to get the meaning of. If you care to explain
    it may be better understood.

  15. kreuzer33 Says:

    Nope don’t work for WordPress ha ha! This is just for fun. I could stop anytime I want but like posting stuff sometimes and am glad people stop by 🙂

  16. Rockin Says:

    I have never heard such a cold callous responce to finding a dead baby in my life hes got to be a real fruitcake

  17. Rockin Says:

    What are the chances that caseys friends did something to her like drugs for stealing from them got her messed up sent her on her way I mean why would they just say oh ok casey is stealing from them and allow it
    she ran out of gas again passed out somewhere unconsious and mr kronk happend apon her and that is how she met foul play not being able to remember what happend scared to say anything went looking to where she might have thought she may have left the baby and was scared to death to report it and was sure to herself that she had to have left her with someone it doesnt take much alcohol or drugs to get into this kind of state what if in the time period that is unaccountable she was passed out they looked at her sleep habits thru phone calls texts what if there were a period of not sleep but unconsiousness woke up and didnt remember a single thing that happend maybe someone did something to the baby then used the vehicle registration for the adress and then used the info to dump the dead baby

  18. Rockin Says:

    If she were trying to cover up the dissapearance why would she have put all the crime evidence at this location near her home if she went thru all of this trouble there was a million other places to hide the truth not place it there to be found out. her friends were quick to call her a liar and a theif spoke of drugs extacy ect I think she was passed out somewhere and someone found her there with the baby then put all of it down the street from her home

  19. Rockin Says:

    Ive never heard a statement from someone like Mr Kronk in my life everything he said was unbelievable did he urinate there for a dna excuse tuch the skull the bag everything to ensure his find was the fact I think this was a crime of opertunity a chance happening apon a woman passed out on the side of the road out of gas just waiting to become victimized and was

  20. Rockin Says:

    sorry for the errors ..

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