Monogamy Isn’t Human Nature…Is It?

An interesting piece on CNN today which discusses whether or not monogamy is good or bad for us.

Click the link below for the full story. So…what do you think?

From CNN:

In recent decades, the debate over human sexual evolution has entertained only two options: Humans evolved to be either monogamists or polygamists. This tired debate generally devolves into an antagonistic stalemate where women are said to have evolved to seek male-provisioned domesticity while every man secretly yearns for his own harem. The battle between the sexes, we’re told, is bred into our blood and bones.

Couples who turn to a therapist for guidance through the inevitable minefields of marriage are likely to receive the confusing message that long-term pair bonding comes naturally to our species, but marriage is still a lot of work.

Few mainstream therapists would contemplate trying to persuade a gay man or lesbian to “grow up, get real, and stop being gay.” But most insist that long-term sexual monogamy is “normal,” while the curiosity and novelty-seeking inherent in human sexuality are signs of pathology. Thus, couples are led to believe that waning sexual passion in enduring marriages or sexual interest in anyone but their partner portend a failed relationship, when in reality these things often signify nothing more than that we are Homo sapiens.

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3 Comments on “Monogamy Isn’t Human Nature…Is It?”

  1. Hairdressers are the only ones I know of with the answers to your questions, John.

  2. zelda Says:

    I like to think we “homo sapiens” can be more than our knuckle dragging nature.

    Imagine that.

  3. OneOp Says:

    Well the urge of sex is thought to be love until you get past having sex then you
    really find what loving someone and enjoying loving that one is all about. Now those who can combine the two desires, acts, emotions, and survival from the very beginning are really something special that I have never heard of yet but I am working on it. Maybe i past it already, Is this kind of stuff what you are talking
    about here?

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