Casey Anthony: Account Back on the Plus Side

For all of you out there who were saddened to learn that Casey Anthony’s jail account was empty, we learned today that mommy has deposited some cash to bring the total back to the plus side.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

A money order dated Tuesday has replenished her account, which dipped into red ink recently. A copy of the $140 money order released Wednesday shows it was purchased by Anthony’s mother, Cindy Anthony.

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27 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Account Back on the Plus Side”

  1. zelda Says:

    Well what do ya know………

  2. Cali patti Says:

    mothers work is never done…

  3. annie Says:

    cindy is so desperate for casey that she will do almost anything to keep casey happy for now.l think that cindy is over george long time ago woder if thyey will split after the murder trial.

  4. Venice Says:

    Cindy fed Casey’s commissary for Caylee’s 4th Birthday. Caylee can’t enjoy her favorite foods anymore, but Casey can?? Go to hell Cindy!!!!

  5. OneOp Says:

    IMO There is nothing at all wrong with Cindy putting money in the kitty for Casey.
    I don’t want Cindy in Hell, we might run to her there, then what!

  6. knight owl Says:

    Well i knew like George that Cindy had no kahoona’s either when it comes to Casey. It is that doormat syndrome that keeps rearing it’s ugly head ya know.
    Congragulations Cindy your an idiot~~

  7. knight owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer and everyone.

  8. knight owl Says:

    What to me is wrong with it is,why would you pamper the murderer of your innocent grandchild?

  9. zelda Says:

    Exactly knight owl.
    Why ………….because she has no more conscience than her daughter.Old cindy has lied manipulated and cheated her way through life too not to mention de -balling her husband.Of course old george is a wimp anyway.
    What a joke………I can’t bear to look at any of them………they just repulse me.

  10. OneOp Says:

    How are supposed to deny that Cindy IS her mother. If I said I want my dauther dead and want to see her starve to death, (so to speak) I would be just the same as my daughter who wanted her daughter (my grandaughter) dead. Just an example. I understand the hate that dwells in us for what Casey has done. I repeat as cruel as it is and as much as Cindy is hated, maybe, just maybe she can not quite go over the fine line of wanting Casey to die, as Casey was able to with Caylee. That is exactly what we are asking her to be, a murderer also. Well maybe not quite. Wait until I got my shield up for rocks are bouncing.

  11. Cali patti Says:

    As mom I’ve not a clue what I would do in Cindy’s situation concerning giving Casey money. I know how much I love my children but if they killed their child, I honestly don’t know. Would the love for my child end? I know all else would have ended; respect, caring, hopes, etc. but would my love? Would my love allow me to give my child money? My child.

  12. zelda Says:

    We all have nagging and intense questions that are as individual as each of I would suspect.
    I am a mother of four.Two boys two girls.I understand what you are saying Cali patty. I guess we can’t really answer those questions unless we are dealing with it directly.A mother’s love is the strongest one there is in my opinion. That is why we are repulsed at those who kill their children One op.I think there is a huge chasm in your thinking on this’s not as simple as you lay it out to’s logical….but only the tip of the ice berg to me.
    Look out……here come the rocks!!!!!!! (lol)

  13. knight owl Says:

    I agree Cindy cannot go over the fine line of wanting Casey to die, but she knows Casey killed her grandbaby, so why not show Casey some consequences of that evil deed by at least since she is in jail stopping her snacking money. Casey is fed three meals a day, so she will not starve. It is like Cindy, George and Lee just continue to hold her up in what they all know she did to beautiful Caylee and pamper her to death. Their actions scream nothing to Casey accept we love you no matter what you do or did. That is so wrong on so many levels.

  14. Ina Says:

    Hi mr Kreuzer 🙂

    Cindy will always be seen as evil to some, I wonder how those ‘good mothers’ would feel if it was their child in jail, maybe facing a dp. They probably think it can’t happen to them. Maybe Cindy was like that too one day. She knows now that it can happen.
    If she lied to protect her daughter, who would really blame her? Well I know who would. The ‘good mothers’.

    One day this whole ordeal will be over and she can move on perhaps. But what happened to Caylee, will never be forgotten. The part that will be known, that is. If Casey gets the dp without telling what exactly went on, no one will ever know.

  15. jon Says:

    Having no money in the account makes it look bad for Cindy (like she doesn’t care and has abandoned Casey), so that’s why she put the money into it. Like daughter, like mother … me me me

  16. zelda Says:

    I don’t like your inferences about”good mothers” Ina.
    I don’t think being a good mother means sticking by a wrong doing child necessarily.We have begun to unravel in our standards and tend to villify suggestions of right and wrong in my opinion. Who says the right thing is the easy thing?We are into tabloid sensationalism that glorifies the perpetrator and somehow devalues the victim in many cases.The man behind the ever snapping camera laughs all the way to the bank.
    As mothers we are can teach our children how to navigate this world in a good and harmless manner and claim happiness which in turn is given to those around them and so on and so on.Not a bad idea perhaps?
    Teaching your children consequence is not an easy thing to do……….and it seems it’s sorely missing in this country on a large scale.Indulgence seems on the rise. If this is true then we see conscience-less acts soar. What do you think?
    The buck stops at the parents for the most part in what a child deems right or wrong don’t ya think?
    You give them all you can and hope it sticks as they mature.The rest is up to them.
    Being a “good mother” has profoundly deep aspects in my opinion.
    Caylee was killed………I see no need to reward the person who did it with twizzels.casey anthony is not suffering……..she is not starving..she is not cold and out in freezing temperatures …….she is not naked stretched out on a bed of rocks…….she is not dirty.. she is not in the trunk of a car with duct tape covering her mouth…she is alive.Caylee is not.
    As a Mom….No twizzels due IMO.

  17. Ina Says:

    A good mom sticks by her child, no matter what. If Cindy had been a rotten mom, she would have abandoned Casey now. But she hasn’t. Telling other moms they are monsters because they have a child in jail, is not my idea of a good mom. Just clarifying. 🙂

  18. OneOp Says:

    I am simple yes lol, The point is we are wanting Cindy to do what we want her to do because there is hate for Casey for Caylee. I am trying to put myself in Cindy’s shoes and yes in my heart to my child “we love you, no matter what” that does not mean “we love what you did to Caylee” ( We still do not know, it could have been initially accidental death then disposal, all those panicking phone calls the same afternoon, If she deliberately killed her child why would she want to get in touch with someone immediately, why didn’t she dump the body immediately, Maybe she, just maybe she was trying to tell someone what happened in those phone calls and no one answered and what happened in her head after that froze, as it still is today. Yes, in their hearts, I’m sure Cindy and George and Lee know Casey is responsible, but how can we “in our right mind” EXPECT them to do what we WANT them to, Hate me if you will but yes, i still would help my son with a few bucks simply because I would desperately want and need to believe that something happened to him that he is not right in his head for what he did, and that may be MY fault. Maybe I ate too much sugar or smoked, or tripped and injured his brain when carrying him. There are so many kinds of reasons I would take on “what if’s” and hope that he “did not want to do what he did” I’m just saying and speaking for myself, I can love the child, hate the sin, forever hate that my grandchild was killed by my child.
    Right now, knowing my son, no way would i ever expect such a thing to happen in my family, but it could, yes it could, God forbid. But I also know that i don’t know what goes on in his head, what he thinks, what he may come
    to be in his life may hold hate and hurt for or even some mental defect undetectable by a mother. A child’s smile or giggle can cause our hearts to not recognize many hidden problems, it just becomes natural even though that little smile may hold evil. Ever say to our child “you little devil, simply because we think they are the cute or did something CUTE! As far as I’m concerned my
    child is perfectly normal and surely if he does what is believed Casey did, I would believe there was something I, I, I, missed along the way I would still love HIM. I would buy him a candy bar. I AM HIS MOTHER, I am not Casey’s mother, so no, I will NOT buy Casey a candy bar. But if one of you do, I don’t care, will not dislike you for it. I fully understand any and every others heart and reasoning. I am not trying to be persuasive. OUCH, Zelda, that one got me right in the head! You got good aim! Now see, I got hit in the head and
    the next time I write, it may not be normal any more.

  19. zelda Says:

    loL……….your opinion is very clear.

  20. zelda Says:

    Lol………..sorry One op!!!!
    hey.We all see things differently……
    oops……..I just tripped over the foot stool…….hit my head,..there , we are even. LOL!!!!!

  21. luvarns Says:

    I don’t know…I don’t feel that being a good mother is standing by your child, no matter what. You may still love them, but how can they learn consequences or what is right and wrong if you don’t let them take the fall once in a while. As a mother, my instinct is to protect my children, but now that I have my own little grand child (who will be 1 in 2 days) I know that if her parents ever did anything to her, I would let them fry in hell!! I would even light the match. They live with us at this time, so I have access to my granddaughter every day. I am a very protective grandmother. Unlike Cindi, if I did not see my granddaughter for 2 days (let alone 30) I would be going crazy. The way I feel about my granddaughter, I would HATE my child if they did anything to her. I would not protect my child, or stand by them. I would testify against them. This baby is an innocent little sweetheart and deserves the best, just as I gave my own child. That is my opinion and how I feel, I realize others would react differently. I find it hard to see it from Cindi’s point of view. She lived with Caylee everyday for years..I do not see how she can defend Casey.

  22. OneOp Says:

    It is a horrible situation to be in. My perspective leans on a possible fact that Casey is actually “sick” and was never recognized by parents. This truly can be
    in some situations. I believe Cindy will hold out until the court trial/jury is
    over before she will ever be able to accept that she must accept it. I don’t see
    any fight in her anymore, I see a beaten woman/defensive yes, but beaten.
    I would even say she is suffering more inside than Casey ever will for this
    act. Hey, remember Andrea Yates was sent to mental confinement. Don’t
    forget, she deliberately and methodically (is that a word) one by one killed
    her 5 children. Even after one she did not stop. If that is not premeditated
    murder? I believe Cindy could accept Casey being found mentally unstable at
    the time and spend her life confined which could even be worse for Casey
    overall. Casey has no emotion beyond herself, that is NOT NORMAL! Does
    anyone ever consider the deep sense of guilt Cindy feels that she may be to blame for all this, and that is why she can not deny Casey a few snacks. Maybe Cindy will never get over her own guilt of thinking she brought Casey to do what she did, but Cindy did not kill Caylee by her own hand. I tell you this
    is a very deep think situation for someone like me who has been hit in the head
    by a rock. Hey, Zelda, how you doing? My head hurts! I think I may be going
    crazy. lol One more thing. I have heard that drowning is one of the most horrible ways of dying. Could Andrea have used a different way yes, but she watched her 5 children suffer the ultimate. Did she enjoy their suffering??? Iw Andrea was not moved by watching her first child die, drowning, She kept on keeping on. It has been accepted that she believed she was doing them a favor. Yeah? Think about watching the “suffering” of a child, then grab another one and do it over and over. I find her planned and repeated act the most horrible! I think of mental, I think of evil, I think of accident and panic, I don’t know.
    Ok, the difference is Andrea admitted, Andrea laid them out kindly, did not throw their bodies in a filthy cold location to hide them. However, I am only talking about the murder ACT, What is the difference in their head that they could not stop? I will leave room to the duct tape COULD have been put on after death, if Caylee died accidentally. Now lets compare accidental and panic and cover up against an admitted deliberate plan *5 that is fully accepted! dang rocks! I don’t know what the hell I am saying.

  23. OneOp Says:

    I say this respectfully, I doubt if I will ever forget the name CAYLEE. I do not
    remember the names of Andrea Yates children and don’t even remember if they
    were ever published. I just realized how many other murdered babies whose names are never remembered or even known. I’m guilty of that.

  24. zelda Says:

    I guess we basically think pretty much alike on this subject luvarns.

    Oneop……!!!!! (lol!)

  25. luvarns Says:

    sorry, I do not think that Andrea planned her children’s murders in the same way that Casey did. I truly believe that Andrea was a sick, demented person that snapped mentally and in that process drowned all of her five children. This woman did at one point seek help, but was denied it by her husband.

    my opinion is that Casey did away with Caylee because she was inconvenient and made her party lifestyle difficult. There is a huge difference.

  26. zelda Says:

    Yes..luvarns.I agree.

  27. luvarns Says:

    OneOp, you are right…there are so many murdered children and babies out there. What has happened to our society? Isn’t a child’s life a valueable blessed thing??

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