Casey Anthony: Jose Baez to Lose Home?

The news keeps getting worse and worse for Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez. It seems that foreclosure documents indicate that Baez owes more than $650,000 to creditors and could lose his home soon.

From WESH:

Baez purchased his lakefront home three years ago for $670,000. On Wednesday, he admitted it’s only worth about half of that amount.

In a foreclosure complaint, Baez’s creditor, U.S. Bank, claimed, “the installment which became due on the note and mortgage on Sept. 1, 2009, and each payment thereafter have not been paid.”

In the mortgage he signed, Baez financed $601,000. He agreed to pay $4,500 a month plus interest. In the foreclosure complaint filed in May, he owed $655,000.

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16 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Jose Baez to Lose Home?”

  1. annie Says:

    hello to the unknown people please let bozo the clown go else where for money he will not make money off of casey anthony,he is the one that thinks he is hot under the collar bone.what a stupid lawyer never seen one like that in my life time let alone now what he is doing.if he gets off this case maybe she will get off with something easy enough already bozo you are stupid.

  2. knight owl Says:

    Well i guess now we know why he jumped on board taking Casey’s case, and will do anything to sensationalize it more and more. It appears he can’t manage his money anymore than he can manage his client. What happened to all the money he has already made off Caylee?

  3. knight owl Says:

    Hi John. Thanks for this update on our one and only Bozo. lol.

  4. annie Says:

    hello to knight owl looks like he dont have one penny to his name now right?judge perry dont think he should continue to be caseys lawyer in so many words the judges expressions say a lot on what that shit head has done meaning credability shot bang bang!!! what an ass he is making himself look like.he should go see if he can go to sell ice cream from the trucks that sell them.thats the only thing left for him to do he will not be trusted anymore.remember what he done to strickland and now the table turned to bite his ass.what goes around comes around bozo you think you are smart no you are not stupid yes get off this case are not going to win this forget it go sell ice cream and go live with cindy she will rent you a room for 50.00 a week.ou thought you were going to get all this money amd nothing to show for ah????????????????.the state is on you dont you forget it where is all the money you made off poor little caylee shame on you .is that how you deal with clients?you are a sad case trust many people hate you you dont know shit about what you are are not getting away with this that you have have a criminal tell you things for you to believe so that you can win this case so sorry for your credibility no one will believe you do you understand now?look how long its taken you for this trial that should have been finished last you come up and say you dont remember just like cindy the other shit head that went on the stand just to say she lost her memory like fuck she have told her what to say.wait till george get on the stand weasel.go find a home for you to sleep are bad news get it?????????????????.

  5. knight owl Says:

    Hello back to you Annie. you summmed this one up very well. These things is how he got his name from some of us blogger’s as Bozo. I love you mentioned what goes around comes around. Yes he ousted Judge Strickland for no good reason what so ever and now he is getting it returned back around to his doorstep and it isn’t looking pretty.

  6. OneOp Says:

    What will happen if Baez and Mason both walk out and not defend Casey? Is there
    any penalty they would suffer in any way? Would she become a “ward” of the state
    so to speak and just have to take what is handed to her. That is if no other attorney other than that doesn’t want it.

  7. kreuzer33 Says:

    Thought you needed an update 🙂

  8. luvarns Says:

    I would think so, One Op, but do not know for sure. She would probably have to take the next available public defender. Then of course, the trial would be further postponed so new counsel could get up to speed, the appeals would start to mount up, etc.

  9. Honeydog Says:

    As I sit here and just shake my Head, all I can write is…… (Forget it. All I can do is shake my Head).
    No, wait! I DO have something to say— Has everything that’s been going on with this Case over the past (uh, HOW many years?) all been really REAL, or are we all here in a DREAM??!!!! Somebody Pinch me!This has got to be the Craziest, most Unbelievable, Insane, Pathetic and progressively Hillarious Case in the History of Cases. That’s it… I’m just going back to shaking my Head. (Well, I AM Snickering a little)……..

  10. frank Says:

    The dream team is turning into the nightmare team.

  11. Cali patti Says:

    Hi all, I am not a fan of Baez and his confluting (sp)ways. With housing going down three years ago I am surprized he purchased a home at that time. Stuck paying for a home that is no longer worth what you paid for it.

  12. zelda Says:

    I guess some of his “celebrity” deals didn’t work out…..maybe? The ones he thought he would get big money for?Oh who the hell knows? It’s really just another peek into his “bad decisions ” mind.He has been trying to ride the Big Boys wave and simply doesn’t have what it takes.

  13. Venice Says:


    Between Jose Baez and You
    Janel Corey July 31 at 7:03am All I can say is LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go back to selling Bikinis. .
    July 31 at 8:31pm You must be talking about your pussy being a stinky rat. And you are just stupid enough to think I ever sold bikinis. LOL!!!!!

  14. gloria Says:

    My understanding is that the law won’t allow Baez to step down from the case. Is this true??

  15. Venice Says:

    Baez is a STINKY RAT!!!

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