Misty Croslin’s Parents Facing Drug Charges

Police have arrested Lisa and Hank Croslin on charges of purchasing cocaine, tampering with evidence and violating their probation in earlier cases.

From the Florida Times Union:

Hank Croslin Sr., 41, and Lisa Croslin, 40, were charged with purchasing crack cocaine and tampering with evidence in an undercover reverse drug sale in Palatka, said Assistant Chief James Griffith with the Palatka Police Department.

The elder Croslins were arrested after they drove from a house where police had arrested the residents then started selling drugs to any who came to buy.

They were charged with tampering because they tried to throw the drug away after they were apprehended.

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8 Comments on “Misty Croslin’s Parents Facing Drug Charges”

  1. zelda Says:

    The nut(pun intended) doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?

  2. Honeydog Says:

    I couldn’t care less about ANY of these Wacked-out Stupid Hick Losers— The whole BUNCH are exactly where they all belong. They all need to be TORTURED for not giving-up WHAT..HAPPENED..TO..HALEIGH????!!!!

  3. zelda Says:

    I am with you Honeydog. What a pack of hounds.
    Why the hell can’t we get information about Haleigh or the latest similar horrid story, little Kyron??????
    Scumbags all.

  4. OneOp Says:

    They may have eaten her. Yeah, I know, but it has happened in their kind of

  5. zelda Says:


  6. Honeydog Says:

    There are ways of MAKING people open their Mouths, and get Answers…… Of course, here in our Red-Taped, Loop-holed, Safe-n-Comfy, Easy-Breezy, Paper-pushing, Lawyer-Laden, Time-wasting Procedures we call “The Justice System”, we’d rather just sit back and HOPE that SOME day they just MIGHT feel like telling us. “Torture Chambers”… QUICK Answers.

  7. zelda Says:

    I know how you feel Honeydog………it’s difficult to resist our more primitive nature when these cases defy our senses of reason and due process especially for heinous crimes such as these.
    I try to hang on to my polished gay cells and get my filter cranked up so I can make it through the day.It aint easy.
    You know as I age, I seem to have miles of patience with some things and just a “hint” of patience for others. Less and less do I sit on that proverbial fence.

  8. HopeForTheMissing Says:

    Seems funny to me that the sheffields and cummings have been off limits as to what they have been doing. No recorded jailhouse calls but 3 and 1 seems to have disappeared, articles and videos disappearing, no arrest or charges filed for cummings when he damn well should have been. Nobody can seem to give a straight answer as to his work hours that night. Sheffields raking in money in the name of their missing child/grandchild. Child support paid contempt of court taken care of. But you can bet nothing about the croslins have been secret or has disappeared. Let’s follow the rest of them around and see what they have been up to and then we can make nasty comments about them because it’s amazing to me how everyone thinks the croslins are so dumb but they have disposed of a body and not one person can find it in 2 yrs. day must be sum smart hillbillies

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