Casey Anthony: Jose Baez Pulls Facebook Photos

Jose Baez is taking on a group of unidentified bloggers for allegedly taking and republishing his Facebook photos.

Just as an FYI, I’m not one who has republished photos. I didn’t even know he had a Facebook page! I do, by the way 🙂

From AOL News:

“I had to take all of my copyrighted photos down from my FB,” attorney Jose Baez wrote on his Facebook page, “because it has come to my attention that certain bloggers were taking these photos without authorization and posting them on their websites.”

Baez did not respond to a request from AOL News seeking comment. However, some in the blogosphere have speculated that his action may be related to a recent photo parody on the website Blink on Crime.

Not only has Baez removed all his personal photos, minus one profile picture, he claimed he has contacted an attorney about the alleged infringement.

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11 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Jose Baez Pulls Facebook Photos”

  1. Carol in VA Says:

    I wonder if he would have gotten mad if everyone had said how handsome he is or some other compliment.

  2. Venice Says:

    Baez is an IDIOT!!! God….remember Caylee???? This case just boils my blood!

  3. Venice Says:


  4. zelda Says:

    I am with you Venice………my gaaaaaaaaaaaaawd.
    What a horrible disservice to a murdered child. All these yahoo’s and their inflated egos make me sick.

  5. TJ Mills Says:


  6. Honeydog Says:

    Oh great… I suppose now we’ll have to wait even LONGER for Baez to get all his Work done for Casey’s Trial— now he’s got PERSONAL Problems, his OWN Attorney and Case to deal with, and maybe a Lawsuit.
    Oh Well, nothing surprises me with this Mess anymore.

    P.S. to *TJ Mills*: Casey WILL get a “Fair” Trial…. We ARE Awake…. and maybe if Jose Baez had used his BRAIN in the FIRST place and had been PROFESSIONAL and APPROPRIATELY DISCREET since taking-ON and THROUGHOUT this Job, people wouldn’t HAVE anything to “Judge” him about. WHO’s been QUIET?— The Prosecution or The DEFENSE! You don’t throw Birdseed all over your Lawn if you don’t want the Birds to come and get it.

  7. zelda Says:

    Great points Honeydog!

    To TJ Mills……….we are definitely awake out here.What’s up with you?

    The evidence even BEFORE the trial has been on every piece of pulp out there.If you pay attention , the big picture bubbles up even to the layman.Given every possible scenario Casey Anthony is directly responsible.

    There is no witch hunt……….just facts. WE out here have turned this every way but loose and STILL there is no other rational way to think.

    We who are awake out here are remembering the victim. A small innocent child who’s life we have taken into our hearts and minds each night for years and are tired if the irrational manipulation of idiot lawyers who in my opinion are getting away with murder also.We who are awake want justice to prevail. We who are awake are the voice of reason and the definition of justice the framers handed down to us.

    We who are awake want to bang the drum for those who are murdered at the hands of vile sub humans. Our laws should in no way shield these monsters. Those who represent them should be of the highest caliber in my opinion, not the circus barkers we see in this case and other high profile cases.

    We who are awake are the underpinnings of what was a great society and are obligated to remind each other of the dignity and value of each human life in this troubled world.

  8. Honeydog Says:

    BRA..VO ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Venice Says:

    Spare us the dramatics! Any intelligent, decent human being would not take the trial of a murdered baby to this extent just to “get off”!!!

    Casey is identical to Diane Downs and she will play everyone like a puppet until the strings no longer move. Baez has done NOTHING to attempt to save Casey’s life, and this sad saga of a bad television movie needs to END!!!!!!!!

  10. OneOp Says:

    T. J. your point is taken well by me, I don’t think it is dramatics, any more than my own opinions. Casey is not a puppet that is causing the delay. The trial has to come about to find her convicted. So to point finger to Casey for the FOULS of her attorneys is not altogether right. People want to hear her confess, she is not the only accused murderer who never confessed. From her point of view, why should she. The defense is what is dragging it out and the prosecution assists in that. Casey has nothing to do with this trial being delayed, she is in the hands of her attorneys. There is a JUDGE sitting and if he can’t make them move any faster, then it is all a process within the legal limits of the law and there is nothing we can do about it.

  11. zelda Says:

    I agree T.J……….this is a bad movie that needs to end.I am not privy to all the twists and turns in the law, I don’t know how long this process can be drawn out.
    Watching it has sure riled us up out here.

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