Casey Anthony Runs Out of Cash

It seems that Casey Anthony’s prison account has run out of money (she actually owes $40) because her family hasn’t deposited any money for months.

From WFTV:

George Anthony has not added any funds since the news broke that he wrote Casey an angry letter responding to her allegations of sexual abuse.

From The TV Guy:

How did this come to be? “George Anthony has not put any money into jail account for nearly two months, not since the news broke that he wrote Casey an angry letter responding to her allegations of sexual abuse,” anchor Martie Salt said.

Yes, such allegations would anger a parent.

The bottom line? Anthony owes the jail more than $41, Salt added.

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26 Comments on “Casey Anthony Runs Out of Cash”

  1. jon Says:

    what else is new? Wherever she goes, whatever she does, Casey Anthony will owe people money. Good for George for not putting anything into the account.

  2. cali patti Says:

    I found it difficult to use tough love all the time when raising my boys. When I did, I never regretted it.
    By the time they were in high school the rules were few but set in stone, mostly.
    Most of us would know not to bite the hand that feeds us.
    I have a hunch that this is the first time Caseys parents have shown her a consequence for her actions.

  3. OneOp Says:

    Out of money? can she keep running up a debt without their support? No little extras would be good, introduce her to real jail time. Surprised though that Lee
    (I love you) would not be feeding the Kitty. Anyone think this withholding will bring a retraction of her statements?

  4. Diana Says:

    I’m glad she is out of money. I don’t think they should have a jail store for inmates anyway. They have committed crimes and don’t deserve special treats. Anyone know if they have these stores in prison too?

  5. knight owl Says:

    Hi Kreuzer and everyone, best news i have heard all week but will it last and her account stay empty? I hope so but i have a feeling dumb George most likely has just forgot due to being in a fog over the sex molestation claims by Casey. I am surprised Cindy is not sending her money, what is up with her? Brain fried throwing her in to early dimentia perhaps from all the lies? Where are all the moroon stranger’s that were sending her money? Did they finally grow an actual brain? To Casey i say, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, now it is only jail food honey. Eat up~~

  6. knight owl Says:

    Hi Diana, i agree with you.

  7. knight owl Says:

    I too would like to know how snothead casey is over drawn in her commisary account. You would think someone would be watching these accounts to see if they had the money before allowing any con to buy the stuff. That is our typical girl Casey Marie alright, it is all about HER. I Can just hear her, yea, i am over drawn in my account but i deserve to get my stuff anyway, as i am Newsworthy and worth it~~ Just look at me, have you seen any other prisoner’s as beautiful and classey as me? lol.

  8. knight owl Says:

    Thanks for the update for us Kreuzer. Made my day~~

  9. zelda Says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww……….no treats for casey eh?Dear me……..
    I thought she was getting marriage proposals and “I love you” mouthed from her dear brother? Why aren’t they footing the bill?
    Maybe old george and cindy will wait for people to send her money hearing that she is broke. That way they are off the hook.Some moron will do that no doubt.
    What a wacky system we have.Prison time should deprive that person of any “perks” in my thinking.Otherwise it’s yet another reward for bad deeds don’t ya think?
    Kinda goes along with the word consequence.

  10. cali patti Says:

    Hi all, Im guessing now since this story has broken someone will put money on Caseys books. This is why I have been a supporter of LW/OP, simply said Casey will at some point be completely alone with absolutely no family support and her “proposals” will have moved on to younger fish. For me, to be so alone with family out there but not a visit, no money on books, being forgotten as life goes on, cell doors clanging shut until the day I die would be worse than a death sentence. That is how her life will be spent. Forgotten. It is beginning now. JMO

  11. zelda Says:

    Yup.that’s what happens when you murder someone…hopefully.

  12. luvarns Says:

    Zelda, i have to agree with you..some wackadoodle penpal of hers or murderworshipper will send her some cash so that she can continue to eat her dingdongs, cheez doodles, etc.

  13. zelda Says:

    luvarns……….well we will see. I agree with you.
    There are some real wackos out there for sure.Yikes!

  14. lee Says:

    i think because she is drop dead gorgeous
    she should be allowed to over spend

  15. knight owl Says:

    If Casey is drop dead gorgeous then someone needs glasses.

  16. OneOp Says:

    lee? Naaaaah, not really, is it you? Naaah I’m at a loss for words. lol

  17. knight owl Says:

    AHHHHH LEE. I think because she is a cold blooded killer she shouldn’t be allowed TOO SPEND, Much less OVERSPEND~ Fling her a piece of day old bread and a glass of tap water through her jail bars. That should be sufficient~~

  18. Lubbock, Texas Girls Says:

    This must be bubba Lee! What a sicko. The beyotch needs to learn to survive on jailhouse grub. She is no celebrity, just a worthless POS. Besides, her getting her belly full , this is supposed to be about Justice For Caylee, not what the slut-pup has or don’t have.

  19. Honeydog Says:

    George could very well be being Spiteful (and who could blame him), or perhaps both he and Cindy didn’t even know Casey had blown through what she had, or, maybe they’ve only been giving her a certain amount each month or something and Casey has to wait until the next time, or perhaps even they themselves just haven’t had anything extra to give her lately…. Who knows. But I’ve got a feeling this won’t last long. I think even if George IS deliberately Backing-off, CINDY has no Bones to pick with Casey— SHE “still believes Caylee is Alive”— that makes Casey still A-OK in HER Book, and I think Cindy would still do anything to find a way to help her— with or without George. And if Cindy somehow can’t, I’m sure Lee would never let his precious Sister down. As for Casey’s “Outside Supporters”, I’m sure it does eventually get to a point where the Money they’ve been sending dwindles down, but I still think, just knowing how Manipulative Casey is (and the fact that there are ALWAYS Suckers out there), she’ll manage to make a few of her closest “Pen-Pals” feel Sorry for her and Coax it out of them. Believe me, I’m all for Casey getting a Dose of some strong Medicine, but you watch…. whether now or later, SOMEone will come to her Rescue.

  20. Hilde Says:

    lee~~ I guess as to Your Comment, they do say Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.
    Since You believe she is drop dead gorgeous I guess You can send Casey Money for her Jail Account obviously she
    needs it, 😆
    Myself I don’t care one way or another if Casey has Money in her Account, if People are so silly to send her Money, hey more Power to them.
    Myself I rather spend my Money on People who really need it and deserve it. Also I like to concentrate on the upcoming Trial and I can’t wait till Caylee Marie finally gets the Justice we been waiting for so long. RIP sweet Caylee Marie. JMO

  21. zelda Says:

    Absolutely right on Hilde………

  22. tlh713 Says:

    Im happy to know she’s out of money as well. When Ive had free moments here & there..I will skim through her jailhouse letters to that other inmate. She ruined whatever support she had left when she accused her father band brother of sexual misconduct. She attacks her Mom too..She even mentions how “she’ll never write back to anyone who’s written its creepy”..Well, there went the rest of her $. Casey is a very dangerous woman..she proved that already w/ her child. But..even after all of that..she still is a nasty lil B****…..I really hope the end is her staying in prison for life..or better yet..death.

  23. jon Says:

    what happened to the days when prisoners had to survive on bread and water. That’s all this bitch deserves.

  24. luvarns Says:

    Shoot, when my kids ran out of money on their school cafeteria ticket, they were not credited a lunch. Why would she be allowed to be over $40.00 in debt (and counting???).. it was $40.00 the day it was reported. What is it now?? Has she been allowed to have more credit at taxpayer expense. Shouldn’t she be working it off in the prison laundry or license plate making area??

  25. deb Says:

    George maybe not listen to Cindy any more what do he have to lose now he got not job cindy got no job and they may not have a home before long.. george will be back living with MOM AND DAD sucking them dried of money like casey did them

  26. OneOp Says:

    Isn’t it odd that no money came from Lee for his sister?
    They are supposed to be so close.

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