Casey Anthony: Judge to Review Conversation Between Baez, Inmate

Judge Belvin Perry has ordered prosecutors to turn over a disputed recording that was the subject of a new court filing from Casey Anthony’s defense team.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Chief Judge Belvin Perry’s order directs the state to give him a copy of the call so he can review it in private.

The call has not become public.

Perry’s order comes days after Casey Anthony’s attorney asked the court to seal what he calls an illegally recorded phone conversation he had with state prisoner Robin Lunceford, who he says conspired with other female inmates to tell lies about his client.

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12 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Judge to Review Conversation Between Baez, Inmate”

  1. luvanrs Says:

    why would he want it sealed??

  2. Toasty1 Says:

    Baez will do or say almost anything to stall this trial. NOW they are trying to throw George under the bus!

    This is going to be the longest trial in history if they don’t get busy! It should have been over months ago. imo

  3. Ideas Says:

    Well, what the judge needs to do with the tape…find a nice comfy chair, tall glass of lemonade, and a box of kleenex…and enjoy!!

    He will either burst out laughing at what Baez has got himself into…or cry that he has months more of babysitting this fiasco.

    But will he stand strong here against the foolishness or be nice and let Baez slide on this, and seal the tape?

  4. OneOp Says:

    Toasty1, or anyone, Somewhere along in this case, so many people have been reported to be “thrown under the bus” not it is George’s turn. I am a little stupid I guess but may I ask exactly what that means. It is a phrase everyone has picked up on and repeats often. Is it something like “someone else is going to take the blame” for this? It is interesting that all who have given depositions and testified under oath are considered totally truthful never any question about what they say. We certainly do not know if some of their statements are completely accurate or if enhanced, or much left out. Possibly there is room for other witnesses to have something to say that could imply those who have already testified as on July 15 were not entirely truthful. Such as Cindy’s supervisor. For instance it is taken for granted that Tony Lazarro told nothing but the truth, how can anyone possibly know that to be true.
    There is still the fact that Casey was on the phone with him in the wee hours of the morning of June 16th. That conversation has never been revealed from him
    as far as I recall. All this happened at the time in question of Caylee last being seen. (we read) June 15 and early June 16. I should think Casey’s state of mind
    and their conversation at that time would say a lot about what happened to Caylee Marie Anthony at/if by the hands of her mother.

  5. zelda Says:

    What are you holding out for?
    Yes.the term (“under the bus” etc. ) means that they are being scrutinized at the least.
    “Grasping at straws” is another way to think about the defense.
    I think the lawyers (Baez ect), should be fined every day they clearly try to hold up this trial, At the end of the day, ethically speaking(anyone remember that word,) should have his license yanked.
    It flies in the face of reason to let the murder of a young child be hung up in this carnival called legal process.
    People have been carted away DAYS after an arrest never to be seen again for similar murderess acts. Why is this one held up? Could it be because she is young, flirty, attractive to some and for all the money to be made by attys. and others such as family members etc. etc.? Hmmmmmmmmmm????? Just asking.
    The whole thing is unbelievable.

  6. Honeydog Says:

    Hi Zelda, Hi OneOp. Listen to this…. According to the Panel on JVM tonight, all this Drama over The Defense investigating George and these Jailhouse Inmates is indeed to create yet another Diversion and even more Confusion in potential Jurors, so that, by the time the Trial begins, not only will they have more Ammunition against the Credibility of The Prosecution’s witnesses, but, the more “Mix-ups” they put out there— along with the longer they Stall—the better chance of creating Reasonable Doubt, and the further-away and “Clouded” people’s Memories will become. What I found pretty Scary is that the Panel all agreed that this is a Wise Move on The Defense’s part, because, IF The Prosecution decides to Disregard, say, this Jailhouse stuff, The Defense can turn it all around and use it at Trial to tell the Jury that The Prosecution “didn’t even Investigate”, thereby creating Suspicion in the Juror’s minds that sufficient Evidence may be missing. A Slick Strategy, puting The Prosecution in a tough spot right now. The Panel also agreed that everything mentioned here (what The Defense is doing) is the exact way that many High-Profile Criminals end-up without Conviction. On the Up-Side, if The Prosecution is Confident that their Case is strong enough to Ignore all this Bull Shit and to rely only on the Forensic Evidence, they’ve (and we) got it made. Anyway, it appears to be getting “Down and Dirty”, and God knows in which direction this will go now. And Yes, absolutely Ridiculous this girl is being afforded this much Time and this much EVERYthing.

    P.S. to OneOp: You make some real good and Valid Points. Since we have no Clue about the “Inner Workings” between these Lawyers and the Witnesses and their Statements and what is and what might not be True, I suppose we just have to believe that THEY know.

  7. zelda Says:

    Boy , our little brains are being taxed aren’t they? I suppose this is what the defense is hoping will happen to the jury.They want the scrambled egg.
    It’s a waiting game…….the operative there being the word “game”.
    To keep my mind as straight as possible I just keep thinking justice.I am throwing my energy behind the word justice………justice not only for Caylee but ALL our murdered and abused children out there without a voice.
    We cannot accept a circus atmosphere in our courts of law.I don’t need to explain that to anyone with an IQ over five.

    Thanks for the info Honeydog.

  8. OneOp Says:

    Since the prosecution is the quietest they no doubt have all the goods they need. It has been an ongoing dance only by the defense. I can not say at this point that CM isn’t just playing dumb dumb and could still bring in a slammer at the trial that could cause the jurors to question their decisions. It bothers me, for example, Cindy testified, her supervisor testified. Unless there was another present when they had their conversation about the smell in the car it is, she said, she said. No doubt anything against the Anthonys is believed. I’m just saying how can any such testimony as that be used. I mean, If you tell someone I have 12 toes and I say I have 13. and nobody else has ever seen my feet, who you gonna believe? Honeydog and Zelda, am I a pain in your behind? Don’t mean to be? Of course Casey has all the evidence against her
    I just don’t like the way some of it gets there and is totally believed without backup. It is coming to trial. Justice For Caylee is of the heart and I am all for that, I also hope all the foreplay will come together to get that done in the end without being tainted. Reason? Because after sooooooooo long a wait for justice I would hate there to be any doubt left whatsoever. Zelda, you are right we cannot accept a circus atmosphere in our courts of law. The prosecution has a heavy chore to prove without a reasonable doubt. I guess that is what I am going to be looking for “proof without that doubt. So far all the parties depositions and testimonies seem to be questionable input. I know we all think about the way everyone should behave, but our wants, in that regard, are not
    what trial by jury is all about

  9. zelda Says:

    You are not a pain to me at ALL silly.
    This is a blog. People are all different.No one should have the total correct point of view.That would be scary don’t ya think?Yeeek.
    The banter on here sometimes makes me wild and other times gives me pause and moments of reflection.
    It’s good to throw in all the ideas shake em up and see what “solid” basic truths show up.
    Sometimes we just say the same thing in a different way without knowing it and argue until we realize it. LOL!!!

  10. Honeydog Says:

    Exactly, Zelda. (And OneOp, the only “Pain in the Behind” here is having to Wait and put-up with the Fiasco of this Case!

  11. cali patti Says:

    Great writing by all of you, Sorry I missed it.
    From what I understand a person is actually considered guilty in the court system just innocent under the law. To be held waiting trial there must be evidence at hand to prove guilt before the charges are filed. Example, a traffic ticket. A person can be arrested without evidence but cannot be held.
    Then it is up to the defense to show the evidence is wrong or does not apply or applies to someone else or etc.
    The weight of a persons testimony comes into the “game.” As with Debbi, the nurse. Does she have a reason to lie, does she have anything to gain or lose,etc. So Debbi’s testimony might carry more weight than a person closely involved with the family.

  12. chelsea1515 Says:

    Brilliant comments everyone. Have just re-read the two seperate interviews of Jesse Grund. Made me think. Will be interesting to see what happens if Jesse takes the stand at trial

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