Casey Anthony: Witnesses to Lie on Stand?

Well…maybe. According to the roommate of one of Casey’s prison pen pals, witnesses for the prosecution are planning to lie on the witness stand in the upcoming trial against Anthony.

From Central Florida News:

Robin Lunceford said she knows the truth and she’s getting ready to tell Casey’s lawyers what she’s telling News 13.

“She was my very good friend. We confided in each other,” said Prison inmate Robin Lunceford.

Lunceford did time with Maya Derkovic, one of Casey’s former pen pals from the Orange County Jail. Once in prison, though, Derkovic reached out to investigators in the case and dished a lot of dirt on Casey Anthony.

“It is what it is. She lied,” Lunceford said.

Prison officials will give News 13 their take and you can decide for yourself, when you see the entire, exclusive interview with Robin Lunceford, Monday at 6 p.m., only on News 13.

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6 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Witnesses to Lie on Stand?”

  1. Ideas Says:

    Is Lunceford out of prison now? What does she get out of this interview? Will they give her the kid-glove treatment?

    Will she implicate Baez in any way for the recorded phone call he desperately wants sealed?

  2. mixologist74 Says:

    From what I understood, Lunceford has inserted herself into other cases, in hopes of some kind of “deal”, maybe sentence reduction or something. My understanding is that she didn’t get what she was asking for…she’s certainly relentless though, so you’ve got to give the con artist an “A” for effort! LOL

  3. kreuzer33 Says:

    Thanks. I posted a link to that story a few minutes ago. Interesting!

  4. Sherry Says:

    Lunceford is a Lifer at Lowell and is currently being investigated for another crime. She is so credible…not! Once again, is this the best the defense can do?

    Personally, I’m hoping the prosecutors do not use those other two jailbird witnesses. They have a good case without them coming into the picture. It doesn’t set right with me, for some reason.

  5. Honeydog Says:

    I’ll just say this…. Yep, it sure “IS what it is”, and I’m sure the SMART Attorneys know it.

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