Ashton Kutcher in Car Accident

Since no one was hurt, I can say that this would have made for a great episode of Punk’d to get back at Demi Moore’s man! 🙂

From TMZ:

Ashton Kutcher‘s super-awesome $108,000 Lexus Hybrid had to be towed out of Malibu yesterday — after the actor smashed into another, less-awesome car in the middle of the day.

It appears Ashton’s car  took some minor damage to the front bumper of his Lexus LS600 — but the other car was smashed up pretty good.

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4 Comments on “Ashton Kutcher in Car Accident”

  1. zelda Says:


    HE gags me.Talk about a “kept” little spoiled arrogant cutsie whootsie little boy.He really thinks he’s something and all he is actually doing is satisfying old hot pants.


    A real shame about that car.Interesting what makes the headlines………..gaaaaawd.

  2. elizabeth Jones Says:

    Good luck 4 u Ashton, u are a good actor, i hope u get better soon…and broke with u wife hahaha…By the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions and 4 play games here is the topic about Ashton:

  3. zelda Says:


  4. Deni Says:

    Hey, I know the girl that he hit. She is a 20 something woman who is barely making it. The accident totaled her car and now has no means to get to her internship job that she had just landed. His insurance was unwilling to pay much at first then paid a little bit more. Could he just buy her a new car?

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